Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Can't Function

It's time for a random topic title. We go to the mean streets of Ravenswood and hit up Ashlee. She didn't come up with anything and said she can't function, so we'll go with that. Gotta keep everyone involved in the blog.. Now, here we go..

If there was ever a post that I had to search around for topics, this will not be the one. I'll have tons of things to mention in this one. Some I probably won't even get to. That's how busy things are around here and that only promises for a quality blog that we have in store. I guess I put pressure on myself there to deliver the goods in this one, so I'll see what these magical fingers can do for the readers..

First off, I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. I know I did, no complaints at all here. I'll get more into my Christmas as I write, but had to get the original greeting out there. Although I've talked to my crew who sent cards and gifts in the mail, I'm putting out a big thanks to everyone who was part of that tradition this year. It seems to grow each year and I get into sending out the cards and gifts worldwide. I'm weird like that of course.

I like to bounce all over the place, so I'll start things off on Thursday night. The setting was on Tank Hill at Posey's complex. We had a crew there and it was Nintendo Wii night on the new 56-inch TV Posey has, it rocks it out. Who all was in attendance? Posey, Scherri, Gavin, Cork, Ashley, Ashley's man Mike, and myself. We battled it out for about 6 hours. We started the night with bowling tournaments on Wii Sports. Wii Sports is ok when you play alone, but when you get a group of people together, it's amazing, no joke. Then around 1:00, most of the crew went to bed and it was left with me, Posey, and Gavin. We played tennis and it got intense. I'm talking about sweating and stuff. I know that's hard to believe, but if you've played, you know what I mean. Posey termed it Homosexual Tennis Hour. How so? We were standing there with our shirts off batting in tennis, trash talking, and screaming at each other. That sounds different I know, but we cracked up about it since we were dripping sweat playing this game. Around 2:30, Ashley wakes up and walks down the stairs and doesn't know what to think when she sees us. Classic. That and I'm sure we woke everyone up with us being loud.

Saturday I woke up at 3:15 PM, not bad. The day before, I got my last minute shopping done on Friday. It was packed, but luckily I hit the lines right and didn't have to wait much at all. That surprised me. Quick and easy at all of the places I hit up. People said I was crazy for going that late, but obviously I wasn't the only idiot out there.

Christmas Eve is tradition for our family. The crew comes over to crash at our place to get our eat on, tell some stories, watch games, and whatever else. This year we switched it up a bit. Well, the "kids" of the bunch anyways. That'll be the 20-somethings and we had some good Nintendo Wii action happening. I get enough of that in lately. We played mostly bowling as it was Cork, Alicia, Spank, Kari, Matt, Ozzie, and myself. I'm not the greatest on this game, just as I'm not great in real life bowling, but it's still addicting. My highest so far is 195, which I'll take. Spank has a 224 so far I believe and word has it that Scherri got a 244 the other day. Some of us got sore the next day is the funny part. All in all, everyone seemed to like the system a lot on first pickup. It was also good to hear from my cousin Zack that night as he was partying it up in Atlanta with the rest of our crew. He's wanting a Wii as well, but isn't having any luck getting one (Spank and Alicia are also in the hunt if anyone locally can help). We'll never grow up. 30 years old and still throwing our money to video games. We could be spending it on much worse is the way I look at it. Good times.

Santa showed up to the house. After Spank and Cork were the final two of the bunch to leave the night before, I finally went to bed at 3:30. I wake up at 10:30 to hand out my gifts to the parents and open mine. I can't complain. At this point, there's nothing major that I definitely need, but it still rocks the same walking down the steps that morning. I got some DVDs, Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS (awesome by the way), leather jacket, tons of clothes, Celtics and Notre Dame gear, wrestling shirts and books, etc. Spank hooked me up with a nice UNC stretch fit hat, props to him on that. Cork brought a nice surprise as well, Nintendo Monopoly Collector's Edition, I didn't expect that at all, it's great.

Movie time! That night, for quite some time, we've been pumped to see Rocky Balboa, or what I don't get is why they don't just call it Rocky VI, who knows. It's Rocky VI to me and that's what I'm rolling with. I've heard mixed reviews on people who have seen it. Me personally? I'm biased towards Rocky stuff anyways, but it was excellent in my opinion. If you like the old style Rocky setup, you'll like this one for sure I think. Maybe I'm wrong, but at least give it a chance. Spank was big into it and I believe Cork liked it as well. The thing that gets me is that Rocky is 60 years old and jacked out of his mind, shredded, it's nuts. Antonio Tarver, a world class boxer in real life, wasn't anywhere near as jacked up as Rocky was in this movie, no joke. Go see this movie.

Anyone out there hooked on Rob & Big on MTV? It's some quality entertainment. There really is no storyline, but it sucks you right in. You got this little skater dude (Rob) and his bodyguard (Big) and their bulldog. They basically hang out and be idiots and they got a TV show out of that. And how is that addicting? Give it a try, it's awesome.

I haven't had a Real World: Denver update in a few weeks. What has been going down? Basically what we've missed in the past two weeks is this: Tyrie plans to meet two chicks at the same club at the same time, it equals drama of course. Stephen, Davis, and Alex all go skiing, the rest of the crew isn't interested. Tyrie has Davis' (gay boy) back at the club when some dude went off on him for being gay. The week after that, they ride around a thing called the party bus. Tyrie once again is involved. He gets all up in Jenn's face for basically being a drunken slut. Afterwards, Jenn admits she has a drinking problem and is crying. We all know how that goes. So far, it's been fairly good action compared to the past several seasons. We'll see if it continues.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Remember the old Wassup commercials? I stumbled across this one that I haven't seen before:

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How are the birthdays looking? Thursday, December 28th: Baseballer Ray Knight goes for 54. Denzel Washington is turning 52. Mel Stottlemyre, Jr, another baseballer, parties for his 43rd. Tennis star Patrick Rafter, Happy 34th. That's all I have for this date that is worthy.

2. Today's Random Fact: Take your height and divide by 8. That's how tall your head is.

3. Sometimes it's tough to figure out what to plug in at the end of these posts. So that's why I often go to my buddies for help. I'm talking to Chrissy right now in the mean streets of Webster County. I gotta give her some extra thanks for the card she sent me. Not only did she do it big, but she sent a homemade card and put some intense artwork in it that was impressive. That's what the Christmas spirit is about, thanks again. :)


Anonymous said...

HAHA Ya I trying to put some good effort into that card just for ya ;) Lol and WOO I finally made the blog from the Dub C!

Kristen said...

homo tennis hour is the best thing i've heard in awhile! glad you're enjoying yourself..have fun as always.