Friday, July 22, 2005

He Brakes For Midgets

Here we are again in scenic Blog Land. You know you want to be here, because otherwise you wouldn’t be a computer junkie like myself. I’ve been getting some good comments in here lately, so that’s always good to see the variety. Keep them coming, it makes me want to continue putting up the life and times in big, bad Shinnston.

I was at yet another Pirates game last night in Pittsburgh. They did battle with the Rockies and messed them up good. This had to be the hottest I have ever been at a game in my life. It was brutal. Not to mention, we didn’t take the boat over on this trip. We walked over 2 bridges just out of boredom. It was a long walk, but I didn’t mind. Zach Duke has a chance to be a good pitcher in due time. The kid is off to a 3-0 start with the Bucs and has a great ERA. Will he keep it up? I’m not placing big expectations on him, but he has been fun to watch since they’ve brought him up.

Cork showed me this dandy from The Smoking Gun. For those who don’t know what this site is about, it has a bunch of mugshots of celebrities and other bums who have a nice story to go with it. Most have probably been there before, or at least I know my crew knows about it. Anyways, this one has me cracking up good. Check out the t-shirt on this guy’s mugshot. I guess you can’t plan what to wear before you get busted up by the law. I do find it hilarious though. Go here for that action: It’s worth the look. Disturbing maybe, but you know it’s funny. Admit it.

Real World Austin was on Tuesday and this season has started out to be fairly uneventful. It’s not to the level as Real World Philly, but none were that bad. The storyline this week? Wes and Nehemiah have this thing called a Groupie Drawer. Pretty creative stuff I thought. What they have is a drawer in the house of girls’ phone numbers. They randomly picked one each and called those girls up. After calling a few girls, they find out two of the numbers in the drawer are the exact same. Hah, that’s genius. Come to find out, these guys don’t have any game at all. The other action in this one had Rachel meet a guy she thought she liked a lot. Come to find it, he already had a chick. That’s dirty. This stuff happens far too often to both guys and girls and it fires me up. Maybe I’m weird, but I’d feel awful if I ever cheated on someone, but I guess it’s the popular thing to do now. “Come on! You can do it! Everyone does it!” I guess that’d be better with a voice thing, but you get what I mean. Next week, Wes finds this girl who has friends that are college cheerleaders. Danny thinks he wants in on that instead of being with Melinda. Come on, give us some drama storylines instead of this junk. Either way, I still watch.

Good news in the world of wrestling. This fall on Saturday nights, either at 10:00 or 11:00, Spike TV is picking up NWA-TNA Wrestling. Yep, Total Nonstop Action. Sure, it’s not big money wrestling, but it’s 2nd to the WWE. Let’s face it, WWE is wrestling and they have the monopoly. TNA will give us a nice alternative to watch and they have some great wrestlers on that roster, not just a bunch of older guys in there for namesake only. I’ve been watching them on satellite for a good while now, but for those who haven’t seen TNA before, you just may like the product. They have some awesome cruiserweights here, or as they call it, the X-Division.

Any magazine subscribers out there? I’m only subscribed to two right now, but have been with them for a while. The first is SLAM, a basketball mag mainly devoted to the hip hop style. On the cover of the latest is the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili, Duncan, and Big Shot Bob Horry. This is real cheap, usually you can find it for $12 or less for a year. This issue is 150 pages long too, quality stuff. The other one I get is Game Informer, the best video game mag out there. You can pick up this at Babbage’s or GameStop, same deal. By getting a year of this, you also get 10% off old games, so you can’t go wrong with that action. On the cover of the latest is King Kong. I just got the newest ones in the mail a few days ago of both, so I haven’t had time to check these out.

Just one CD this time around? Say it ain’t so! The one I loaded up on is Me Being Me from Frayser Boy. He’s part of Hypnotize Mind Posse ran by the Three 6 Mafia. Other than that, I haven’t listened yet to give an opinion. One that comes strong is Mind Control from Canibus that I mentioned in the last Blog. A very good album here, pick it up if you’re into lyrical rappers that delivers.

WWE Great American Bash is this Sunday. It is a SmackDown production and I’ll give a quick prediction of the matches announced so far. 8 matches announced already and that could be it. First, we have The Undertaker beating Hassan. Hassan is either done with that character due to controversy or they’ll switch him to RAW after this. Then I look for Eddie to beat Rey Jr. in what should be an epic match. They know how to get it done. Benoit gets my pick to win the US Title over Orlando Jordan. Batista against JBL for the World Title? This is a toughie, but I’m going to take JBL here. Melina taking on Torrie in a Bra & Panties Match? The fans win here, but I’ll pick Torrie since she’s a veteran. Tag Title Match time as I’m taking the champs (MNM) to retain over Heidenreich and Animal. Christian will take down Booker T. And to end things, the bWo will smack The Mexicools around. The bWo is one awesome gimmick for those who never saw it in their heyday in ECW.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today’s birthdays? George Clinton of P-Funk fame turns 65, Alex Trebek is also 65, Danny Glover is 58, Don Henley is 58 too, Keith Sweat is 44, John Leguizamo 41, David Spade 41, and HBK is supposedly 40.

2. I just put on some Chap-Ice vanilla flavored chapstick, fear.

3. My blood type is Type O Positive.


Walz said...

Juan Uribe of the Chitown White Sox is 26 today. He celebrated with a 3 run homer off my boys to get me all good and pissed off too!

Kristen said...

That shirt is priceless. Yea, it's funny. Lots of TV action going on here, as usual. I know what's going on without every watching all because of you. Thanks. Hah. Have fun up there.

[Angie] said...

HAHA. That mugshot cracked me up. Ive kinda been watching Real World. Proud of me?!!?