Saturday, July 10, 2004

Yo Adrian!

Last night after I left you guys thinking about the importance of money, today’s Blog will go in another direction. I’ll hit a few topics and not really focus on one, to keep everyone interested in the happenings here. BIG HAPPPENINGS! Anyways, check out ManDingo’s latest Blog ( titled “Craig Wilson’s Mullet”, as I think it’s his best one yet. Quite a few funnies in there. A quick preview of what you’ll get to taste in this Blog: a Pacific Poker update, more digital cam talk, chick drama (but not with me), WWE Vengeance, working out, and an And1 quote that you have to wait to see.

First things first. I got in a few Hold Em Tournaments on Pacific Poker last night. The first one I didn’t do so hot. There were a whopping 963 people taking part and I came in 717th Place. Nothing to be happy about there. Then at midnight, I joined in one with ManDingo. This was his first Hold Em Tourney on Pacific Poker and he ended up in 222nd Place out of 274. In this one, I came in 130th Place. I’ll take that, but I still need to get way up there. I compare this to Monopoly. Even if you get your brains bashed in, it’s still an awesome time. So it’s a win-win situation. I’ll update on anything else that goes down. Let me know if you want in on this hot action.

You know what is weird to me? Chicks and their drama. Not with a guy. This is between each other. How come when two chicks are buddies, more often than not, they end up rumbling and demand to never talk to each other ever again. It’s bound to happen. Two of my girl buddies, one you know as Tata from my comments if you read those, and another girl I know are rumbling. I just don’t get it. Hopefully you girls can fix that. Let’s say for example, me and Cork. I could call him any name in the book probably, get all up in his face if I had to, and we’d be buddies the next day like it was nothing. Vice versa goes for him if he did that to me. With us, we’d probably just laugh about it anyways no matter what we called each other, since we’re laid back. This happens playing ball a lot with our buddies. They want to rumble or even come to blows, but the next day, they’re cool with each other. Why can’t chicks do the same thing? Is there really a point to go nuts on a buddy and then regret doing that one day down the line? Someone please explain this to me. I think we need the wise words of The Bootyologist, DerekHood to chime in to give us the right answer on this topic.

I think I’ve decided on a new digital camera. That is if I can find it in a store around here. It’s a Sony Cyber-shot 4.1 megapixel. The price on it is pretty good too, so maybe I can’t pass this one up. I’ll know more tomorrow when I call places. That or get the advice from the #basketball elite in Lobstah ( since they’re more of a computer genius than I am. Yes, I know I give a lot of cheap plugs in here, but it’s my Blog, I might as well hype up Lobstah and my buddies’ Blogs.

As far as today goes, I can recap that fairly quick. I woke up at 11:30. What?! Yes, I was up before noon on a summer day. That’s some dedication there. I even went to bed at 3:00, another good time for me, when normally it’s like 6:00 or so. I went to go get buff today and had maybe my best ab workout in quite some time. Nobody cares about my workouts I doubt, but like I said, I like to hit all kinds of topics so everyone gets a piece of the madness. What I did today was go for 10 minutes straight without taking a break between reps. That doesn’t sound like much, I know. But just try it and see how bad you’re hurting afterwards. Basically doing as many crunches as you can in 10 minutes. Not just regular crunches, that’d be too easy. I’m not sure of technical terms, but spinning crunches (as if you were hanging from a bar), raised legs crunches, side to side crunches, and all of that fun. By the time I was done with that section of my workout, I was soaked. I also hit Chest, Biceps, and Triceps hard today as well. Then at 5:00, I did the church thang and came home to eat.

7:00 rolls around and I put it on ESPN to watch some of the new episodes from the And1 2004 Summer Tour for the next hour. I can’t get enough of streetball, so I had to tune in. One of the best quotes I’ve heard in a long time was said by Mark Jackson’s brother, The Escalade. He was doing a little interview and talking to the people at home, you know, regular bum whiteys like me. Anyways, he says to the fans at home, “While you spend your summers cuttin’ grass, I bust ass.” This quote is also Cork’s Blog title today. The Professor was doing his stuff out there with the thugs as usual. And we also got a little Skip To My Lou, Rafer Alston clips. Props to Skip for getting a big deal with the Toronto Raptors last week. Good to see streetball legends make it big time.

Pay Per View this weekend! That’s right. Gear up for WWE Vengeance. Time for my predictions. I can’t do any worse than I did on the last one. Remember though, two PPVs ago, I went 100% for what hardly ever happens. Let’s get it started. Not Black Eyed Peas style, as we heard that song 78 million times during the NBA Playoffs. Our main event has World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit doing battle with Triple H. This should be a real nice match as both can go pretty good. Benoit being one of the best technical wrestlers there is in the world today. I’m going with Triple H to steal his thunder and bring back the gold to Evolution. We also get the Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton facing off against Edge. Edge has been given a mega push since his return from injury after missing over a year with his neck. Every wrestler in the company has a mangled neck. I’m going with Edge here, but I’m going to hate Orton losing his belt. Chris Jericho battles against Batista. Jericho needs to get back into the main event spotlight, so I say he goes over Batista here by making him tap tap tap. Tag Champions La Resistance take on an odd duo of Eugene and Ric Flair. Flair will put on a show for sure. I say we see a title turn here (even though the Frenchies have been a nice team) since Eugene is getting this big push. Kane takes on Matt “Version 1.0” Hardy. The storyline here is that Kane may have gotten Hardy’s chick pregnant, but we’re not sure whose baby it is. For as good as a wrestler that Hardy is, he’s in the middle of this crap? And right now he’s banged up, so this match will be brutal since Kane can’t carry anyone. I’ll go with Kane here, with a possible Lita heel turn. The only other match announced at this point is Victoria against Molly Holly. I’ll go with Holly here, since she needs revenge for Victoria shaving her head after one match. A few more matches can be added, but that’s all we have on tap for now. Should be a good card overall with the exception of a couple dud matches. Cork misses out on this action, as he’ll be working hard.

Does it get much better than watching Rocky 1? AMC has been all over the Rocky movies the past few weeks and that’s always the highest of high quality. Cork wants a thing that lists all of Rocky’s pickup lines. Some great quotes come out of these movies and you’re just laughing at most of them and getting pumped up at at other scenes. Why I don’t have the Rocky DVD box set yet is beyond me. And is Adrian not the dumbest chick ever? Rocky brings her over to the house and she just stands there in a coma like she’s retarded. Then Rocky sounds like he’s retarded when he talks, so it makes the move that much more exciting.

I only got one CD yesterday, but it should be a decent one. It’s Erick Sermon’s new one called Chilltown, New York. And since I brought up Sermon, I’ll post a lyric from a good old school group he was half of, EPMD with Parrish Smith:

Group: EPMD – Song: Strictly Snappin’ Necks – Album: Unfinished Business

Straight up, right now, I'm on a mission
Front face the center and face your competition
As I rock, you jock, and in shock
and have fear -- when the E is on the spot
Yeah boy, you hit the jackpot
So chill as I flex my skill and rap talent
Smooth hardcore, no time for love ballads
I'm not kickin the slow jams that's cool
But nah the hardcore, that make the brothers act fool
That's the way I would want stuff lookin
The crowd yellin, and buckwhylin like Brooklyn boy


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It's all why I like hangin' out with guys better than girls.. No drama, and more fun!


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