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20 Questions With Thug Chuc

As promised, I wanted everyone to be patient for a while. I had been wanting to try something a little different to switch up the normal happenings around here. Things changed late in 2006 when I was in contact with Thug Chuc and through working on some ideas the past few months, we finally have something ready to go. First off, I'd like to send a big thanks Thug Chuc for the opportunity to get this out to the masses to read. It was a blast setting it up and figuring out how to put it into action.

I won't keep everyone waiting. You already know I can ramble on and on, so I'll get right at it. The idea we're rolling with is to do a 20 Questions theme and Thug Chuc holds nothing back, trust me on that one. You will soon see some insight into the man and what his thoughts are. As they say, you think you know, but you have no idea.

Ladies and gentlemen.. I present to you.. Thug Chuc!

1. Take us back to the beginning. Give a basic idea of your childhood before you jumped into the rap game.

Thug Chuc: "My childhood was interesting; and although surrounded totally in poverty, I never knew it. In my neighborhood all of the bums, drunks, drug addicts, prostitutes, and all other types of street people knew me well and loved me. I don’t know if it was because of my Great Grand Mother who was a devout church woman; or my Grand Mother who was a devout street woman; however they loved me. They would give me money for candy, sodas, etc…, but never drugs and alcohol or any wrong doings."

2. We've talked before about your accomplishments in high school and collegiate sports. For those who have not been to your website (, explain how sports played a role in your life to make you a successful person.

Thug Chuc: "Sports gave me my first father figure in the form of a coach, and also gave me an identity and respect because I was a winner. Before sports I really was ridiculed and picked on by people, except for the street people I mentioned earlier. Once people witnessed my talents, their whole attitude changed and they treated me different."

3. Who were some of your inspirations (both at a personal level in your area or family or a celebrity you looked up to) at a young age and why?

Thug Chuc: "My uncle Charles Ray???????? (I won’t mention his last name), but he was strong, athletic, cool, loved, respected, could dance, had a good sense of humor, pretty women on his team, and he was a major person in the streets, if you know what I mean."

4. I know you don't hold anything back. You go into detail on your website about your long stay in prison. Give us things that were both good and bad about that situation. In your words, paint the picture for those who have no idea what the prison system is about and what it is like going through it.

Thug Chuc: "The prison system is designed to house you, and it’s up to you to correct or rehabilitate yourself in an environment that you would not believe how negative it is. Small things that you take for granted everyday is taken away from you when you go to prison. Stuff you never even think about until it’s taken away from you. Like making a regular phone call… huh? I can’t give it justice in this interview, but I’m working on a book about it called “Jail Tales” and there is excerpts of it on my web site"

5. What is your opinion on rappers out there who "claim" to be bred from a life of crime only to find out that they are just doing it to sell albums?

Thug Chuc: "Well I can see the temptation of a situation like that, you know the fame and all and the benefits thereof; but I just hope the guy/girl who is faking it don’t get caught up in a real life situation because of it, and also realize that there could be some consequences to their reputation or to their person."

6. As you were growing up, who were some of the earlier rappers that you looked up to? Did you try to pattern your style after a mixture of any of those?

Thug Chuc: "All man L.L. Cool J was the shit in my eyes, and the first time I saw the video, I Ain’t No Joke by Rakim, I damn near lost my mind. I recorded that video and watched it over and over and over. I didn’t even go back outside to play football that day. I would say I was inspired, but I didn’t emulate their styles, it just made me wanna be a rapper."

7. What current singles are you digging at the moment?

Thug Chuc: "That’s That Shit by Snoop Dogg w/ R. Kelly."

8. Are there any certain rappers that you would one day like to do a collaboration with?

Thug Chuc: "Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, D.J. Quik, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Scareface, Jay Z, 50 Cent, and although he’s not a rapper I would love to do several songs with R. Kelly."

9. Lyrically, who do you believe is the best rapper of all time and why?

Thug Chuc: "Very hard question, hmmmmmmmm…… I have a few because I can’t settle on one and I love lyrics so…..Rakim, Scarface, Ice Cube, and I got to give it up for Ice T., you just gotta go back and listen to him bruh."

10. What is the landscape of the current rap game in the Shreveport area? Who are some up and coming cats from the area that you are high on? If there are any at the moment.

Thug Chuc: "Well it’s like this with me since ‘Port City hasn’t broke out yet so to speak, I love all Shreveport rappers and wish them success because we have enough hating going on to run over. And the current landscape could be a whole lot better because of the potential."

11. With the craze of MySpace hitting the internet the past few years, have you thought of branching out and creating your own page through MySpace to showcase your music?

Thug Chuc: "My page is"

12. Through our chats, you've noted that one of the most inspirational things you try to tie yourself up in, deals with your writings. What's your focus for that and share some of your favorite ideas over the years.

Thug Chuc: "The printed word is the best form of communication in the world and the best way one can express himself/herself to the fullest. Writing is eternal and you can leave your thoughts to generations to come. Like this one that was written about my album:"

13. As always, there is beef between the new, younger rappers with the veterans. One example is Young Jeezy going at it in a war of words with Nas. Jeezy says it's time for the new and that Nas can't be doing it forever. What is your take on each side, in general (not necessarily with Jeezy and Nas) of this beef that happens all the time?

Thug Chuc: "Beef is for sales, and if it’s not prove it. You say how? If I am so upset with someone that I have to make a song about him for all to hear, then why don’t I just go to the guy and punch him in his shit, or we can meet up and fight. Or if he wants everybody to know our business and it has to be public, shit we can fight and set it up to be on pay per view. Otherwise all of that talk is cheap. On the real streets and in prison, all of that talk will get your hat brought to you – POTNAH!"

14. Do you get a chance to travel much to showcase your music? What are some of the more memorable places you have been and how did they take to the Shreveport style?

Thug Chuc: "I travel a lot, that’s one of the reasons it took me so long to get back with you on this but, I get good responses everywhere I go, they love my flow in La, Ca, Tx, Ks, Mo, Ok, Ark, Ms. Ga, Fl, Ny, Va, Mass, Nj, Nc, Sc, and all the states I go to I have product (cd’s & videos) with me and it just confirms that I will hit, it’s just a matter of time and opportunity."

15. Who do you feel are some of the most overrated rappers out there today and why?

Thug Chuc: "Those who sacrifice song substance for that bullshit. It’s like lyrics these days don’t mean anything when it comes to songs, but we about to bring it back to the real. Like Star Wars, it’s about to be Return of the Lyricist."

16. What's the most powerful line of lyrics (from any song, including yours if you wish) that you've ever heard?

Thug Chuc: "I like all of my shit so that wouldn’t be fairly objective but, the first line in Jay Z song Lost Ones is the shit. And I quote “I heard muthafuckas sayin’ they made Hov/Made Hov say, Ok, so make another Hov/” – That shit right there is some heat for ya ass! (If you know the history behind it)"

17. What are some additions you plan to add to your website in the future? Anything the fans should be looking forward to?

Thug Chuc: "All of my progression will be documented and also videos, commercials, and anything relevant to the business."

18. Do you ever plan to get on the production side of things and either distribute your beats for someone or eventually being part of management in a production company?

Thug Chuc: "Yes because that’s an excellent way to give back, you know, if you make it or if someone give you your break, well you owe that same favor to the next guy who has potential but no opportunity."

19. Do you have any ideas for future videos that you will be shooting? Where I'm From
( was solid and I thought it showed the city and people rather well. Do you plan to go another route for your next videos?

Thug Chuc: "Of course and I don’t wanna give it all away but just know that my videos will have a concept and story line to it, and some kind of theme and not just a thoughtless bunch of flatteries."

20. What does 2007 have in store for Thug Chuc?

Thug Chuc: "No one knows the future, but I have faith in mines!!!!!!!!!"

Once again, I'd like to thank my man Thug Chuc for the interview. I had a lot of fun doing it, so I hope everyone enjoyed the read. Do me a favor and definitely check out his website (, MySpace (, and the video for Where I'm From ( Also, I'd like to give him credit for providing the pics to use in the interview, he did it big. Feel free to drop comments in here or better yet, go straight to Thug Chuc's pages and either leave a comment or email, it'd be greatly appreciated.

A hot thing that a lot of people look for at the end of my regular posts is the infamous Dirty Thug Ho of the Week. Chuc gave me a heads up and said he always cracks up at that part. I will end the interview with this chick I found on his page. Jas, in my next regular post, your chick will be going in, I didn't forget about ya. Every other section I normally do can wait till next time, but I can't forget about this:

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