Monday, February 14, 2005

"Just Cause You're Hung Like A Moose Doesn't Mean You Gotta Do Porn."

This title is taken from words spoken by Kumar.

We’re back with another update. This time it won’t be nearly a week between posts as that’s never good times. What has went down this weekend? I’ll start by talking about a movie you need to go pick up if you already haven’t. That one is Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. I’m a big comedy movie fan anyways, but this one I thought was hilarious. The storyline has these two dudes who get the munchies and are starving. They wonder what they are going to eat and the next thing they see is a White Castle commercial. Then they go on a mission to find the closest White Castle and they won’t stop until they do so. Some good cameos in this one such as Anthony Anderson as a drive-thru fast food worker who tries to burn his place down and Doogie Howser. Yep, Neil Patrick Harris. We all know he’ll forever be Doogie though, so forget his real name. To see Doogie in this role they give him is some funny stuff. As the #basketball guys have seen in Lobstah, I’ll post a few scenes dealing with Doogie that had me cracking up, taken from the legendary

Harold: Did Doogie Howser just steal my fucking car?
Kumar: Yes... I think he did.
Harold: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Harold: Neil, you wouldn't happen to know how to get on the highway from here, would you?
Doogie: Dude, I don't even know where the fuck I am right now. I was at this party earlier and some guy hooked me up with this incredible "X" - next thing I know I'm being thrown out of a moving car. I've been trippin' balls ever since.
Kumar: That's crazy, dude. We've been having a pretty crazy, night, too. We've just been driving around looking for White Castle but we keep getting sidetracked.
Doogie: Yeah, dude, you fascinate me. Forget White Castle, let's go get some pussy!
Harold: Huh?
Doogie: It's a fucking sausage fest in here, bros. Let's get some poontang, THEN we'll go to White Castle.
Kumar: No, Neil, you don't understand. We've been craving these burgers all night.
Doogie: Yeah, I've been craving burgers, too. Furburgers. Come on, dudes, let's pick up some trim at a strip club. The Doogie line always works on strippers. [sings]
Doogie: Lapdance...
Kumar: [pause] There's a gas station. I'm gonaa see if I can get some directions.
Doogie: You don't need dir- gah! Hurry up, dudes, hurry up! I'm losing wood.

Next weekend is one of my favorites. It’s time for the annual NBA All Star Weekend. Friday night features one of the more entertaining games, although there is zero defense played, in the Rookie Challenge. This is where the Rookies face the Sophomores. This is the same game a few years ago that saw JRich throw the ball off Carlos Boozer’s head, And1 style. We also get the Celebrity Game before that, but that’s never anything too special. Saturday night is what it’s all about though as we get the 3 Point Shootout and Dunk Contest. Then Sunday night is of course the 54th All Star Game, brought to you from Denver. Later in the week, I may run down the list of players in these events and offer my predictions.

I won’t get to see the All Star Game though, as it’s Pay Per View night. For some reason, the WWE always schedules a PPV on All Star Night. I’ll hype this one up later in the week, but it’s WWE No Mercy and features a Barbed Wire Cage Match with Big Show going after Bradshaw’s WWE Title. I’m pumped that I get the next day off from work though. Two reasons. I can just chill and hang with the crew after the Pay Per View instead of just having to get to bed soon after. Secondly, with the short NBA week, I won’t have to be a crazed lunatic rushing to get my fantasy basketball stats out on normal time.

Anything new in the world of CDs? I need to pick up my game here, but I do have a few new ones to mention. One rap and one non-rap. Non-rap, what?? The first I get is Krayzie Bone’s latest, Gemini – Good Vs. Evil. Not a huge cast of rappers on this one, but it’s still a good CD. It features Too $hort and there’s one song with the whole Bone crew, so that’s never a bad thing to listen to. The next selection I went for you can laugh at or not, but I have to add to the Mafia music collection. I end up getting Frank Sinatra’s The Platinum Collection. This piece of work is a 3-CD beast of 48 songs. You name it from Sinatra and it’s probably on there. Speaking of that, my parents’ 34th anniversary was last weekend, the day before Valentine’s Day. With that, we all go out to eat last night at my favorite local place, Minard’s in Clarksburg. We had to get there early to beat the Valentine’s Day (or at least with it being on Monday, most went out on Saturday) crowd, so we timed it good. Of course they had the Mafia music going in there. I ended up getting the Chicken & Spinach Manicotti, garlic bread, and a salad. Quality stuff indeed.

What is coming out this month and early March that the rap fans may be interested in? Nothing worth mentioning comes out this Tuesday. On February 22nd, we have a few. Benzino’s Arch Nemesis, Bizzy Bone & Layzie Bone’s Bone Brothers, Cormega’s The Testament, Ghetto Mafia’s Da Return Of Ghetto Mafia, and TRU’s The Truth. March 1st features Pastor Troy’s Face Off Part 2 and Pimp C’s Sweet James Jones Stories. March 8th has 50 Cent’s The Massacre.

Another plug for the locals. Tuesday and Thursday nights, 8:00-10:00, ball action down at Big Elm. Bring whoever you want. We’ve had some good runs the past few weeks, so I hope to see ya down there.

Yes, I did it again. I’m a sucker for bargain shopping. In my area, it’s all about Gabriel Brothers. You can load up on some quality stuff for dirt cheap. This trip I’m glad I only walked in with $30 or so or it could’ve been bad. I did buy a few pimpin dressy type flannel shirts and loaded up on some new boxers. These had me cracking up, well 3 of them anyways. I got a green pair with the Monopoly dude all across the front, a blue Kool-Aid pair with the Kool-Aid guy and “Ohhhhh Yeahhhh!” on the back, and another I got was a yellow pair with the Twinkies logo and character. Chicks dig it.

I’ll be back later this week with updates on RAW, talks about WWE No Mercy, Real World sucking, predictions on NBA All Star Saturday, Big Elm ball chatter, and whatever else we can get into. Hit me up. Talk to you guys soon.


Susie said...

WoooHooo... Can`t go wrong with some new sexy-crazy boxers! Happy V-day! Smooches!

Anonymous said...

Chicks do not dig it.

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