Sunday, November 26, 2006

Flu, Wii, & Monopoly: The Excitement!

Whew.. the flu tore me up the past few days. I've been a mess, but now finally starting to get my appetite back. You know I'm feeling bad when I got online Friday for about 10 minutes and that was it. The rest of the time was spent in bed, throwing up, and all of that fun stuff. But we're back in action now as it's time for another edition of the blog. I have some interesting topics to get through this time, so let's bounce around and see what happens.

Early Saturday night/Sunday morning, I made my journey to Target to wait in line for a Nintendo Wii. I got up there around 4:00 AM and I was #15 in line. They had 24 to sell, so I was in business. The weird part is that everyone was freezing their nads off. Snow was spitting, people were in sleeping bags, etc. There was pizza, people would make hot chocolate runs for everyone, and whatever else. Also, mostly everyone there had a Nintendo DS so we battled in a lot of that stuff throughout the night. Yeah, we're nerds, hah. At 7:00, the Target guys came out and gave us our "ticket" so we'd be able to get in the store at 8:00. So I got my system, fought for a copy of Zelda: The Twilight Princess, and was on my way home. After all of that, I can easily say you need to load up and buy a Nintendo Wii. I won't bug everyone in this post about it, but it's great. Zelda is scary for how good it is so far.

For the first time in quite a while, we got a Monopoly night going. We did that on Wednesday night after ball. We roll to Posey's for the festivities. Only a 4-person game, but it still rocked nonetheless. Cork and Scherri were in attendance, but they just watched this game. Coming in 4th Place was the man of the house, Posey. I came in 3rd. I always say, Monopoly is a game you can have a bad night in and still have a blast playing. Maybe I'm weird. Our next placements were a couple tandem as Spank took out his girl Alicia in a heated battle. Spank is tough to beat in Monopoly, always has been. Our game lasted about 2½ hours, it was good times. If anyone is interested in Monopoly ever, definitely count me in.

I figured out the cause of my flu symptoms. That was from Posey and Scherri's baby girl, Kirsten. I'm sure I mangled that spelling, but it'll have to work. Scherri had the same thing that I did, except hers was a day earlier. It also didn't help that I played ball this week 3 days out of a 4-day span, plus I'm up at all hours of the night on here. I guess I never learn. But I'll be back on my feet. I hate missing some days of working out, but that happens.

Thanksgiving was a good time. You can't go wrong with turkey and all the chocolate pie you can eat. Spank joined the family for the action, as he's family anyways, if that makes sense. After watching football and being bums, Cork stopped over to battle in Wii with me and Spank. I think I have Posey and Spank convinced to buy a Wii in the very near future. I know I'm biased towards Nintendo stuff, but trust me on this one. It's the real deal and all the reviews out there seem to be very high on the system. We'll see.

I've talked about a rapper a while back in a CD I got by the name of Thug Chuc. You probably don't remember that, but it's not a big deal if you forgot. Anyways, he's from Shreveport, Louisiana and I chat with him a decent bit online for whatever that's worth. Nothing too crazy, but in an upcoming blog, I'll be doing an interview with him to get some plugs out for his new single, his website, and whatever else I or anyone can think of to ask. It should be something different to add to the blog space.

Since it's holiday season, it's about time for me to start getting Christmas cards ready. I don't send them till the middle of December, but it's one of my favorite things to do, I'm weird like that. I send a crazy amount out and it's not just a Merry Christmas card with my name on it. That's too boring. I go all out by putting in a big writeup, blog style, to make it special. If you aren't on the Christmas list from the past and want on, just fire off an email to I'll hype this up again I'm sure, so be on the lookout.

Real World: Denver
has started and I have yet to give my thoughts. I'm behind on this one, but do have it taped. Even though MTV runs it every half hour it seems, I'll catch it soon and hope to have a review in the next blog. I've seen a bit so far, but I won't give my whole review until I get to see everything. Hopefully it's better than the last few seasons, although that won't take much to top at all.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This is a great one. I have to give credit to my girl Felisha for finding this gem. Check out Dora getting down, you won't be disappointed:

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs

1. As expected, my Irish got smacked around by USC. Still, my boys end the year on a nice note, with an 10-2 record, I'll take that. At the beginning of the year, with our schedule, I said we'd lose a few games at least. We'll still get a big bowl. BCS? Who knows. Possible matchup with WVU? I doubt that, but at least a lot of people in this area are quiet after the South Florida game. It could be worse.

2. Let's try out some birthdays. Monday, November 27th. Dang, it's almost December. Bruce Lee would be 66 if he were still around kicking heads off. Jimi Hendrix would be 64. Bill Nye The Science Guy turns 51. Baseball manager Mike Scioscia goes for 48. Robin Givens turns 42. NBA baller Nick Van Exel is celebrating 35th. Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) goes for 30, wow. And in local news, Kari Southern hits 28, so if you see her around, wish her a good one.

3. Clerks II comes out on DVD this Tuesday, pick this one up. Just take my word on it. It's one awesome movie.


Dominik1985 said...

Bird, that is one hell of a dirty thug hoe this week. Seems also to be the firt amateur wrestling valet in this edition.

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