Wednesday, September 01, 2004

September Already?!

Another day with no work here. It starts off slow early in the school year, so that’s fine by me. It’ll pick up soon enough to where I’ll be waking up at 6:00 everyday. Fun fun. It’s always good being a bum, so I can’t complain too much. It’s not like I have a lot of bills to pay, so I’m not struggling in need of a paycheck, even though I haven’t had one all summer. They’ll be nice when they start coming in though, for sure. That means more Celtics gear to buy and whatever else useless things I can find to load up on.

Early this morning, I woke up around 8:15 or so. I could’ve slept longer, but we had some electricians fixing the wires in our house, as I wake up to the sound of drills or something going off. I did go to bed around 1:00 though and I’ll take 7 hours of sleep any night. Since I didn’t have to workout today, I figured I’d ride to the mean streets of Nutter Fort with my parents around 8:30 or so. We need a new couch for our living room so we roll to Grandma’s House to pick something out. “Grandma” is actually a wee little Italian dude (5’2” if he’s lucky), but in commercials, he dresses up as a Grandma and does funny ads. It’s kind of catchy and a lot of people around here don’t even know who he is when he’s out of costume. For the local guys, if you don’t know, Grandma has a smoking hot daughter. I don’t have a clue on her age, maybe 25? I could be off on that one though.

After we do some furniture shopping, we hit up the 4-wheeler shop for Dad. Every house in West Virginia has to have a 4-wheeler and guns all over the place or it just wouldn’t be right. Me personally, I’ve rode Dad’s old one just a handful of times. I like it, but not enough to get into it to say I know anything about them. Just not my thing I guess. He did have a green 1999 Yamaha Kodiak 400, but today he bought a new blue Yamaha 660 Grizzly. Way too much power on this beast for me, but it is pretty sweet. I was driving it around earlier, but I doubt I use it a lot. Knowing my luck, I’d wreck it and that wouldn’t be good times at all. 4-wheelers are getting like computers now. Digital gauges and it’s easy to use to where a complete idiot like myself about them can ride it.

Last night I got caught up watching the US Open (tennis) on USA. Normally on Tuesday nights, I’m watching the World Series Of Poker on ESPN. I completely forgot about it this week since I was wrapped into tennis action. I did get to see a great 5-set battle between Ferrerro and Zib. Then they showed Maria Sharapova (6’0” and skinny as my finger, but everyone is in love with her; she’s cute, but not my type) struggle with some bum American girl. After that, they showed Andy Roddick completely dominate some young thug who was just overwhelmed to be there playing. Roddick fired one serve in at an insane 152 miles per hour. I’d be afraid to stand in front of that one. Serena’s outfit in this tourney though, mmm.. This isn't what she has going on for this year's tourney, but this one might be my favorite of hers.

I did catch the last 40 minutes or so of Poker, so that was decent enough. It’s not like I can’t watch the million replays they show during the week, so I’ll get caught up somehow. My favorite part of this week’s episode dealt with Doyle Brunson. Doyle is probably the oldest guy there and he’s a 2-time champ from 1976 and 1977. Anyways, he gets eliminated during last night’s episode and the entire place gives him a standing ovation. They wouldn’t do that for anyone else, and there happens to be a lot of legends in this tournament. Doyle walks out, cane and all, like the pimp he is and tells everyone to have fun. Also, a great hand that I enjoyed had “Jesus” take out some bum amateur. Jesus is also a former winner, as he’s won in 2000. By the way, Jesus is Chris Ferguson and he has the trench coat going with the long hair and sunglasses, while looking like, you guessed it, Jesus. The guy he was playing last night was up big going into the river (last card on the table in Hold Em) and Jesus didn’t have much of a chance. A few cards before that, Jesus drops his glasses, and stares the dude down gangsta style. He decides to go all-in and comes up with the only card he could get to win the hand and got it. The amateur also went all-in and went home crying. Jesus started celebrating and he’s usually not an animated dude. He had to make the punk know his role, The Rock style. As of now, there are two former champions still alive. Those are Jesus and 1995’s winner, Dan Harrington.

Holy cow! Did the Yankees game really happen last night? That was brutal and I’m glad I didn’t have to suffer through that one on TV. Final score you ask? 22-0! This is the worst lost in Yankees history. Evarrrrrr! The Indians put the smacketh upon us, again, The Rock style. Boston has been hot and now they’re only 3½ games out of 1st Place. We play Boston 6 more times this year as I said in a recent post, so that will be key. Should be fun to see how it plays out. Probably a month ago in here, I counted the Sox basically as done as dead, so I hope I don’t have to eat any words. I’m not worried now, but it is getting closer between the teams.

In anticipation of Tiger Woods 2005, we’ve been playing a lot of Tiger Woods 2004 lately on GameCube. On September 20th, you can bet I’ll have that one for sure. It’s the one game each year that I definitely want over the past few years. It’s one that has a high replay value and you can pick it up and play anytime. It’s also good times to battle with your buddies in since we’re all pretty even. Spank shot a ridiculous 49 today, so props to him on that. Also, some high school kid shot a 32 on a Morgantown country club course in 9 holes. That’s video game quality and downright sick. The funny thing is that with the trio of Cork, Spank, and myself, we’ll all buy Tiger. That’s a given, but we’ll all have it on a different system, so that’s kind of funny. PlayStation 2 for Cork, Xbox for Spank, and GameCube for me.

Hard to believe that the month of September is here. Just think of it this way. We’re less than 4 months away till Christmas. Crazy stuff there and Mom is already asking me what I want this year so she can get out and buy stuff. I don’t have a clue though, go figure. I’m pretty content with the stuff I have as I’m fairly low maintenance, but I’m sure I’ll find something that’ll peak my interest. Any ideas from the Blog fans out there?

Thanks to Blahah (there’s not an internet site this guy hasn’t seen), you have to check out this video and song of some Ivy League kids making fun of some rappers. They actually have decent talent is the weird part. They’re the P-Unit and go into character with each rapper they try to mock. Check it out for yourself.


It’s time go watch the 3-pack of Around The Horn, PTI, and I, Max, so I’m out. Then time to gear up to eat ribs and go shopping. See you guys soon enough. Holla.

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