Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hee Seop!

Weekend time and nothing crazy went down these past few days. As usual though, I’ll be sure to figure out something to chat about in here, so don’t worry about that. This morning I went to bed at 7:30 and woke up at 2:30. For this week coming up, I have to wake up early for a class I have to take to keep my teaching certificate. A waste of time basically, but just as long as I get my credit. I’ll probably be in that class with a bunch of old women who won’t shut up, but hopefully it ends up halfway decent.

Thursday at midnight I went to see the premiere of Fantastic 4 with Cork in Fairmont. I liked this one. It’s not awesome, but it’s worth seeing I think. All of the main characters played their role well, but I think Michael Chiklis did it best with his acting of Ben Grimm/The Thing. Of course Alba looks hot as usual. I just wish she didn’t do weird stuff with her hair like she did in this movie. Just leave it down and get it back to the darker color, but I won’t complain. A chick I didn’t know, Kerry Washington was in this one playing a blind girl and she’s quality. After that, we hit up Denny’s and not a lot of action went down on this trip. We were there around 2:30 or 3:00 and usually that’s when the rowdy redneck drunks come in for entertainment, but it was just some old people there that night. Still, buffalo chicken is great. DQ has the best, but Denny’s does good.

Friday night was interesting. A normal night of watching TV and playing video games with Cork until late and then he goes home around 3:00 or so. He gets online and tells me I won’t believe what happened. I figured our bum cops in town pulled him over for no reason, but I was wrong. He had a flat tire and had to roll to Go-Mart to put air in it. Then I followed him to Clarksburg to drop the car off to the tire guys so they could fix it in the morning before he worked. I didn’t mind though, it got me out of the house at 3:30 in the morning. We did that and then hit up some late night Hardee’s. Hardee’s is dirty fast food I always thought, but it’s usually not bad. Their prices are high for fast food though I’ll say.

I watch too much TV. I can’t get enough of the new season of MTV Made. I’m disappointed I didn’t get anyone to post on the Made chick in the last Blog, but that’s ok. I was wondering what chicks thought of that. Guess it’s normal to them. I watched a replay of the whitey rapper too and that was good. He was awful for the first 45 minutes, but he really came around in the end. Who was his Made coach? A rapper by the name of C-Rayz Walz. Not the Walz the local guys know, but this guy is known for his freestyling. I’ve heard the name before, but never owned any of his CDs. I got two of his albums the other day. One is Limelight – The Outroduction and the other is Ravipops – The Substance. I haven’t listened to both, but from what I’ve heard, it’s a good listen.

For the basketball fans, I picked up a new book this week. I finished The Miracle of St. Anthony, an awesome tale of Bob Hurley and his team from Jersey City, St. Anthony High School. The latest I loaded up on is called Inside The Cage and it’s by Wight Martindale, Jr. This goes into a year’s look into the famed court on West 4th Street in Greenwich Village of NYC. It also highlights the past decades of the court and the legends who made it what it is today. It looks like it’ll be a quick read since it’s not an enormous book, so I’ll keep you posted.

I just picked up a college football magazine for this year. I ended up getting CBS Sportsline’s issue that was $7. Mags aren’t cheap anymore. This one has Chad Henne, Ted Ginn, Drew Tate, and Charlie Weis on the cover. My Irish getting represented there. Their Top 5 is USC, Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, and Ohio State. My boys are 33rd with this poll, so we’ll see. WVU is 55th.

Next Sunday, there is HUGE action in Gypsy. Yep, it’s a Hillbilly Horseshoes Tournament at the Barnes Brothers’ house. Supposedly, we already have at least 20 guys in and I’m sure we’ll have more. We’re throwing in some money to make it fun and it’ll be a quality time for all to be had. I might even take pictures of the madness.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Cheese quesadillas are good times for everybody.

2. For those wondering, my good luck charm in my wallet is a 1987 Topps Don Mattingly All Star card and a 4-leaf clover.

3. Hee-Seop Choi in the Homerun Derby!


Kristen said...

Fast food after midnight..who thought? Sounds cool though. Yes, the "made" chick was cruel, but that's how some women are. Have fun with the old ladies. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Alright slacker, it's Wednesday! I got no e-props from you because of my little post but then I check this out and your last post was SUNDAY, hah, this is just pathetic :)

p.s. you'll be proud to know that I'm HOOKED on Real World : Austin! :D

<3 Ashlee

Angie* said...

Wow, lol Interesting stuff. I think someone should be a writerrrr. Anyways, good job, sounds good. You just need some juicy stuff in thurr;) lol