Saturday, June 05, 2004

Is It Friday Morning Or What?

That's the question I just asked myself. I'll start from the beginning to fill in everyone with my little story. Last night I went to bed at 2:00 AM. I wake up for work at 6:00 AM. Nothing too crazy there. I figured since I didn't actually have to do anything at work today that I'd just make up my sleep when I got home. The intention was to take a nap when I rolled back home around 3:15. I couldn't resist not getting a big Blizzard at DQ on the way home and of course I had to get on here, even though I was online all day at work. I can't get enough of this, after all of this years. Yes, I'm weird. Anyways, I eat spaghetti around 6:00. After that, I decide I finally need a nap. I jump into my cozy bed at 7:00 PM. I figured I'd get a few hours, but the next thing I do is wake up at 11:30 PM. I roll over and see the time. I kind of jump up, thinking that I overslept by a LOT for work. I thought it was a workday apparently. I didn't have a clue where I was at.

So after getting to my feet, I realize I worked earlier today and that it's officially the weekend. I go downstairs and everything is dark of course. I told my Mom before I took a nap not to wake me up, just to let me sleep as long as it took for my nap. I ended up sleeping longer for my "nap" tonight than I did for sleep before work this morning. If that's not a messed up schedule, I'm not sure what is. Still, through all of this, I need a shower. It's 11:30 and I jump online to see if I have any away messages. Cork wrote one wanted to play ping pong. I call him up and I'm still in a coma from my nap. Hard to tell what I was saying to him. But a cool thing is that when I go to get a shower, I see a long note taped to the TV. Mom wrote me a big summary of the Yanks game tonight as she listened to it on the radio as always. So I get my shower and I'm here again. Now I feel like going back to sleep, but I'll probably be up all night. Who knows.

So what about the Yanks? It's Soriano and A-Rod, in different unis, taking on their old squads. Final was 7-6. This is our 10th win in 11 games and we're rolling. I know Boston is our "rival" so to speak, but I don't think their pitching can hang all year. Pedro is God and Schilling is awesome, but that's it. Lowe is finished, or so it seems this year. What's up with this dude? Dude is 4-5 with a 6.84 ERA and 1.93 WHIP. In 2003 he won 17 games, while he put up 21 in 2002. Weird. And even though Wakefield is doing good this year, I'm never sold on him, as he can blow up at any time.

Oh yeah.. I have a Yankees game to talk about for a few. Kenny "The Gambler" Rogers had a 4-0 game going until we mash homers off of him like it's our job. We send 5 out on Rogers. Sheff hits 2 (10-game hit streak now), A-Rod, Enrique, and Bernie all with one a piece. Kevin Brown is now off to a Clemens-like 7-1 start. Not 8-0, but close enough. Mo Rivera gets another save, #22. The only bad thing of the night was that Jeter pulled his nads. Hopefully it's not serious.

So now what's on tap for the rest of the night? It's 1:00, but I feel the night is only beginning. After my big nap, I feel like going right back to bed, but I'd feel weird going to bed at 1:00 on a Friday night. That's totally not me. As I write this, we're 19 days, 15 hours, 58 minutes, and 29 seconds away from the greatest day of the year: The NBA Draft! Even though we don't know half of these guys (the Euro invasion!), I'll still be locked in that night. I don't answer the phone or have anything get in my way on draft night. And I have bust out the pencil and paper old school style and write everything down. Right now Boston has 4 picks, which we don't need that many, but we'll trade I figure. We have #15, 24, 25, and 41 at this point. That's quality. According to's predictions at the moment, they have us going with Sebastian Telfair (I'd take this chance even though we have Marcus Banks as PG, who was a rook last year), Rafael Araujo (a big whitey stiff; he can't play D or block shots supposedly, but is hard nosed), Al Jefferson (this is one big high school kid and I'd love to have in on our frontline; I also think #25 is way too low for him to go, as he should be Top 20 for sure), and Delonte West (Jameer Nelson's tag team partner at St. Joe's; this guy needs weight, but he can ball). So they have us taking two high school kids (Sebastian who is 135lbs soaking wet and Big Al), an underclassmen (Go West Young Man.. or whatever that quote is), and a true senior (shouldn't surprise you he's from BYU).

This Blog deal is crazy addicting. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I have so far, but it's good times. I guess I have all the time in the world living the single life. Living la vida loca. More and more of my buddies are getting into this action, so that's always a good time killer for me to read on here. A new addition to the Blog Bunch is Clark, one of my old E-Town boys from as long as I can remember. Be sure to check his Blog out at http://

Just a few classic names from my buddies' Blogs: Corkzilla, C-Money, and The King of Crunk. Does it get much better than that? I didn't think so either. Yep, these are my friends. Someone has to hang with them, so it might as well be me. :)

I like writing these out when I'm in the zone. Sometimes I have nothing to write about and it's dead. It's like I'm on roids for a writer when I have something to talk about. Minus the Triple H roid rage that is. I may even be back with another Blog tonight, but look for one tomorrow sometime for sure. Hope you guys enjoy my deal here.

(Artist: Master P; Song: Get Your Paper; Album: MP Da Last Don - Disc 1)
And all I want be is a soldier
Cause I’m tired of runnin’ from da rollas
Jumped in da rap game and now dey can’t hold us
Ghetto millionaires and still blowin’ doja
Keep my composure when times hectic
Now I own a house in California, Orlando, and Texas
And still run wit’ the thug niggas
And made tapes for bitches and drug dealas
And push 600 wit’ a bulletproof
The ghetto Bill Gates
The only president wit’ a gold tooth

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