Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hey Preppie

Since we last spoke, I should have enough to fill some reading time for you all. I last left off with some RAW and Real World talk. I won’t jump right into Wednesday’s TV action yet, as I’m not sure you’re ready for it. As far as what is coming up next week, nothing crazy out of the ordinary, but we’re due for another WWE Pay Per View on October 3rd, which is SmackDown’s No Mercy.

I did something today I rarely do. I ended up going to a wedding of a buddy of ours. The wedding started at 12:30 and we didn’t get to eat at the reception until a bit after 4:30. So it was brutal times as far as waiting goes. The thing I liked about the reception is that when they announced the bride (our buddy) and the groom, the chick came out to Notre Dame’s Fight Song. Does it get much better than that? Also, at the program at the wedding itself, the back of it said “Go Irish”. I hope to sneak something like that in my wedding, but that is years and years away. I may have my groomsmen wear Celtics jerseys and the chicks can wear Celtics skirts. Fear.

Now to Wednesday night. As I wrote in an earlier Blog, I said that I was going to watch the new season of The Bachelor. I know you’re thinking, what in the world has gotten into me? I’m not sure I can answer that one either, but at least I’m man enough (although I’m sure watching this makes me less manly) to admit I watch. The setup for this year’s edition? They have not one, but two bachelors. BOFTH! They also start the show out with 25 chicks. Each guy gets to meet with the girls and after the meetings, each girl votes which guy she wants to keep for the duration of the show.

A quick preview of each bachelor? Both bachelors are 40 years old, which is weird. More on the age thing later. First, we have Byron. He’s a pro fisherman who has been divorced once. He’s not big on younger girls as he said he’ll cut them off. We’ll see though. Next we have Jay, who is decked out with gray hair. At least he has hair at age 40, so not too shabby I guess. He’s an entrepreneur or so they say and used to own his own computer networking company. Now he’s in the real estate business in New York. He went to prep school as a kid, so we’ll call him Preppie, just as Slater would call the infamous Zack Morris. I can’t really judge dudes, but I was rooting for Jay to win this thing. Byron ends up winning though, so Jay is now sitting at home, updating Blogs like the rest of us, while Byron has a mansion full of dirties to pick from.

Now to the chicks. I’ll call this year’s series: The Bachelor – In Search Of MILF. You know what a MILF is anyways, so I’m not breaking down any stories about that. The youngest chick of the bunch is 27 and the oldest is 39. I feel old enough, but it’s funny that none of the girls are younger than me. I’ll go on a little rant about a girl named Krysta. She’s 28 and straight up says she’s all about the money. Her purpose on the show is to start drama. Although it makes for great TV, as we all like some head busting, she’s not the kind of drama that I like watching. Hopefully before the show is over, the rest of the house jumps this girl and leaves her laying, Evolution style. After that comment, I realize I’m too caught up in this show already. Just shoot me now.

I have an idea to spice up The Bachelor though. We’re always getting these rich people who are spoiled. Here’s one you can try next time if you want some ratings. In fact, I’ll give you two options. One is that you can pick a cast of gangsta thugs and have them go at it. That’d be some high drama there and you wouldn’t know what to expect. The other route you can go is to pick a group of white trash folks and let them go at it. You’re telling me you wouldn’t watch either of those? Since half of this stuff is probably rigged anyways, they should just throw in a few random people like this one each season with their goal to make everybody else’s life miserable.

The past two days last week at work I had a totally opposite set. On Thursday, I was with 12th Grade kids and then on Friday I had 6th Grade. You don’t realize how tiny these 6th Grade kids are until you had some older kids the day before. They can’t stay still that well either, but that’s expected with the little ones. I don’t mind the young ones, but I prefer the older ones, it’s more laid back too with that level.

Three wins in a row for my Irish. We’ve had a streak of at least three wins in a row in every single season since 1969. Crazy stat there. We just beat Washington 38-3. We were up 31-3 at halftime and were rolling. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see that part of the game since I sacrificed Irish time for the wedding, doh! We’re now 3-1 on the season after opening up the year with a crushing loss to BYU. We have two more home games in a row, Purdue and Stanford, so hopefully we come strong in that series. Top 25 for sure after this game, even if Washington is a bunch of winless bums.

In the world of cards, ESPN ran the World Series Of Poker Tournament Of Champions earlier in the week. This featured the Top 10 in the world supposedly and they battled it out in Texas Hold Em. I’ve talked about this in Lobstah before, but I guess you’ll get a double dose if you’re a fan of Lobstah. Kind of like a double scoop of ice cream if you will. I’ll post the 10 members of this tourney, just as I did in Lobstah:

Doyle Brunson: 76 & 77 WSOP Winner; Mentioned in Rounders
Jonny Chan: 87 & 88 WSOP Winner; Mentioned in Rounders
Howard Lederer: dubbed The Professor and takes his game seriously
Phil Helmuth: 89 WSOP Winner; big loudmouth, but funny
Annie Duke: Lederer's Sister
Phil Ivey: Young thug who gets some respect; don't know much about his history though
Chip Reese: The best in stakes games; supposedly won the most money ever playing Poker
TJ Cloutier: Another old timer and played in a Rose Bowl in the 1950s
Daniel Negreanu: 2004 WSOP Player Of The Year
Greg Raymer: 2004 WSOP Winner

Through all of this, they showed all 3 hours on TV. The final two to do battle were Annie Duke and Phil Helmuth. They were playing for $2 million and I love how they just stack all of the money right on the table for them to ooze machismo over. At the end, Duke takes Helmuth out. The best part of it was that Helmuth took a fit. He was back in the hall kicking the walls and saying how rough it was. I guess he couldn’t handle being beat by a chick, but she’s no slouch, as she learned from her bro.


Janet said...

Well here I am I just wanted to let you know that I am not falling behind. I posted today just for you. When you are ready to come bust up some heads just let me know I am here.hehe You were behind on your posting too so you have not room to talk. Just thought I would say hello and let you know that I got your comment. Talk to you soon. Oh and by the way yes my name is Janet. hahah

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the Jay thing.. Nice update about the Bachelor.. I can't wait til this Wednesday!


DirtyKash said...

I watched Negreanu play his game the other day, and I kind of enjoy the guy. He's a big smack-talker at the table, got lots to say and it seems to bother his opponents. Nothing like some good trash talking.

Anonymous said...

seems like Ed Norton's character in Rounders kinda resembled Negreanu

Bird33 said...

Wow, you guys are tough on Negreanu. I always think of him more of a free spirit and laid back. He's the guy at the table who gets the conversations started. I don't personally think he talks trash in the style that say someone like Helmuth would. He's always in a good mood too it seems and when he loses, he'll give you respect. Helmuth, although I like him, he just gets up like a baby and tears stuff up.

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