Thursday, March 08, 2007


It's been a minute, but I'm back with something new for everyone to read. There's never any rhyme or reason to how often I get a post in, but I know I'm due for one when a few people start hitting me up for some fresh material. Today's mood? Pumped up as usual, no point of being in a bad mood is what I always say. Onto our business..

Even though it's been over a week, I don't have any earth shattering stories to break in this one. But that doesn't stop the production line from running at its absolute peak. I may start a new thing and get some input from the people reading out there with some questions so we can branch out and get more of my thoughts of rambling.

How's the American Idol crew been doing? Some out there don't want to admit, but they're closet fans and we know they watch. I know I'm guilty of being hooked, but I admit it. Anyways, tonight we get some cuts going down, yet another night of two dudes and two chicks. So far (and I don't know too much about singing talent), the chicks are just demolishing the dudes in this competition. Last year overall I thought the guys were better, this year it's not close. There's only a few that I'm into so far in the dudes as seeing some talent. I'm rooting for Beat Box Boy Blake and CRich Timberlake as I like to call those guys. They're original, unique, and don't do the same things. Brandon can sing as good as any guy, but he needs something else to stay around. The chicks? This is wide open, but we have three or four that are just awesome. People first just need to get off Lakisha. She's no joke, straight brings it and is out to slice some heads, she's that good. Also vying for a spot in her range is Doolittle. Voice wise, Steph is right there too and last night I thought Gina really did her thing. If you're reading this before tonight's show, here's who I predict to get the boot: Brandon, Bald Phil, Hot Haley, and Sabrina. Sanjaya is garbage, but I feel he'll get the teenie bopper votes as well as the Indian votes, that could be big.

Another series I've been writing about in here lately is The White Rapper Show on VH1. If you didn't get to see any of this, try to catch replays, it's actually pretty good and addicting. The finale was last week and we had $hamrock taking down John Brown. The Rucker Park performances were worth seeing early in in the finale. $ham was doing his thing and in mid-rap, his grill falls out and he has to shove it back in and keep rhyming. When they got to the stage in front of the crowd and voters, $ham definitely had the stage presence. Again, check out their MySpace pages that I linked to in the last post.

Nice comment in the last one there Coop. I like to bring stuff that people might not guess and you've known me for a while and didn't know. That's when I know I'm at least being interesting in here. And to answer your comment Coop, I just like being all smooth in most places, you know how it goes. Makes me feel more comfy. Yep, I'm weird, but we speak the truth in here. Here's a good pic from The_Freak:

Video game news? I don't see any Nintendo Wii games that are out now that are a must buy, so I'll hold off on that. Instead, I went for the Nintendo DS (which I love and it doesn't get enough credit) and bought Diddy Kong Racing. A very good game and if you liked the old Diddy Kong Racing from N64, you'll really enjoy this one. The touch screen adds a ton of innovative ways compared to the old version and you got a lot of added features. It's worth the purchase, go get it. The next game I'll buy? I'm not sure. Baseball wise, there's not much out there this spring for my systems. I'm behind times in the Guitar Hero series, so I may drop the bucks and get that one day, who knows.

I am however real close to spending money on a new TV. With everyone else and their brother already in the HDTV genre, I might as well go for it myself. Currently, I'm looking at a 37 inch Vizio from Sam's Club and it's gotten some great reviews. With how my room is setup, that's going to look way big. A 32 inch may be a better fit, but for the price, I might as well load up. Plus, it's income tax time and I'm usually not a big spender anyways, so we'll go for it. Hopefully I decide to get it this month so I'll be geared up for WrestleMania on April 1st.

Speaking of wrestling, I won't harp on WrestleMania as of yet, but I'm sure I'll talk about it when then time comes. I did pick up a new book on Tuesday and it's another creation from Mick Foley, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. It came out on Tuesday and luckily I was able to find a copy at my mall. It's called The Hardcore Diaries and I can't put it down yet. For the wrestling fans, based on my early reads through this book, buy buy buy.

Monday is going to be my last day with the gifted genius kids and I'm going to miss that. I've been there since early January and it's an awesome job. The schedule was great (never kids on Fridays or if there was a 2-hour delay) as their classes would start at 9:00 and they'd be done for the day at 1:30. Outside of a lot of paperwork, there wasn't much stress to this job. It doesn't hurt when you can get a lot of bummin' around the internet time in while getting paid. Not that I don't do that enough when I get home anyways, but that's my addiction.

For the local ballers, we're trying for Tuesday and Thursdays both. Tuesday at The Lighthouse and Thursday at School Square. Both are 7:00-9:00. Tell whoever, we don't mind who shows up. Some good competition and no punks, so it's a good crew. Also, it looks like we have another trip to Shogun on Saturday night. Of course I had to say yes to the chance to hit up some excellent food, it'll rock like no other. I'm getting excited.

Just one new CD to mention this time around:

Paul Wall: Ain't No 401K For A Hustler - NBA All Star Edition. I found this one courtesy of my boy Dom from Germany. It's a 2-CD set, but the second CD is a bunch of chopped and screwed junk. I still don't get chopped and screwed, it does nothing for me, but many are into that. You get a lot of Paul Wall stuff of course, but you also get some things by Luda, Baby Huey, Lil Scrappy, E-40, Michael 5000 Watts, Slim Thug, Trick Daddy, Lil Boosie, Birdman, and others. Break Em Off, the new single Paul Wall has out with Lil Keke is on this thing. It's more of a mixtape feel as he has an official album coming out this spring, stay tuned.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today's lunch? Ham, provolone cheese, and mustard on wheat, a Hostess cupcake, a pack of Gold n Chees crackers, and two things of fun fruits (Scooby Doo & Looney Tunes) washed down with some water. I don't care how old I am, fun fruits never ever get old.

2. I still don't get how Daisuke Matsuzaka can live up to this insane hype with the Sox, but I'll be curious to see what goes down. The gyroball? Great topic there, I'm loving the info we're getting with the mysterious pitch from Japan. Does that mean the eephus will make a comeback?

3. How about a quick fact? The largest toy distributor in the world is McDonald's.


Anonymous said...

scooby snacks... the best... got one of the boys hooked on those last year... he doesn't eat the orange ones though... odd???

Kristen said...

Trust me..anyone with kids knows that there's more Mickey D's toys to step on in the middle of the night than anything! The dirty ho didnt show up as a link..:( I'm all for Antonella getting booed off the show...but now she wont, cause everyone's seen her porno pics. Hey..if you cant least show your body--that'll get you through in life! Well..have fun, take care,

Kristen said...

Ok..went to the Thug Ho of the Week. Freakin crackin up over here. She says she wants to meet"classy and interesting people"..yea...that's going to happen with those pics...LOTS of class. :)