Sunday, December 10, 2006

Paul Likes To Chug

What's going on to all of my peeps out there? Things are fine and dandy as they normally are in my part of the world. I've been keeping along with having one blog per week and that seems to be going fairly well. I'd like to write a bunch more, but this is what we're rolling with recently. You never know when I might change things up on you all, so be prepared for the usual ride I take you on.

You know one thing that gets me? I'm not a bar guy at all, but if you go in one for 2 minutes, you come out smelling like a filthy dirty stripper or something. I don't care how nice of a place it is, if people are smoking in there and whatever else, you come home a mess. That's fine, that isn't my biggest gripe with that. It's when some of these people come home from partying like rock stars and they go to bed without getting a shower. Come on people, clean your self up. It's these same people that probably don't change their sheets on their beds for months at a time. I know I'm a neat freak, but that's my opinion on that subject.

The Christmas tree is up at my house. We got it on Saturday morning and things are ready to go. As a tradition at the house, we have to put the Larry Bird ornament on first and in the center. I mean, he's only the Basketball Jesus and a godlike figure, so he has to go in the center. Other than that, we have a ton of different ornaments with good meaning. I have a ton of sports and wrestling bulbs, then we have the old school stuff. I'll try to get a pic of the action once everything is official. I get into this time of year, maybe I'm weird. Also on the Christmas scene, the card writing process is going smooth. I hope to send those out late this week or early on the week of the 18th, either or. So if you're wondering when those are coming, just be patient. Santa Bird will hook you up if you are on the list. And if not, I'll say once again, hit me up with a message and I'll get you on the annual list,

Some were asking me where my Real World reviews have been. I'm not sure why I have been forgetting to get that in this very space, but now is as good of a time as any. Three weeks are down in the books and I'm as hooked as ever on the show. I'll give opinions on each character for now and then we'll add more each week. This season is in Denver for those who haven't started watching yet and there is a new day. It's on MTV, Wednesday nights at 10:00 EST. You can also watch it on the MTV website through Overdrive if you want to go that route and miss it when it comes on TV. It's time to give some thoughts on the people in the house this season:

Jenn is 22 and from California. She's a former Raiders cheerleader. As of right now, I'm classifying her as a fake. She's hot, but she's also a dirty slut. She stole Alex from Colie in one of the early episodes. Then we get Tyrie. He's the 23 year old thug from Omaha. He had a huge incident with Davis last week and scared Davis so bad that he went to stay at a hotel room for the night. This guy is all jacked up too. Third, we get Alex. He's 21 and from Houston. He'll be our resident drunk (then again, they probably all are) and pimp, or manwhore if you will. So far he's been all over Colie and Jenn both, even getting some off Jenn already. Up next is my favorite on the chicks side of things so far out of 3 weeks. That would be Brooke, who is 24 and from Tennessee. She has black hair, is smokin', and has the hick accent which I'm into. I'm sure I'll end up hating her in a few weeks for something, but who knows. Stephen steps up next. He's 22 and from Sacramento. He was the Howard University Student Body President and is a hardcore Baptist who hates gays. He seems to be controversial so far, but he'll have some good arguments for TV. Davis is 22. He's from Georgia and also Baptist. However, he's gay, and Stephen lets him know to his face that he's not down with that. Nice, we got some drama already. Now after Tyrie got all up in Davis' face, they're boys after making up and it seems that Stephen and Davis are able to coexist too. We'll see. Last, we get Colie. She's 22 and from Jersey. She's too skinny and is annoying with compliments to herself way too much. She wanted a relationship with Alex, but he pulled the "just friends" thing on her and then went to get some off Jenn. Now supposedly Jenn and Colie are girls and have put the Alex situation behind them. That's your quick recap. Confused enough? It's starting out to be a decent season, you better jump on board.

I normally go to church on Saturday nights (Catholic) since I'd rather not wake up early on Sundays. I've always been that way. Anyways for the locals, I've been going to Monongah's church some and my church in Shinnston some as well. This week I hit up Monongah. They have a priest from India who will be there for a while on a mission. He was interesting and did a good job. The reason I write about this was that I compared him to Kumar from the excellent Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle movie that I've hyped up a bunch in here in the past. How can you not pay attention to Kumar if he's preaching to you? My thoughts exactly. It's good stuff. And why did I put that in here this week? You know I'm random, that's why.

Many out there played the awesome Nintendo Wii yet? Anyways, there's some funny things happening with the remote for this system, the Wiimote if you will. It seems like the strap is either not being put on tight on their wrists or it just snaps off and causes chaos. Windows have been broken, TVs have had holes put in them, and kids have been busted in the face. You think I'm kidding? Well, I'm here to show you some proof of that. You're going to love these stories to see what all the Wiimote has damaged. So far, I haven't torn anything up. My buddies said it's bound to happen sooner or later as much as we get into games. Here is a link, check this out:

Road trip time and this one will be on my birthday, January 6th. We got a big time battle happening at Marshall University that day. It features arguably the best high school basketball in the entire nation (OJ Mayo) as his Huntington High crew takes on one of the nation's best ever b-ball programs in DeMatha Catholic High in Hyattsville, Maryland. Tickets go on sale for this on Thursday, with season ticket holders getting first dibs, and then our crew is going to load up and take a bunch of people. It's about 3½ hours from here or so, should be a good time. More on that over the next few weeks. It should be an easy sellout.

For the rap fans who have asked me about the latest with Thug Chuc, hold tight. It's still in the works, I just have to fit it in since me and Chuc are working on a few things with that about how we want the interview to go down. And like I said before, if you have some questions you want to ask him, email me up and I'll see if I can get it in. Just something different for the blog to branch it out a bit, you know how we do.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week
: Thanks to Kasher of #basketball fame for finding this gem for us. It's a failed backflip off a vending machine and the guy gets blasted:

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: We're going local here, one of the girls on 6'6" 240's (WV rapper) page. I don't know her, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of the readers in the area knows her. I'd almost lay money that The Governor himself, Clark Riley, would have an idea.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's blare out the birthday trumpets for Monday, December 11th. Nicki Sixx of Motley Crue fame is now 48. Former Pittsburgh Pirate Jay Bell hits 41. Willie McGinest of the Patriots is 35. Shareef Abdur-Rahim of the Sacramento Kings is 30. Maybe I shouldn't have done birthdays today, that's a joke of a list. In #basketball news, we have King Rahl celebrating his 25th, so wish him a big one if you see him online.

2. This part of the 3 Quick Thangs comes courtesy of The_Freak's findings. Dumb and Dumber: Lots of funny stories in here if you're bored and have time. I'll post this one from 1993 in Texas (like that Yvonne?) : "In December near Mineral Wells, Tex., three men who were attempting to steal copper wire off live electrical lines for resale were electrocuted. Copper wiring is a valuable scrap metal in Texas but is usually stolen from electric cables that are not being used."

3. It's time to start getting pumped up for Rocky Balboa, a.k.a. Rocky VI!


Dominik1985 said...

that's one hell of a green eyed redneck thug hoe of the week! even though these chicks aren't usually my type.

Yvonne said...

I have to represent the dirty south, TEXAS, first it was the hoe of the week and now it is the copper thiefs...what is this state coming to. oh well, "gotta love it" hope you are doing good talk to ya soon...its getting cold over here say like the 60s...