Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dola Dairy Mart

What's up to the blog readers out there? It just seems like yesterday that I put a new one up. Time is flying for sure. April is here and April Fool's Day went by with no big action. I never got into the whole trying to fool someone and nobody fooled me this year, so all is cool by me. Funny thing is that I mowed grass for the first time this year on Tuesday. It got to 85 and I ended up getting sunburnt fairly good. It doesn't take much for a big whitey like me to get roasted. Now, we're supposed to get a little snow at the end of the week, go figure. 85 one day and 35 the next. Only in the mean streets..

I'm not sure anything too crazy has went down over the past week. I say that enough, but just being honest about it. Don't worry, I'll have some interesting things to chat it up about. I'll open up with some family action. No, not that type you freaks, even though you assume that since I'm in West Virginia. We roll to scenic Cunningham Run on Saturday to tear up some food and watch the NCAA Final Four games. For a little dude, I rocked it out eating way too much Tally sausage and peppers, but it's always well worth it, one of my favorite meals. It was also the last appearance (maybe?) around the family for a few years for my cousin Zack and his wife Jody. They're doing it big by going to Doha, Qatar. Now here's a guy that barely gets out of Shinnston (me) and they go worldwide for a few years. They're pumped, so I know they're making a good choice. My Mom has a thing on her bulletin board by our phone with where they are going written on it. On first glance at "Doha", I thought it said "Dola". This may only pertain to the locals, but they should've moved to Dola, West Virginia, after being in Houston, hah. That'd be culture shock for sure. I gotta respect Dola though since my Jerry West jersey of those days hangs in the rafters of Dola Dairy Mart, or I wish anyways, but it's been a running joke for years, so I always say it.

Another thing on the family gathering of that night was Big Ashton, cousin of mine. Dude is like 2 years old and has a beer gut, it's great. Most little babies are all the same to me, nothing too exciting. You say how cute they are and all of that mainstream stuff just to say it. What else can ya tell someone about their baby? But he was doing his thing that night, wobbling around, knocking into things and was some entertainment, and this from a guy who usually doesn't think much of babies (I'm sure I will one day), but he's a good one. He looks like he can bust some heads. He'll grow out of that gut though, but he wasn't over there whining 24/7 (maybe that's one reason I'm not great around babies, or at least the wee little ones is when they don't shut up), so thumbs up to Big Ashton for that.

11 days off in a row coming up and of course I'm pumped up. Instead of actually being a total bum and living on the internet for 11 days, I'll actually have some road trips going on. I wrote about that in the last blog, so I won't review that again. I'll write about the happenings from those trips when they happen, but just be patient, you know how I do around here. I'm not sure when the next blog will be. I may be able to squeeze one in next Thursday since that's a hole that I'd be home for. We'll see, I like to keep everyone on their toes.

Anyone get WrestleMania 23 this past weekend? I won't keep you long with it, but I was able to do pretty well on my predictions. I only had one that I missed this time around, when normally I'm all over the place. It's not as easy to predict as you may think. The match that I didn't get right was the ECW Originals taking on the New Breed. Overall, a nice show I thought. There were only two bum matches. That was Kane against Great Khali (in what I was sure to be brutal to begin with) and the chicks match (but at least it was quick). My favorite match was either the main event of Cena and HBK (surprised this one was to this level, but it delivered) and also the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, those guys took beatings.

Baseball has started and I'm pumped up. A good time of the year for sports in my opinion. We got NBA winding down and coming into playoffs in a few weeks. We also get the NFL Draft later in the month on April 28th and 29th. Outside basketball, possible softball being played, and whatever else goes down. Speaking of playing ball, the past few weeks, my crew has had some big injuries. Luckily (now that I say this, watch me mangle myself soon, I really hope not), I've been very fortunate over the years to not suffer any major injuries while playing ball or working out. Spank and Booger tore their ankles up pretty good last week. That happened on Tuesday. Thursday rolls around and Booger shows up with a purple foot and toughens it out for a few games. We don't have much sense, but that shows how much we like to play. Spank was even on crutches for a few days for his and somehow played on Tuesday of this week. I've always wondered how a lot of my buddies can ball in low tops. I'd mess my ankle up good with that. At least wrap it up, but they know their bodies I guess.

You know what fires me up? I know I'm not the only one with this gripe either. That would be printer ink. You can get nice deals on real good printers for not too crazy amounts of money. But what gets you is when they bait you in to buy new ink cartridges. For mine, it takes a thing of color and also one of black. Each of those go for no cheaper than $30. That adds up quick if you print a lot. I've tried getting some off brand ink, but it didn't do as well for me, so I stopped going that route. Ink can't be expensive, but I guess it's like getting gas for your car. Nothing you can do about it, we still have to pay it regardless. They need to start putting printer in on the black market, have some thugs hawking it off for dirt cheap.

Currently I have 31 bookmarks on my browser. I'm not sure if that's low, high, or whatever. I figured it was random enough to make the mention though. Nothing too out the ordinary that I can think of, the usual. Sports sites, a lot of wrestling things, a bit of porn (90% of people look at it, I don't care what people say or admit), a few gaming sites, rap stuff, etc. I try to branch out, you know the deal.

On a sidenote, who's the chick in the new Right Guard RGX commercials? Is she a nobody or has she done stuff before? Now that's some quality if you're wanting my opinion on the situation, top notch chick. I'm a sucker for long dark hair anyways, but she gets it done. There are 3 of them out that she's in, 2 they have on the website. and

A few good comments last week. Clark, I remembered Fleece's birthday when I talked to him on the phone a few days before that. Not sure why I didn't remember to put it up in the blog though for the masses to read. Dom, glad ya approved of last week's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week. To that he said, "Wow Bird, I'm impressed, that's the meanest thug hoe I've ever seen on the internet. She's looks really authentic and dirty - that makes one hell of a thug hoe." And Coop, I like that you're pumped for Bono, was a big day for him. I'm sure you'll get a chance to chat it up with him soon. Maybe he'll make the trip to New Zealand and come after you next. :)

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: I'm loving this one. It cracks me up when the crowd gets into the dude dancing, great stuff:

Bird's Song of the Week: I know most reading probably aren't into rap, but that's how it goes around here. I'm posting it anyways. Fabo is back in action after taking a little time off. Here's his new video, Diamonds:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How are the birthdays looking? I'm going to step up to Friday this time, April 6th. Country singer Merle Haggard, he's doing his thing at the age of 70. Actor Billy Dee Williams, he's also going for 70. If Bob Marley were still around, he'd be 62. Actress Marilu Henner, she's nearing getting up there, 55. Jason Hervey, Wayne Arnold of Wonder Years fame and also had a role in backstage WCW happenings in the 90s, he turns 35. Candace Cameron, DJ Tanner of Full House fame, 31. Not an A+ level, but it'll work this time as we hit from all angles.

2. This kid in my area, he's in 8th grade and stands 6'8" or so. That's just ridiculous. Seeing him walk through the halls with these tiny middle schoolers around him is definitely a sight. Whether he'll has real b-ball talent, we'll find out in a few years I'm sure. Either way, that's a freak.

3. Let's go with something you may or may not know: Only female mosquitoes bite and drink blood. Feast on that knowledge I drop on your heads until next week.


Not Kate said...

Cheers for putting that idea out that ....

Here's a vaguely relevant anecdote involving basketball and dating:

I'm actually working on getting a guy I met in the weekend to make a move on me. Get this - we met at a party talking about oldschool basketball. We were talking about user-names and passwords and one guy said he always used basketball players and #s, like Shaq32. I said - hey, I've done that, but mine's a bit more obscure.

And they tried to guess who it was. And they couldn't. I told em it was an 80s player. Then I told them it was someone from a championship team. Then I said he was at times known for decent 3pt shooting. Then I said he was also a great defender, all-defensive team..... then I said about his socks.... They were throwing out all kinds of old-school players like Rambis and Moses Malone and Danny Ainge....

A few minutes later one of the guys realised and said he felt like an idiot :) But I impressed the heck outta him with my oldschool knowledge. I've wrangled for a bunch of us to go to a local basketball game in a couple of weeks.

I always knew my basketball trivia would come in handy for picking up guys one day :) Maybe not #basketball guys.....

Not Kate said...

Oops, 'putting that idea out there' not 'out that'.

Bet you were all amped thinking you had two decent comments - tricked you.

Kristen said...

Yknow...I completely agree about the ink. We have a heck of a printer...but we have to get 4 cartridges for it each time! Ouch! Well...have fun up there this week.

JD said...

you should think about getting a laser printer. you can get one from staples for under 100 bucks now. especially if you just want to print alot of stuff in black and white. toner isnt cheap either but it lasts a lot longer than ink. hope you're pimping it up in the AC this week. - ManDingo