Thursday, February 15, 2007

Joe Rogan & Valentine's Day Thoughts

We're back in action after last week's post. It's time to recharge and see what has been going on for the past week and what we'll be getting into soon. This is one of those where I'll have topics and opinions all over the place, so I should hopefully have at least one interesting thing in here for everyone reading. I have one that might catch people's attention on a holiday, so we'll see. Grab your bag of Doritos, crank some hot sauce on them (trust me on this), and enjoy your boredom.

Finally, it's no longer a weak winter in my area. Last year we hardly got anything which is kind of rare, but this year we're rocking it out. For the past two or three weeks, I've barely had school. If I do, it's either been a delay or they'd send us home early. You can't beat that with a stick. Then next week I only have one actual day of classes with my kids, have a field trip another day, then the other three days to just show up and play online. I'll take that.

It looks like the wheels are in motion for my crew's next road trip and I'm excited. We're rolling 8 deep on this trip and it isn't until April. We'll be hitting up Atlantic City for 2 days and then on the backside of the trip, we're rolling to DC to watch the Wiz and Bulls battle in NBA action, as both should be battling for high playoff spots. I'm not much of a gambling guy, but I'm always in for a road trip, especially with a lot of people. We'll be renting a big van so we'll have plenty of room and we'll all be together instead of taking a few different cars. Who all is part of this action? Other than myself of course, we have Ozzie, Spank, Cork, Kari, Matty Cakes, Fortney, and Abbey along for the action. Props to Ozzie for already booking the hotel (the hotel looks pimped out from the website I saw), getting the game tickets, and getting the van ready to go. That's organization at it's best, you know I'm all about that.

I'm sure late in April I'll have a blog talking just about that road trip with who knows what kind of stories. I don't look to gamble, but I have just as much fun in Atlantic City watching the big time rich boys just throw money around like water. And there's always somewhere to walk around at up there, it's impressive. I'm probably the only one on in the trip going solely for the NBA game. I don't care what kind of trip or who is in involved, if a NBA trip is part of the plans, count me in. The rest of the trip should just be icing on the cake. I'm still deciding what I'll spend my money on in Atlantic City. Being that there aren't too many single guys on the trip, a possible tittie bar trip for the few singles has to be in the works, but not sure how that'll work out. Hey, at least I'm honest. Might as well see some quality dirties instead of the bums around here. That's why I very rarely go around here.

The streak is snapped! What's that you ask? Yep, my Celtics are finally out of the losing manner. They were on an 18-game losing streak. Yeah, it was that bad. On Wednesday night, the tide was turned as they smacked around the hapless Bucks. I'll take it though. My guys are still the worst in the league, but it sure beats going after a losing streak. Greg Oden, hopefully we get a shot at you this year man. Pierce is back, so that can't hurt, but we're still awful. At least they get a break now due to All Star Weekend. Oh yeah, great branch off into our next scene..

This weekend is one of my favorites and has been since I was a little guy. First off, this year's festivities are in Vegas for NBA All Star Weekend. They're seriously going to put a bunch of NBA players and dirty skanks following them around in Vegas? That'll be lovely and nothing but pure entertainment. We need cameras rolling at all times with that action. I look for a record to be set with how many illegitimate kids will be produced during the weekend. Anyways, I look forward to three things basically. The Rookie/Sophomore Game on Friday, the Dunk Contest, and Three Point Shootout. Some quick predictions? I look for the sophomores to mangle the rookies this year. In the Dunk Contest, I look for my boy G-Money Gerald Green of the Celts to dominate, and the 3 Point Shootout winner is going to be Mikey Miller with his girly hair. Saturday night is where it's at for me. Sure, we got the actual game on Sunday, but it's become a joke recently to where they all want to be And1 and they don't take it as passionately as they did back in the day.

Here's a topic that will surely get some people riled up. There's no point of just writing all bland and plain without some real emotion behind it. You get pure honesty around here. Like I always say, I don't think it comes across as being a punk or I hope not anyways, but this is what we'll work on: Valentine's Day. If you get offended, just jump to the next paragraph because I'm bringing it here, Joe Rogan style (more on him later). Yep, we had that action go down on Wednesday. I never have a problem with this day. I rarely have to spend money on it anyways and I can't complain about getting candy. Cadbury Eggs are out! They're only THE greatest candy in the history, I will not argue that. Candy is my weakness. Anyways, I know I'm not a chick and can't get into their heads, but the single chicks literally freak out and go totally psycho on this day because they're either A) jealous, B) say how pointless the day is when really they want to be part of it but won't admit, or C) complain about their friends being all over their dudes or chicks. "Ugh!! The worst day of all tiiiimme! This is horrible! People put too much into this day! Wahhhh!" Cry me a rivahhh. Sure, I can play that route and complain too since I'm single, but stay positive with it people. It's not going to ruin your year, trust me. Besides, the single life normally is awesome anyways. I'm sure girls see that totally different than I do, but that's my side of the story. It's a holiday that won't go away and will forever make huge bucks, so deal with it. And no, I'm not in a bad mood (99% of the time I'm pumped up), I'm just telling things how they truly are, that's what you get around here. I hit all topics.

Now that we got that out of the way, I'm on a roll. I haven't talked about my workout habits lately, so I might as well touch on something with that. I'll try not to bore anyone as this shouldn't be crazy long, but maybe someone out there can take it as being useful. I've always been on and off supplements for a long time now. In a few months, it'll mark my 13th year of working out (free weights) without ever taking more than a week off at a time. I'm always proud of that. Sure, I'm no roid freak, I'm a little guy, but I still like to stay in good shape. With that in mind (and I might've talked about this before, I have no clue), I'm on a new creatine product from Pro Performance called Mega Creatine Extreme. I haven't used creatine in a while, so I was due. A lot of supplements don't settle too well with me since I have a weak stomach, but this stuff is very good. The taste isn't bad, I have lemon lime and it's similar to Gatorade. You can feel it kicking in with energy as soon as you take it. So far I'm giving it a thumbs up and it's paying off in the gym. I got off No-Xplode for a while and tried something different. No-Xplode works so good that it's scary. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing because it got you insanely hyped up for a workout like nothing else. I can't even describe it, but so far the creatine mix is working well too.

Idol thoughts? Yes, we're down to 24 after Wednesday night's show. We have 12 dudes and 12 chicks. I'm sure we'll all change our mind a zillion times on who we'll be rooting for, that's the fun part about it. I can't pinpoint it down to one person I'm for quite yet, but here are some of the ones right now that I'm pulling for. Will they make me turn on them eventually or will I stick with them? On the guys side, I'm pulling for Sanjaya, Jack Osbourne, or Beat Box Boy. The people who watch will know who I mean with those names. On the girls? It's tougher because I have it narrowed down to five: Antonella, Alaina, Lakisha, Hot Haley, and Jordan Sparks just because her dad is Philippi. If we're basing it on hotness, Antonella right now blows the rest of them away, she's incredible. And how can ya not be hot with a name like that? And if we're going on the singing end of things, Lakisha so far is on a whole different level than these other girls. That's just my opinion, I don't know much about singing of course.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. It's time to celebrate the birthdays on Friday, February 16th: Kim Jong-Il, president of North Korea is now 65. Fans of the great Team America: World Police movie will know him as they made fun of him good in that one. LeVar Burton of Roots and Reading Rainbow fame, 50. Rapper Ice-T is 49, dang. Tennis great John McEnroe volleys along for his 48th. NBA baller Kelly Tripuka is also 48, he was way underrated as one of the greatest pure scorers ever. Another NBA baller, Mark Price, Happy 43rd. Running back Jerome Bettis, 35. In #basketball news, we have Bono going for his 28th on Saturday, while Blog reader Kristen in Germany, goes for the big 21 if I'm right on that, have a good one over there. :)

2. I'm getting in another video in here because this is well worth it. Thanks to Blahah of #basketball fame for finding this gem. Anyone seen Joe Rogan simply OWN Carlos Mencia to his face? p0wnz! f not, you're in for a treat. 10 minutes of Mencia looking like a total fool and Rogan going absolutely crazy. YouTube has been putting it down due to copyright laws from Mencia, but we still have a link:

3. Today's fun fact? Baby robins eat 14 feet of earthworms everyday.


Kristen said...

Hey...enjoy your road trip when it gets there. I totally agree with your Valentine's thing. I dont feel sorry for single people that whine on Valentine's Day. First time in 3 years I've spent with my husband for V-day, and I know about 10 ladies that this is the first time they've ever been an Iraqi war WIDOW for Vday...cause they've lost their husband in the past year. Yep...dont feel sorry for people that have no perspective on things. ;) On a lighter note..I'm so going for Lakisha...that girl can sing. She's bigger though, so you know she cant win. Also like that Sundance kid...not sure why. Well, enjoy yourself up there..later

Dominik1985 said...

Damn, I'd love to roll with you guys to Atlantic City since I catched up big on gambling the last months. I'm finished with my business administration exams since yesterday for this term so I'm pumped up for the new baseball season, weight lifting etc. You should think about publishing your book as audio book via IRC or podcast so that we can finally found a Bird sect based on your befliefs and life happenings.

I'm not a big Valentine's Day guy either, and it doesn't matter a lot to even me and my gf, since we got all year to do fun stuff.

Kristen said...

Oh...dude...I'm crazy. You mentioned my bday...and were RIGHT about it...and did I pay attention?? NO. Well, thanks so much...and it'll be fun over here in Deutshland!!

Ozzie said...

I totally agree with the Valentine's thoughts. People think that if they don't have someone to spend that day with then they are not going to live. Cadbury eggs: Great. Best candy ever, I have to agree.