Saturday, November 18, 2006

Santa Riding A 64 Impala

We're officially into the holiday season of the year. I love the holidays as much as the next guy, but can't we wait until Thanksgiving is here first before big action goes down? Take for example this one: I was watching TV last night after work and I see a Christmas parade going on in Wheeling, WV that they were showing live. You kidding me? That was November 17th. Thanksgiving isn't until the 23rd, yet we've already had a fat boy Santa riding through the streets in a 64 Impala? You get my point anyways. Or how about people who put their trees up insanely early? Oh well. I'm definitely in the spirit though, but let it get here first.

It's new video game system weekend and people are getting rowdy. Friday was the first sale day of the PlayStation 3. These are going for $600 and very few were being released in stores. That led to some people getting shot over being in line (true story) and fights breaking out like mad. Now that is some good entertainment. I'm not getting the PS3 though, you guys know I'm much more of a Nintendo guy. So that's Sunday's release of the Nintendo Wii. People camped out for the PS3, so I assume the same will be said for the Wii. However, more of a stock will be released for the Wii, so maybe I'll have a chance for the first day they are out. I'll be there in my bulletproof vest and ready to be in line for this madness. I'm pumped to get my hands on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. If not on the first day, hopefully very soon afterwards.

Last Saturday night it was more ping pong action and it was classic times. We started around 10:00 PM and ended after 3:00 AM. Straight pongin' and we all had good games. The funny thing this time around was that everyone was beating everyone. Not one single person seemed to be consistent all night. The first tourney was won by Buck. He plays the second tourney and is the first guy out. Go figure. Also, Mudcat only won just one game all night and he's usually one of the better players of the bunch. I left around 3:00 with just a few guys left, so I'm not even sure who won the second tourney. I wasn't on my game, but when you still get to play pong all night, watch some games on TV, and just be an all out bum, that doesn't get much better.

A quick update on local ball for those reading. We've been playing at School Square on Thursday nights, but that has ended. Why? The Jerry West kids have it booked the rest of the winter, so we have to move our operation. That means it's The Lighthouse time and we'll get back to that on Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 or whenever we end. This week however, we're changing it up. Thursday is Thanksgiving, so we're moving it back a day to Wednesday. I know Sidell is in town for the madness, so we should have a nice crew that night when we get it situated. Nolan will be in too, but he gets in late Wednesday, he'd be good to play on Friday.

Now I'm on Thanksgiving break and I'm pumped to have 9 straight days off. I'm sure it'll fly by, but the relax time should be quality. That means I ended my 6 weeks of student teaching with the little kiddies. Going in, I thought I'd hate the elementary setting, but it rocks. Those little kids are funny times. Now that I'm fully certified in all levels of special education, it's time to get back to subbing until something opens up full time. If not this year, then next fall for sure. I should be in business, we'll see. On my last day, all of my 3rd grade kids that I was in a co-teaching/inclusion class with all wrote me these cards and read them aloud. It was unexpected. As soon as I walked in, they were busting out these cards from their desk, but I didn't have a clue. At that age, you get some entertaining cards to say the least, it was good.

CD time once again. Even after the big set I added last week, this time I needed some more to fix my addiction. What'd I end up getting?

The Game: Doctor's Advocate. Wow.. That's my first reaction. Miss the days of early 90s gangsta rap? This one is for you. First, The Game tells a great story with his rap as he's not just rambling along. Second, you get big respect to the man, the myth, the legend, Dr. Dre in this one as the CD is named based on him. It's too hard to pick a #1 favorite, but I couldn't see any bad sections of the CD. Ol' English is a very good track. Also, we get the return of the mean/gangsta Snoop, circa 1992. That's in the track called California Vacation that also features Busta Rhymes. It's been a long time since I've seen Snoop bust out a verse like this, so I'll post the lyrics on it after the CD reviews..

Snoop Dogg: Tha Blue Carpet Treatment. I haven't listened to this one yet, but I'm excited for it. Snoop hasn't been the same recently, but he still has the potential and talent to bring it back old school style. One track alone that I've listened to has me excited enough. Since I'm biased towards anything Dr. Dre, he's on this CD and actually spits out a verse on the track Imagine that also features D'Angelo. It's gold.

We haven't done any lyrics in a while, so I'm due. As promised, here's the Snoop verse from California Vacation:

Check game
I'm gonna show you how to bang
Uncle Snoopy is it true you from that game
All the time neph
I gotta let my nuts hang
A chest full of chains
Left hang with a pinky ring
I'm in a Steeler cap
Swisher Sweet, pillow back
My little hood rat, baby got that mini mac
Baby got that 20 sack
Baby got plenty dat
Whatever you send us my nucca, we gonna send it back
I'm in the club getting with this snub gettin love
With 20,000 crips and 20,000 bloods and
We don't give a fuck about none of ya'll
And when you hit the city, you betta holla at the Big Dogg
I done seen niggas hit LA and get their chains snatched
Then they call me up beggin me to get their chains back
What I look like, da muthafuckin po-lice?
There's certain rules you gotta follow when you in these streets.
Especially when it comes to this Cali shit
And I ain't talkin' bout hangin in the Valley bitch.
Gangbang niggas all up in the alley crip.
On some real talk nigga
We the real West.
Bird's Video Moment of the Week: You're going to love these little thug kids going at it as the adults just let them battle. It's wrong, but you know you'll enjoy it. The language in this one will crack you up too. Kasher found us another to use.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs

1. Birthdays.. Sunday, November 19th: Calvin Klein is our oldest mention today and he's 64. Ahmad Rashad goes for 57. Meg Ryan hits 45. Actress Jodie Foster celebrates her 44th. 1992 and 1996 Olympic gold medalist Gail Devers is partying for her 40. Another 96 gold medalist, Kerri Strug, happy 29th.

2. Ohio State vs. Michigan for the National Title, even though OSU won the first matchup today. And Troy Smith for Heisman. My Irish have an outside chance, but we'd need help, plus Michigan already beat us. Then I doubt we play well with USC at USC, but you never know.

3. At 7:50 PM on Saturday night, it's 40 degrees for whatever that is worth to the fans out there.


Kristen said...

First comment, yay! Either I'm on the ball, or everyone else is too lazy..either way, oh well. Is a $600 piece of crap worth getting shot over?Well..guess people have died for less, let us know how the Wii goes. The cards from the 3rd graders have to be great...I teach that grade in Sun. I know how fun they can be..hehe. Well, take care up there, and have a great Thanksgiving.

Kristen said... other comments! Anyway..just saw where you're playing the Wii. Let us know how it goes...Glad you got you one.