Sunday, December 03, 2006

Goetze's Caramels

Another week in the books and we're back for some more action that you simply can't resist. What's in store for this edition? There's no mind blowing stories that went down, but that doesn't mean that I still won't be able to come up with something for the legions of readers out there. Or so I wish I had legions, hah, but I appreciate the ones that I do have, which is a good crew. As I type this, we're 22 days away from Christmas. I'm tempted to live old memories and make one of those paper chains the kids make that counts the days off. Snip a link off each day. Yes, I'm that bored.

Speaking of Christmas, Blog Headquarters in Shinnston is working from daylight to dark to get all of the cards ready in time for the big day. Once again, if you want on the Christmas card list, all you have to do is get a hold of me somehow. If not on the chat programs, just fire off an email to I also like to get cards in return, so we should be able to work some kind of regular plan here. I always say, you can't just write Merry Christmas on the card and sign your name. That's being totally lazy. You have to make each card different in that you write a little story or something inside to make it different than every other card you send out. I know it sounds weird, but I know you agree that you'd rather have an interesting card to read rather than some bum level card. That's what I'm here for.

What's up with my town and basketball? Take this past week for example. We get a big crew lined up and everyone is excited to play, even out of town guys. First, that doesn't happen often that it's this easy to get a crew in my town ready to play. Usually people are lazy bums and won't get out of the house to play for a few hours a week. Thursdays we're back to ball at The Lighthouse. Well, this week there was a Christmas bazaar in there. School Square has Jerry West going on, so no go there. Lincoln had some kind of fan fest thing. We considered going out of town and didn't have any luck with those places either. Believe me, we tried everywhere. For the locals, getting Big Elm back would be ideal. That's the perfect gym for us. Hopefully we're back on track this week though to play somewhere.

I was working away at my old middle school the other day. I had to cover a gym class since one teacher came in late. Anyways, since WV is a bunch of fatties, a year or two ago the state had a thing that lets all middle school gym classes in the state have access to Dance Dance Revolution. Yeah, the game. Well, it's a pretty good concept. I've only played with the controllers before, never the pad, but I got to see the pad the other day. You got some b-ball playing on most of the court, with some DDR battles on the side. The kids weren't like the little Chinese kids you see in the arcades who simply dominate DDR, but it's a cool idea either way.

On the Thug Chuc news, I hope to get that interview up sometime in December. That's my goal anyways. Just trying to bring something a little different around here every now and then, you know how it goes. If you got any questions you want to ask him, go for it, fire off an email and I'll try to get it in there for you.

Clipse: Hell Hath No Fury. This CD took ages to come out. It kept getting delayed and actually was supposed to be out a few years ago, no lie. These guys, as I've said before, are the best live rap act I've seen in person. A nice CD here, check Virginia's finest out.

Ying Yang Twins: Chemically Imbalanced. Some very good beats on this one. You know what you get with the Ying Yangs. You either like them or don't. Sure, they scream a lot and aren't lyrically as good as most, but I still didn't mind the CD and thought it kept the vibe going.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: (This is courtesy of my boy Cork. I don't know how many times I've watched this, but it cracks me up good every single time. It's a dude and his buddy rapping their McD's order at the drive-thru and screwing the people all up. Pretty creative I thought.)

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs

1. I'm a candy freak, I can't help it. Candy this week sitting around my desk that I've been tearing up? Sprees, Blow Pops, candy corn, and the underrated Goetze's caramel things with the cream center.

2. How about some birthdays for Monday, December 4th: Game show host Wink Martindale goes for 72 if he's still alive and he's probably not. I'm too lazy to check. Actor Jeff Bridges turns 57. NBA baller who was king of New York in the mid 1980s, Bernard King, Happy 50th! Sergei Bubka, pole vault legend, he's 43. Marisa Tomei, one of my favorite hot older chicks, is partying for her 42nd. Cowboys receiver Terry Glenn, 37. Model Tyra Banks struts her stuff to her 33rd. My buddy Cassie down in Mississippi, Happy 22nd!

3. Just as I'm ready to post this, I see a story of this woman who tried to microwave her 3-week old baby. What?! And they said that it's "only" the second time this has ever happened in the US. It's happened before? That stuff doesn't even happen in movies, just dirty.


The_Freak said...

The microwaving babies thing is called Munchausen-by-Proxy. As Wiki says: a caregiver, usually the mother, feigns or induces an illness in another person, usually her or his child, to gain attention and sympathy as the "worried" parent.

The most common manifestations of child abuse are skin lesions, such as ecchymoses, abrasions, scars and burns.1 Bone fractures, failure to thrive, subdural and retinal hemorrhage, genital injuries, subgaleal hematoma, unkempt appearance, frozen stares, human bite marks, visceral injuries, etc., are additional manifestations.2 Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a rare presentation which has recently been well described in the literature.3-5 Various unusual manifestations of child abuse, such as fetal pepper aspiration, thirsting and hypernatremic dehydration, intentional microwave burns, transection and pseudocyst of the pancreas, tin ear syndrome, subcutaneous fat necrosis, etc., have also been recognized recently.

Kristen said...

Hey, I totally agree with the Christmas cards thing; I've been made fun of for putting "novels" in the ones I send out. :) DDR is great, get a bunch of drunks at a Thanksgiving party going...that's even better than middle schoolers. Well, have fun up there as always.

Dominik1985 said...

DDR is probably the saddest thing that happened to us Germans. Although in this case it stands for Dancing Revolution it almost made me cry.