Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bono Gets Boned!

There's a lot of action in this post to be had. I got some nice comments on the last edition, so I'll see what I can whip up this time around. Most of my comments are my crew that I talk to online since I'm on 24/7 instead of them dropping in a comment on the actual page. Either way works for me, I'm not picky, always fun getting some honest opinions. This edition will work in chats about Guitar Hero II, a new TV, fantasy baseball leagues, WrestleMania, Spring Break, Bono getting boned, and whatever else I can come up with off the top of my head.

Where to start? Guitar Hero II is as good of a place as any. From guys and girls alike, this is one addicting game. I'm not sure why it took me so long to get it, but I finally gave in and am making up for lost ground. Everyone needs to own this game, it's that good and well worth the high price tag on it. The song list on it is pretty good and you get an actual storyline to follow that is nice too. Check on YouTube and view some of those vids, they're crazy what some of those guys can do. I think most of the people I talk to are into this game, I haven't heard anyone who says they dislike it. How can you go wrong jamming to Mother by Danzig or some 80s hair bands? You simply can't, so go out there and pick this bad boy up. If you're a 360 person, it comes out for that on April 3rd.

To go along with the game, I had to finally chunk down some bucks for a new TV. Usually I'm good with my money, but last weekend I figured I'd go nuts and spend a little bit out of boredom. I decided on a 37 inch Vizio LCD HDTV flat screen. This thing is a monster in my section of the house and it's about as big as my room would fit to how it's setup. It was definitely a great purchase and I'm pumped about it. I don't have HD hooked up to it yet, but have my cables and all of that stuff to get going eventually. My old TV right beside it, we were saying how we didn't realize how small of a TV we played video games on before until now.

Here's a story I heard about at work today. Remember the punk middle school kids? This goes along with that. Apparently, at lunch today, they had gravy on something. So this one kid fires it at another boy and it gets all over his chest. The dude that got hit has real light skin supposedly, so he burnt real bad and has blisters on him. I didn't get to see any of the madness, but just heard what went down from another teacher. They haven't had paddling in schools for years, but I'm all for allowing meaningful beat downs of 7th graders, that'd do the trick. Every other grade is fine to just handle their business like they're supposed to.

Fantasy baseball time. Last Sunday and Monday I had my drafts. I'll give a list of who is in each league, who is on my teams, and things of that nature. I'll try to make it quick and not bore anyone too much on that part. I'll be talking about these teams all summer I'm sure. As far as actual baseball, me and Cork are hitting up Opening Day (not the MLB Opening Day as the Bucs are on the road) in Pittsburgh on April 9th against the Cards. It's sold out and standing room only. For as many baseball games as I've been to over the years, I don't believe I've been to Opening Day, so I'm pumped. Not only that, but we get to see a good team, be in the best stadium in baseball, and it'll be a quality trip. We had to pay a good bit of money to get the tickets, but you can't put a price on some good action.

A#BL: This is the #basketball keeper league. Kasher rocks it out by being The Commish here, it's not an easy job, and often goes without praise. He'll get it from me though. This is an 18-man league that we all keep 5 players. The rule is that you have to keep at least one batter or one pitcher. My keepers are David Wright (3B-Mets), Fat Boy Prince Fielder (1B-Brewers), Billy Hall (SS-Brewers), Johan Santana (SP-Twins), and Justin Verlander (SP-Tigers). Some of these guys are locals, some are worldwide in this most competitive online baseball league you'll ever see. As far as myself we have Cork (WV), Walz (WV), Trev (WV), ManDingo (WV), DerekHood (AR), Kris3 (AR), Big Arlo (AR), Kasher (Canada), TyLaw (Canada), Neon (Canada), TMac (Canada), Blahah (Maine), Duce (PA), Dom (Germany), Wilbur (WA), Dack (NY?), and Big Play Ray (OK?). Outside of my keepers that I mentioned, here's my 15 players that I went for on Draft Day with the 12th pick. Remember, this is a crazy deep league. Your average fan won't know many prospects that we take, but this league is the real deal, we don't joke around:

St. Paul Apostles
1. Josh Barfield (2B-Indians)
2. Ervin Santana (SP-Angels)
3. Brad Hawpe (OF-Rockies)
4. Chris Ray (RP-Orioles)
5. Brian Fuentes (RP-Rockies)
6. Josh Willingham (OF-Marlins)
7. Ryan Shealy (1B-KC)
8. Jose Lopez (2B-SEA)
9. Chris Capuano (SP-Brewers)
10. Ronny Paulino (C-Bucs)
11. Lastings Milledge (OF-Mets)
12. Khalil Greene (SS-Pads)
13. Jason Hirsh (SP-Rockies)
14. Termel Sledge (OF-Pads)
15. Marcus Thames (OF-Tigers)

Now onto Shinnston's Finest Fantasy League. This is our local money league in which Ozzie is The Commish of. We have ten members apart of this madness and it should be great. Outside of myself we have Ozzie, Cork, Sweet Pea, Fortney, Walz, Bowers, Posey, Jimmy Mills, and Maulberry. I had 5th pick and this is what I ended with:

E-Town Junkies
1. David Wright (3B-Mets)
2. Grady Sizemore (OF-Indians)
3. Roy Oswalt (SP-Astros)
4. Ichiro (OF-Mariners)
5. Roy Halladay (SP-Jays)
6. Huston Street (RP-A's)
7. Felipe Lopez (2B-Nationals)
8. Chris Ray (RP-O's)
9. Delmon Young (OF-Rays)
10. Ryan Shealy (1B-Royals)
11. Justin Verlander (SP-Tigers)
12. Josh Barfield (2B-Indians)
13. Nick Markakis (OF-O's)
14. Ramon Hernandez (C-O's)
15. Howie Kendrick (2B-Angels)
16. Rich Hill (SP-Cubs)
17. Stephen Drew (SS-DBacks)
18. Josh Willingham (OF-Marlins)
19. Kei Igawa (SP-Yankees)
20. Troy Tulowitzki (SS-Rockies)

I keep my style that I normally go with for those who know me. I tend to have the youth movement as I'm not big on older guys one bit. Sure, the kiddies can get hurt too, but I'd rather go for potential and youth rather than some old has-been. Agree or disagree, that's my style. A decent bit of players I have on both teams. I'm gambling on a bunch from Ryan Shealy, he has capabilities to be a big masher. Then I have my boy David Wright on both squads, he's already one of the league's best. I feel my pitching in both leagues is pretty scary. That's on paper though, we'll know what they can do once the games begin.

Sunday night I'm getting pumped up for. Why's that? That is the night of WrestleMania 23, from Detroit. There for about an 8-year stretch or so, I got every pay per view there was. Due to lack of interest in my crew (not enough guys to get together to pitch in money) and with WWE running way too many PPVs, I've slacked on getting them nowadays. Instead, I waste my wrestling money on DVDs like a madman. It's an addiction. I'm looking forward to Mania though, as it's THE thing to see as far as wrestling goes. How about some quick predictions so you can write me and tell me how bad I was off:

Benoit (C) vs MVP. US Title Match. I'm going with Benoit here. MVP isn't good at all yet, but with Benoit, he'll be made to look great.

Kane vs The Great Khali. Ugh, this match is going to be soooo slow. Bathroom break. I'll pick Khali.

Melina (C) vs Ashley. Women's Title Match. The only way I see Ashley getting this is just due to her doing Playboy. The pics weren't bad at all, but nothing that we all haven't seen before. I'm going Melina here just because she has way more of a character and can actually wrestle.

ECW Originals vs New Breed. 8-Man Tag Match. I'm a huge fan of big tag matches with a lot of people. Somehow those seem to usually do well. The ECW guys are beat up and don't get a push. The New Breed, the average person doesn't have a clue who they are. Tough call, but I'm going with the New Breed (even though my heart is with the ECW crew) and hoping that Ariel gets naked. Hey, I'm honest.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The winner of this can cash in a world title match within the next year. This is what I'm looking forward to the most. In this match we have Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Booker T, CM Punk, and Edge. That should be an awesome match if they do it right. My pick here to win is going to be Mr. Kennedy.

Hair vs Hair Match. Umaga vs Bobby Lashley. If Umaga wins, Donald Trump gets his head shaved. If Lashley wins, Vince McMahon gets his. I can't see Trump having to shave his head, although he definitely needs it. Lashley is the pick.

Batista (C) vs Undertaker. World Title Match. Batista is a bum as far as in the ring goes. I think Taker keeps his undefeated streak going at Mania to become new champ.

John Cena (C) vs Shawn Michaels. WWE Title Match. Funny last week on RAW when HBK finally turned on Cena. The crowd also turned on Cena. HBK may have the momentum going into the show, but I have Cena retaining.

Another week of work and I get to be a bum for 11 days straight, that'll rock. I get next Friday off to start my spring break. During break it's the Bucs game with Cork. I'll also hit up a few days in the mountains with the parents to get my fish on and just to get away. Then back home for a day or two to play some ball. Then, off to Atlantic City with the crew and Washington DC on the way back home to see an NBA game. I'm a busy boy, but it has to be done. I'm sure I'll have enough things to ramble on over the next few weeks in here, no problem.

Lloyd: Street Love. This one I haven't heard yet, but a few singles on this thing are nice. Plus you can't go wrong with a CD that features Lil Wayne. Sure, he's no Nate Dogg to guarantee an instant hit, but Lil Wayne gets it done. Want some pimpin', get on the Lloyd wagon.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: (A must watch. The Lobstah guys already know, but if you haven't seen, you're in for a treat. I promise you'll be watching it over and over and over.)

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays for Friday, March 30th: Dick Tracy Warren Beatty, he's now 70. Rocker Eric Clapton, he's jamming to his 62nd. Stop, Hammer Time! Yep, none other than MC Hammer, Happy 45th. Steve Sanders, a.k.a. Ian Ziering, 40. Playmate Donna D'Errico, she's partying it for her 39th. Singer Celine Dion, also 39. Singer Norah Jones, 28.

2. The legendary Bono of #basketball fame. He missed our fantasy baseball draft last week with no explanation until later that night. Here's what went down, courtesy of The_Freak:

Bono: man, i totally no showed the #balls baseball draft today
Bono: whatever. the choice was balls draft or losing my virginity. i chose the latter
The_Freak: Was he a virgin too?
Bono: ha no she was a 38 year old married woman in a bad marriage
The_freak: Thick mustache?
Bono: yeah

3. Today's fun factoid? "Some species of kangaroo can produce two different types of milk at the same time from adjacent teats to feed both younger and older offspring." Teats huh? Go figure.


Anonymous said...

ED ... How do you leave off the b-day list one of EDDFL's own, an OG of 606, and Father Karl's illegitimate son, Flee Diddy, who turns 28 today.

Dominik1985 said...

Wow Bird, I'm impressed, that's the meanest thug hoe I've ever seen on the internet. She's looks really authenic and dirty - that makes one hell of a thug hoe. Not that Eye Candy out of XXL but a good Trina clone.

Not Kate said...

Way to go, Bono! I knew this day would come.