Monday, June 05, 2006

Midget Fever!

The first thing I have to talk about is so good that I'm not even going to need an opening line to hook you guys in with. I was at my boy Posey's 28th cookout/birthday party on Friday night. I could tell a number of tales from that night as it was fun, but there is one in particular I will focus on.

This guy I graduated with rolled up to the party. He's one of the greatest storytellers that I know and always has something funny to say. Anyways, he starts talking about how he started internet dating. He said that he didn't have anything to lose with it. He was talking to this chick online and had seen face pictures of her. After talking for a while, he asked where she was from. She told him Morgantown, which is about 45 minutes north of us for those not in the area, and home of WVU. They agree to see each other in person since it's close. He calls her up while he's in Fairmont (halfway from my town to Morgantown basically) to set up a place to meet up with her since he wasn't familiar with her exact area. The phone call he said should've warned him enough. He said she had this rough mean voice and could barely speak English..

So after talking to the chick, they set up a place to meet. He sees her and then gets out of the car to do the greeting. Come to find out, the chick is a midget. Doh! He said he didn't know what to think. But still, he goes up to her, has to lean way down to hug her and says it's weird already. He takes her to the Boston Beanery (a local eatery/bar) to hang out. The first thing he notices is that when they sit down, she can barely see the table. He starts freaking out, wondering what the proper midget etiquette is, but doesn't do anything to embarrass her. Then he starts thinking of ways to end the date since he's already in a jam..

He starts to hit on the waitress and any chick that comes by just to fire this chick up and have her not want the date to go on any longer. Well, to his dismay, that didn't effect this chick one bit. The next thing, this chick asks him to come over to her place. Now he's really stuck. That was his out to turn that offer down, but he didn't for some reason. To make a long story short, he supposedly got some off this midget. He had another internet date after that one that was even worse (maybe another story for another time) and says that pretty much ended things for him on the whole internet dating scene, hah. I was rolling the entire time because this guy tells the story to make you pay attention to every word. One of the funnier things I've heard in a while and I know putting it into text does it no justice, but there you go, the story of a dude meeting a Korean midget who could barely speak English.

I'm always talking about being an internet junkie. Most people know that anyways, but Saturday through Sunday morning, it was epic. I was up for 16 hours that day (3:00 PM-7:00 AM). Yes, my hours are screwed up, but that's how I roll. Anyways, here's a stat that might blow you away or show how less there is to do in Shinnston: Out of those 16 hours, I was online for 13 of those, no joke. The 3 hours that I wasn't on, I hung with my boy Spank for a bit, worked out, showered, and ate. Sad part is, this probably isn't my biggest streak like that. Oh well, nothing else to do, it's good times.

I may or may not have a new post up by then, but this Sunday night I'm getting excited for. This is a wrestling paragraph for those I scare away with that. This Sunday, it's ECW One Night Stand. Last year's attempt at this was a success and they're having it at the famed Madhouse of Extreme, the Hammerstein Ballroom. I know it's not the same ECW, but anything even near that is always worth it. The ECW fans are like no other as far as intensity and their wrestling knowledge. Bad news is that WWE upped their pay per view prices to $40 (was $35 for a while) for each show, doh! Back in the day that wasn't a big deal since there was more of a wrestling fan base it seemed and I had a crew over watching every event. Now I'm basically the only one of my crew (yeah, I'll never grow up) who is still a huge wrestling guy. I haven't missed a PPV in quite some time, but I may have to miss a few every now and then for the up in prices and that they're going to be having more shows.

I don't have any CDs to update on this time. I did get Busta Rhymes' newest one, but it's the clean version. So I won't add that to the list yet or give it a listen until I get the real deal. I should have Ice Cube's newest very soon too as it's out there and some other hot ones ("We have a hot one!"- Randy Jackson) in the near future.

My NBA Finals prediction? I'm going with the Mavs over the Heat in 7 games. I won't be mad either way whoever wins, but it'd be nice to see my boy Antoine Walker (my favorite player in the league) get a ring on his finger for Miami. Ironic that he played for both Dallas and Miami.

I don't think anything too out of the ordinary is going down this week, but you never know. Let me know what you think or what's new in your world. Talk to you all soon enough.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Props to our very own Clark Riley who got some big recognition recently:

2. YouTube is awesome. Everyone has seen this a zillion times, but it never gets old, so I'm posting it for your viewing pleasure:

3. Birthday time.. This one will be for Tuesday, June 6th. Annoying actress Sandra Bernhard is 51. And so isn't Dana Carvey, so big ups to him. Tennis great of his day, Bjorn Borg goes for 50. Comedian Colin Quinn turns 47. That's about all I can do for ya there, not many good youngsters.


Shell said...

ur right I like that midget story it was funny lol great! Don't forget to do June 10th birthdays :P have fun buh byes


C-note said...

Thanks for the shout out in three quick thangs. Send me an email and tell me who this guy with the midget is. I have to know him you graduated with him.