Wednesday, September 17, 2008

$2.50 Antifreeze & Donkeys Killing People

Thanks to last week's birthday boy for this week's pic selections, the one and only Uncle Wilbur..

I'm a small town guy. Most people know that about me and I figure I'll be around my area for a long time. Now that I say that, watch me move to some deserted island in the middle of nowhere. Anyways, I've never flown in my life. No, I haven't got on a big plane yet, it's not one of those stories. I've flown on a little tiny plane, but that doesn't count. I better get back on track before I lose the thought. I took a trek to Pittsburgh International Airport on Sunday morning. Weirdly enough, I've never even been to a big airport before, let alone done much there. Going in, I thought it'd be a madhouse, but I surprised myself with good timing, not getting lost and doing my thing. I made a wrong turn once I got inside the airport, but that was no biggie. I turned into the pay section of the parking lot and had to get a ticket. 30 seconds later, I drive through this booth and see Toll Booth Willie. I give a $20 since I have no clue what he'll charge and he looks at me weird. He must've seen I was only through for 30 seconds and knew I was some dumb lost redneck, so he tells me no charge and to go on through. Go figure.

This coming weekend, a few firsts for me will go down. Not only will I go to the state of New York, but I'll also be hitting up a NFL game. As weird as that is for me, I've never done either. I've been to a zillion NBA and MLB games, but never NFL for some reason. Saturday we roll 10-15 deep on our way to scenic Buffalo. And you thought I was going to say I was heading to New York City or something. Nope, I'm a small town guy as noted above, give me some time. Anyways, most of the group we're going with is split between Bills and Raiders guys, so that'll make things interesting. I'm going just because it has to be a real good road trip, I don't have to drive, get to hang with my crew, and sports is involved. I wish it was a game later in the year with some big snow in Buffalo, but I'm sure this will work out just fine. Next week, I'll be back with the road trip report of who all went, what excitement went down, and who knows what else. Those are always easy to write up.

Speaking of football, last weekend was the main game of the season I always want my Notre Dame boys to win. Yep, that's the Michigan game and I feel it's one of the best college football rivalries for the ages. Michigan spanked them last season, 38-0, so we had to change the tune. 8 turnovers for Michigan does that, you can't win that way. Locally, it's weird because most WVU fans hate Notre Dame fans and vice versa. Now that Michigan has Rich Rod at the helm, WVU fans probably were hoping that Notre Dame Stadium would blow up into pieces with both teams inside. I did hear a few people say they were rooting for Notre Dame this week though around here, so that says a lot. A 2-0 start after last season's disaster, I'm excited about that. They still have a ton of work to do, but with the rare easier schedule they have this season as compared to the normal top notch schedule, I see a solid year if all goes right. The defense is legit in the first few games, but they haven't been tested by a great team yet. The offense was much better this week than last, so I hope that improves. Also for good karma, I bought myself a Jimmy Clausen jersey last week. Now watch him get kicked off the team or something.

I do the movie review deal every so often. Have you ever had a half-movie review? What's that you ask? It's pretty much as it sounds, but of course I'll set ya straight with an explanation. These aren't new, but I haven't seen them, so I'll talk about the happenings regardless. Apparently for being with DirecTV for ages, they send me this deal where I get 3 free months of Showtime and it's cancelled after that, so a freebie. I used to have all of the movie channels and such, but found out I never really used them enough to make it worthwhile. Still, I've had the free Showtime channels for a week or two and have only watched one movie. Well, half. That'd be Employee of the Month with Dax, Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. I hit the DVR for the second part of it I missed, so I'll catch up, but the first half I thought was hilarious. I hear the rest of the movie is great too, so we'll see. I was at Shawna's the other day and we rented What Happens In Vegas since it just came out on DVD not long ago. About 45 minutes through it, the power goes out and that was that, doh. Based on those first 45 minutes, it was pretty good, but that happens. I don't think we complained much though, but I never did get around to putting it back in to watch week since it was due back. While at Blockbuster through all of this, I'm a sucker for sales or any kind of bargain. They do the 2 for $20 (also the 4 for $20) and how can you pass up those? I went to the 2 for $20 section and ended up getting 21 (which I've written about before when I hit it up at the theater, so go rent it) and The Great Debaters. I'm a huge Denzel guy and haven't heard a bad review of this movie, so I'll give it a try.

Soccer in my area is basically nonexistent. Well, it was when I was growing up at least. I've never been to a soccer game on any level until Monday night. Don't worry readers, I was home in time for Monday Night RAW. Now you have all of these kiddies playing it and it's catching on a bit for the youngsters. As I was saying, I hit up my first soccer game and what age level was it? It was a game of 4-6 year olds. Shawna's cousin was on one of the teams, so I figured I'd check it out. I wasn't sure what I got myself into, but it was entertaining. I guess I don't get out much and I'm usually not the most patient with the little kiddies, but they cracked me up. Some were pretty good, not that I know anything on soccer though, sorry Cali Jas. It wasn't miserable and I'm in again for Thursday night of the same. I earned some bonus points, so that can't hurt. I get home and get a message from The_Freak that was short and to the point, as he saw my away message and wrote back saying: "soccer?!". Let's back up. Driving to the field we needed to hit up, we weren't sure exactly where it was at. We drove past it once and got back on the road. I saw this white van rolling by and I guessed it had to be Soccer Mom, so I followed it, taking my chances. I lucked out, she drove right to the field and the stereotype fit. Sometimes things work out for bums that get lost.

Since the van got me thinking, it's time to stay on the car route. I know nothing about cars for the most part. I know how to change a tire if I had to, could change oil and all of that, but that's about it. I also don't have a clue on antifreeze either. Shawna's grandma needed it, so we went to pick it up for her. My guess on the price? $2.50. That shows where I'm coming from. It was at a gas station, so it was jacked up I'm sure, but it ended up being $17 for a gallon. When I heard $17, I thought no way that was even possible. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of windshield washer fluid prices, but you could've gave me 100 guesses on the antifreeze price and I'd still be way off. I guess I need to get out of living in the 1940s when it comes to some things.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: The_Freak took his turn last week, now we move back to regular ho contributor Arizona Jas. She's going with a thicker chick, but her pics and comments on the pics just might crack you up.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: You'd think a 4 second clip couldn't be any good at all. Maybe it's me, but I've been watching this one over and over. Now that's funny, I don't care who ya are.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm putting it here just because. Usually birthdays go here, but sometimes they just don't need to be in every single time, you know? I do have to keep everyone on their toes. This time, it'll be a movie review that is legit, not a half style we had above. I watched Baby Mama the other night and it wasn't too bad actually. It's pretty funny and you really can't go wrong with Tina Fey in glasses if you ask me. I was finished up with the blog and then forgot to write about this. It's not a movie you wanna watch the guys, but rent it with your chick. If I had to grade it on my scale, it's tough, but we'll go with 6.3 knocked up girls out of 10.

2. I can spend too much time on, but it's strangely addicting. I may have written about it before over the years, but it's a simple concept. It features average people out and about as they get pics with famous people. Then they come on this site and post messages comparing heights and what is always reported on if it's right or way off. Let's try a few random celebs, some of which might surprise you, some may not: Jimmy Hendrix: 5'10", Hillary Clinton: 5'6", Minka Kelly: 5'5", Kim Kardashian: 5'2", 50 Cent: 6'0" (I still doubt that), Leslie Nielsen: 6'1", Al Pacino: 5'6", and George Lopez: 5'10".

3. Here's today stat I wouldn't have guessed. Again, I have no clue how these are proven and it doesn't even seem right, but we'll roll with it: Donkeys apparently kill more people annually than plane crashes. Seriously? Again, I find that hard to believe, but it was reported. I might have to get the blog detectives out to research that.

* Yep, it's time to end in a special way here in blog land. Marching band, crank on those trumpets and roll out the red carpet. We'd like to announce an addition to the family. Cousin Jill and Gayle (if you've been a regular blog reader, you'll know that Gayle got our Dad of the Year Award) bring in Maxwell Joshua to the world. Max has a full head of dark hair and didn't look weird like some newborns do. :) We'd like to send the congrats out to Jill and Gayle!


Kristen said...

Quality Ho one in awhile. Yep...the comments crack me up. NFL game sounds good, and it's funny that you got off the airport ticket by being a lost redneck..:P

Take care up there on the mean streets. :)

Ms. Jazzie said...

Soccer?! Ha! Priceless stuff there! Its okay I forgive you for not knowing didly squat on soccer. You and all of America are on that boat. So It took me a whole week to read this blog because when I was to read it I was rudely interrupted. SO I saved it for today and boy am I glad I read it. I deff needed something funny and awesome to read while I wait for my boring classes. Hello to Buffalo! HOW FUN! Ive never been to a football game either...i need to get rid of my virginity in that department...IM still a virgin in something?! wow... lol anyways..Imma drag u onto a plane and bring u to cali...a small town in cali..gotta keep it gangstah :)