Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Boogie Down Productions

Today's title comes from The_Freak, so props to him on that.

You know what gets me? Bargain stores. It's when I get into a big shopping spree and buy way too many clothes or wrestling DVDs. I guess I could be spending it on worse things. Last week, I loaded up on the shoes as I typed about. This past weekend I tore up the bargain shopping. I literally don't have room for all my clothes, but I still went out on Saturday night and loaded up. If something is on crazy sale, I'm a chump and normally give in, especially if it's clothes. Goody's was running this big sale on Saturday and were open till midnight. I was getting $50 sweaters for $5, rich boy golf polos for $7, and things of the like. I also had to hit up Gabes for the locals, you know what I'm talking about. How can you go wrong getting name brand stuff for like a few bucks? And they're one of few places around that you don't have to order some good ol' urban wear or whatever you want to call it. I just call it thug clothes: Sean John, P. Miller, Rocawear, etc. I also have a bunch of CDs to talk about towards the end, as well as the sports chat and whatever else I can gather up for the fans.

Although it's been a week since the last post, nothing too crazy has been going down. It's a busy week in the world of sports though with college and high school b-ball tourneys, baseball gearing up, wrestling, and who knows what else. In less than 2 weeks, I'll be drafting for my fantasy baseball league I'm part of with the band of misfits from the hallowed grounds of #basketball. As far as knowledge and everyone playing a big role in how the league is ran, I'd put our group up there with anyone when it comes to fantasy sports. Fantasy sports is probably one key reason while I'm single and choose to be right now, hah. Speaking of the EDDFL, with me always trying to be crazy organized, I screwed up stats for our league this week and I rarely mess it up like that. I'll miss a few points here and there randomly, but this week I must've been in a coma when I did the stats. Hopefully I can redeem myself.

A quick rundown of the NCAA 64 Tourney. I won't bore you with my entire brackets. The guys who are interested are in a tourney league with me anyways, so they'll see it there. I will give my personal Final Four opinion though. I usually pick way too many upsets and end up getting burnt each year, but it's fun. I am rolling with Iowa, Gonzaga, UConn, and Boston College. The Finals I have UConn taking down Iowa, 81-69. My UNC boys get a 3rd seed and match up against Murray State in Round 1. I like the draw they are in and have them in the Elite 8, getting knocked out by UConn who I think is an awesome team.

On the wrestling thing, two things to mention and I won't keep you too long. Sunday was the TNA Destination X Pay Per View. This is the first PPV I've gotten in a while for TNA, but it was a good one. Match of the night and one of the better ones I've seen recently was the 4-Way International X-Division Match that had Chris Sabin (US) take out Petey Williams (Canada), Sonjay Dutt (India), and Puma (Japan). These guys tore it up. The match I basically bought the PPV for was Ultimate X featuring Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles. This one was unfortunately cut short becaues my boy Samoa Joe temporarily lost sight. Daniels is the new X Champ as Joe relinquishes it due to Daniels grabbing the belt first. Still a great match, but it was short. On the RAW side of things, the main scene is the buildup towards WrestleMania. Vince and Shane had HBK come down to take a piss test live on TV. The doctor came out and had a sample and HBK told them he'd rather be pissed off than pissed on and launches the wizz in their faces for a hilarious reaction. We know it's not real, but Vince is the best actor in that company. I've been saying it for a long time. HBK got beat in a Cage Match by the Spirit Squad. The more I see of these guys, the better they get. Flair cost my boy RVD a win against Shelton Benjamin. Afterwards, RVD and Flair had a staredown, good stuff. The main event had Cena, Kane, and Big Show win by DQ over Triple H, Masters, and Carlito in a 6-Man due to chairshots. The end had HHH and Cena in the ring and out of nowhere comes Randy Orton and busts Cena with a RKO. It came off good I thought.

It's time for a big CD update. Cork came out the other day with a stack of 8 to add to the collection. All rap, so I'll bore 95% of you guys reading that aren't rap fans. Here's what we rolled with:

The Notorious B.I.G.: Life After Death (2 Disc-Set). For some reason, I never had this set before. I haven't listened to it all yet, but from what I've heard it's not too shabby. I'm on record to saying that Biggie is overrated though. People hail him as a legend, and while he's talented, I don't think he's in the elite level of rappers of all time. Maybe that's just me. But will I listen to it? Sure.

Bubba Sparxxx: The Charm. Only 11 songs on this one. It's not bad, but not nearly as good as some of his older stuff. The Otherside with Petey Pablo is a nice listen. Killer Mike, Frankie J, and Ying Yang Twins are all part of this CD. I just felt that Bubba wasn't as "New South" as he normally is.

Cappadonna: Pillage. This is a 1998 release from the Wu-Tang member. I was big on this one. And rap fans definitely remember the classic line from Cap of him saying that his slang is editorial. Most of the Wu is on this CD and it's well above average. It's crazy how many different solo and group Wu stuff we have in the collection.

DJ Clue: The Incredible. Everyone is on this beast. Fabolous, Joe Budden, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Fat Joe, 50, Busta Rhymes, The Game, Foxy Brown, Memphis Bleek, Remy Ma, B.I.G., and that's just some. I haven't listened yet, but it has to be good you'd think.

The Game: Ghost Unit. This stuff here is strong. This has Game straight ripping into G-Unit. Don't get it for the disses, get it for the actual raps and how well the flows are. I was impressed with this one.

Juvenile: Reality Check. I'm a big Juve fan anyways, but this one is worth checking out. Not as strong as his classics, but he comes with it fairly well here. It's also loaded up with people such as Eightball, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Wacko, Skip, Trey Songz, Bun-B, Brian McKnight, Fat Joe, and Ludacris. Bun-B is on everybody's CD. Rodeo and Get Ya Hustle On are the ones released so far out of this album.

State Property: The Lost Files. My favorite CD of this new batch. Great stuff here. I'm a huge Freeway fan and he's part of 6 tracks on this album. You get him, Peedi Crack, Young Chris, and the whole gang. Go get it. It's a hot one.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Don't forget to pimp out your green on Friday, St. Patrick's Day. Everyone knows I have plenty of that between my Celtics and Notre Dame gear.

2. I've ranted on it before, but everyone and their brother has tats now. Maybe it'll make me feel old, but it's going to be kind of funny to see some of these girls with Chinese symbols on their back and guys with weird dragons on their body when they're like 50 years old. Be original at least.

3. It's time for the random coin flip. This time we're using a 1992 penny.. And we get TAILS.


Stephanie said...

I'm the first to comment. Go me woot woot. Party over here. Naw I'm just kiddin with you. gah you write a lot. I can't see how you do it. Well I got to go.I luv u

I will leave u with this

"it wasnt me"


DirtyKash said...

Bird did you put your AIM username in all lowercase? What's up with that?

Bird33 said...

Not sure what the deal there is Kasher. My power went out one night.. I came back from work one evening and logged in.. it automatically came up lowercase.. Well, I logged out and maually logged in again, typing my name as DruDown894. It still showed up as lowercase. Cork's is the same way right now. It has me fired up since I'm a neat freak with grammar, but not sure what the deal is.

The_Freak said...

See your email for the fix, Bird