Saturday, November 04, 2006

Your Memphis Sounds

November is here, for whatever that's worth to the fans keeping track at home. I know I've been due for a new post, but that's how it goes sometimes. I'm not on a time schedule here, I just pump them out as often as I can. Realistically, I try to get a post in a week, but this time around it didn't go quite as planned. You win some, you lose some. Now we're back in action and it's time to break things down as only we know how to do in here.

Not having a post in over a week, I should have some topics to dust off and different things to chat about in this go-round. I'm going to start off with Halloween. No reason I'm starting out with that date, but I'll keep everyone on their toes. During the day at work, since I'm still with the little kiddies, I got to see the latest fashions and what they were all wearing. I didn't have any idea what would be the popular costumes, but quickly found out. For the guys, I'd say the winner would be pirates as they're playing off the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, neither of those movies I've seen yet. Guess I'm missing out. There didn't seem to be a winner with the girls as no costume seemed to have a lot of people wearing the same thing. Then at home that night, I gave out candy with my boy Spank. We ran out of candy at 6:45 and had to shut down shop. My little area of town booms during Halloween time, it's a madhouse. I'm never surprised by how many of the high school kids still come out. These guys are twice my size and come up for candy, it cracks me up good.

Oh, you thought I forgot about NBA Opening Night and now that the season is here? You all know me way better than that. NBA is what I live for as when Celtics time gets here, I get crazy pumped up. Baseball and football rock, but it's no comparison at all to NBA. I realize I'm in the minority here, at least in my area, but for me it's all about being a hardcore NBA fan. There were only 2 games on TV for Opening Night on Tuesday, but Wednesday rocked it out. That's where my NBA League Pass comes in handy, the sole reason I've had my satellite for 10 years. I get every game for every team in the league, you can't beat that with a stick. I'll ramble on enough about NBA though the year, but I won't drown you in that so soon.

However, my other fantasy basketball league drafted this past Sunday. It's the league of all leagues for the #basketball crew. This is our 20-man keeper league that has been going on for a good while now. The message board for this league is like no other. I don't care how good of a fantasy league you are in, I'm laying huge bucks that your message board can't compare to ours. It's a fight you can't win. We each keep 5 players and then have a draft each year that lasts 7 rounds. Who did I end up with? My plan of action is usually to go youth and I'm happy with the team I have going into the keeper league. Surprisingly, 3 guys on my team are older than me. That's a lot older than I usually go, hah. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, here is yourrrr 2006-2007 Memphis Sounds:

1. Dwyane Wade: Miami (G)
2. Mike Bibby: Sacramento (G)
3. Charlie Villanueva: Milwaukee (F)
4. Andre Iguodala: Philadelphia (G/F)
5. Danny Granger: Indiana (F)

New Draftees
6. Rudy Gay: Memphis (F)
7. Andrew Bynum: LA Lakers (C)
8. JR Smith: Denver (G)
9. Francisco Elson: San Antonio (C)
10. Desmond Mason: New Orleans (G/F)
11. Jose Calderon: Toronto (G)
12. Travis Outlaw: Portland (F)

We're gearing up for Real World time again. Yet another crew is ready and this one will happen in Denver. What does Denver have to offer? It's different at least and the previews look real nice. A lot of drama and that's the reason to watch, simple as that. It has to be better than the last few seasons were, especially Key West and Philly. Real World: Shinnston. The characters in this town, that'd be gold for TV, people would eat it up. And you think I'm joking on that one.

I'm fired up over the Borat movie. I was getting excited to see this one. I'll have to check where the closest location is, but they took it out of a ton of theaters across the country due to complaints. Now, only 800 total theaters get it across the country and that's not many for those who don't know. Many of your big showings get around 3000 different theaters running for it. And yes, I admit to being in a fantasy box office league for movies with the #basketball crew. It's competitive and actually a fun thing to do, you'd be surprised. Each week we pick which new movie will make the most money and then we also predict the amount in millions that it'll do. Now back to Borat, it won't be shown in my area. Doh! We get screwed by not getting certain movies, it's bad times. We never get thug movies since this area is too racist and I doubt many people would go, but that doesn't mean that some wouldn't go see. Borat isn't a race thing, it's just more of a controversial storyline, but it's all in fun.

My thoughts on the WVU/Louisville game? I won't trash talk too much, but I will say that I'm way excited that some of the fans around here just got their mouths shut up. WVU has a great team, I'll even say that and I'm not a fan. However, no matter what their team is like, a lot of people around here think they are the world's best and all of this junk. I had to hear it all day at work on Thursday and how pumped everyone was and they were writing off Louisville. They got on me for not wearing blue and gold. Friday comes along and they're all crying in the morning over the loss. So I wear my blue and gold and come to work decked out in Notre Dame gear. I'm not going to trash talk them, but they got the hint. I'm not saying ND is the better team, who knows, but I know that they all have their mouths zipped. Good times in E-Town.

Bully is one awesome game. I picked up this game a few weeks ago for PlayStation 2. Maybe I've written about it before, I don't even remember. It's some addicting stuff and you need to pick it up if you're a video game person. I'm about halfway through it and that's playing nonstop for a while. It's a game that you'll never get bored playing and a ton of things to keep you busy. I just got done playing it for about 7 hours straight and my eyes are about to pop out.

It's time for my latest dose of CDs to add to the collection..

Lloyd Banks: Rotten Apple. Out of the CDs I got this time around, this ranks 4th, but don't let that fool you. This is a good CD and Banks usually delivers. I didn't say it was great, but you'll enjoy the listen from an underrated player of G-Unit.

Belo: The Truth. Straight fire. This is Belo from Do Or Die fame for those who know of that group in Chicago. I had to keep listening and listening to this one as it was that good. One of my favorites of the whole year so far, it's that nice. Pick this bad boy up.

Birdman & Lil Wayne: Like Father, Like Son. Another very solid choice. I didn't get any CDs this time around that I thought were subpar. The story here for those who aren't in the know is that Lil Wayne's Dad passed away about 10 years ago. Ever since, Birdman pretty much took him under his wing (no pun) and Lil Wayne looks as him as the father figure. Some songs I like on this one include Stuntin' Like My Daddy (the single out now), You Ain't Know, Leather So Soft, and Army Gunz.

John Legend: Once Again. You want pimpin' music? You might not be able to handle this one. A smooth vibe from this talented musician. Bonus points since chicks will be guaranteed to be all over ya if you bust out some John Legend. That's my advice for the day. If you don't want to try it, that's your choice.

Bird's Video of the Week: (This is just nuts. I bet I've watched it 100 times. Then again, I'm weird and go crazy over flippy type stuff, but this is the real deal.) Thanks to Kasher for finding this gem.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. You know you spend too much time online when you get this scenario. I'm typing up this part at 4:15 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning. I'm now entering a Wyoming chatroom. I'm talking to my buddy DerekHood in Arkansas and I was joking how Wyoming gets less respect than even our states, so I figured I'd drop in to see the action. It was dead. Imagine that, but I tried.

2. Come on chicks. Isn't it about time the tramp stamp tattoos on your lower back have grown out of style? Get something original. I've preached on that a million times in here before. Or hey, better yet, get nothing at all. Imagine that. If I offend you, so be it. You're not original, so I'll call you out on it.

3. One more piece of advice for everyone? If you see loose change on the ground, pick it up. You're not too good to leave some money laying on the ground are you? It all adds up, yet most people will just look at it lying there and think it's garbage. And that's your third "imagine that" bit of the day, talk to you all soon.


DirtyKash said...

Ouch, that's rough for you that Borat's not in your area. I think it's going to be hit-and-miss, like the Michael Vick of movies: tons of awesome parts, but in the end it will fail to live up to the lofty expectations. That's just what I think, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Parkersburg is your closest bet for Borat - ManDingo

Dominik1985 said...

damn, Bully's prolly gonna be the last real ps2 game worth buying. i need that bitch as soon as possible. but i wont't be spending 50 euros for the censored German version, my gf should get me the original version. i watched the ign video review and all the mini games should hook me to that one.