Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Skipper's Treat

So I'm sitting here at "work" and figured I'd get some blog action rolling on the good ol' world wide web. What shall we talk about in this one? As usual, just be patient, I'll have stories upon stories (true ones at that). Now that I have you in the palm of my hands, just kick your feet up and enjoy the show, or words if you will, and see what it can do to cure your boredom.

I went to Wal-Mart with Spank the other night after eating Japanese. I'll have stories on the Japanese trip, so don't worry. I had to pick up a copy of Borat since it came out last week on DVD. For some reason, it was only $14 instead of the full price, so I wasn't complaining. If you haven't seen Borat yet, you're totally missing out, plus the extra footage on here is hilarious. Anyways, at Wal-Mart, you go up to pay at the counter, and if you buy a Rated R movie, it beeps for them to check ID. I kid you not, they check me a lot for that. The chick looks at me and says that she thinks I look 17, so she'll take my word for it and let me buy it. That's when Spank says, "Dude is like 30 years old!" The chick didn't know what to think and asked me if Spank was telling the truth and how old I really was. I tell her 28 and she said if I ever bought cigs or beer, she wouldn't believe me even with an ID. That cracked me up. Hopefully I can continue to keep looking halfway young for a while. Like I always joke with, I have kids in class that have full grown beards when I can't even grow a true beard. Sad, I know, but we tell the truth around here.

You know what time of season it is now? Yep, you guessed it. Girl Scout Cookies! I just got my order in a few days ago and have been rocking it out ever since. Samoas are the downfall of me around this time of year. I can easily eat an entire box like nothing of those bad boys. I like the other kinds, but they can't compare to Samoas in my opinion. So far I've bought 5 boxes of Samoas and I'm sure I'll end up getting more. Cadbury Eggs and Samoas at the same time of year? You serious? That's about as good as it can get for a person.

Now it's time for the Japanese trip to Shogun. We're totally hooked on this place and this was yet another eventful evening. Our crew hit this one up on Saturday night. There were seven of us along for this one and they were Spank, Ozzie, Maulberry, Ferris, two people from Sears that Ozzie and Maul work with, and myself. My order? I may not change this one for a while but I went with filet mignon and scallops. The difference in their regular steak and filet is in another world. You get the filet for the same price here too is what confuses me, so I looked at that as ripping them off. We had a new cook and he was entertainment. The cook was dishing out some ginger sauce for us to dip in. While he was doing that, he was putting in some joke about Mary Ann and Ginger. That's when Ozzie pointed to Maul and said that the Skipper was at the other end sitting. Uh oh, an open hole for the cook to totally bash someone. He was ragging on Maul all night and Maul was getting pissed. The cook told him that he was scaring him after a while, but it was getting a huge laugh out of our bunch. The cook would throw eggs shells into Maul's drink, mess with his food, and do the fake ketchup bottle trick. It reminded me of one of those comedy roasts where the guy gets laid into with joke after joke. And Maul is the type that wasn't thinking it was funny at all, so that to the rest of us, made it quality times. All in all, a good time for everyone, I think even Maul would agree at night's end. I'm ready to go again.

The NCAA 64 Tourney is upon us starting on Thursday. We had a bum game on Tuesday night (the pointless play-in game), but that doesn't count. To make things quick, I'll give my predictions which I'm sure won't end up too great, but it's always fun to play in a few pools each year. I'm also one of those guys that has one bracket the entire way. I never did understand people who pick a zillion different brackets. Then when some trashpile team pulls an upset, they act like they knew all along it would happen. Get out of here people, just pick one and if you do great, fine. If not, deal with it, it's all in fun. I'll give my Elite 8 as a starting point: Florida, Notre Dame, Kansas, Indiana, UNC, Georgetown, Ohio State, and Texas A&M. After that, my Final Four will be Florida, Kansas, Georgetown, and A&M. At the end, cutting down the nets, I have Kansas taking down A&M, to the tune of 75-67. Any crazy upsets? My big one is Long Beach State (LBC!) going to the Sweet 16. I also have Arkansas, Oral Roberts, and Illinois as upset specials. I'm due for a good year, let's get this thing started!

The wheels are in motion for my 10th reunion this summer. We're setting it up for August and hope to get a bunch of the epic Class of 97 on board. If that doesn't make me feel old, nothing will. I'm excited to see a lot of people that will come out of the woodwork though, should be interesting to say the least. Blog commenter C-Note will be part of the festivities as he's one of the crew of us getting a hold of everyone. And me, to a guy who could care less about dances and stuff in high school, being excited for a reunion sounds weird, but I'll be there decked out to get my pimp on, you know how it goes.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs: A classic Ali G clip here,

1. Here's a weird combo I had for dinner tonight, but it did rule. A few pieces of pizza, some Rice A Roni (yep, the San Francisco treat), and a big cold glass of milk. Give it a try.

2. Let's celebrate some birthdays. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame, hair and all, turns 52. Baseballer Harold Baines shoots for 48. Underrated 1980s NBA baller Terry Cummings, Happy 46th. Fabio also hits 46, the ladies still love it. Bret Michaels, guitarist of Poison (we're hitting the hair bands good today), he's 44. Hottie Eva Longoria, she's partying with Tony for her 32nd. Rapper Young Buck, 26. That's a pretty solid crew I think, I'm happy to announce that bunch.

3. Today's interesting fact? The collecting of beer coasters is called tegestology.


Kristen said...

Pizza and rice and milk? I couldnt handle that...but apparently it keeps you looking WAY young. Apparently young girls like our guys with no beards..;) Well...enjoy the NCAA madness. I cant get into that like I can football, but I'm a big Gator fan, so I'm always going for Florida. Let me know how things go. Enjoy up there...take care.

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