Sunday, January 30, 2005

"Tomorrow. Noon, At Our Field. Be There, Buffalo-Butt Breath."

We have some hot topics to get with here today. January is about over and that’s kind of surprising. At least to me, it’s going pretty fast. Here’s a few stats to open things up. Today marked 29 straight days since I haven’t had a piece of candy. I finally broke that streak just a bit ago actually, so it almost went a month, something unbelievable for me. Also this month, I have now went a whopping 4 years without having a drink of pop. I’ve talked about this one for a while, but I’m proud of myself for this feat. It’s not as tough as I thought it’d be upon first try. Every now and then I feel myself wanting a Cherry Coke or Mr. Pibb, but I hold off. I’m a rock I tell ya.

Saturday night I went to the Fairmont State games with Ozzie and Mudcat. First, we got to see the chicks team of Fairmont, who are currently 10th in the nation. I’m not big on chicks ball, but it’s free, so I’ll check it out. Is there any girl out there who hasn’t mangled their bodies somehow playing sports to where they have to wear 16 different knee and ankle braces? It’s like they’re as brittle as can be, tough to see. Anyways, a lot of missed layups here, even on this level. Fairmont has a few real good chicks though in senior Erica Rome and junior Ashley Reed (who I probably messed up her spelling, but oh well). They lit stuff up in this one in their win over West Liberty. Reed’s calves are about 4 times the size of mine, she’s thick for a guard. Then the boys action began. The locals were in support since Lincoln grad Adam Southern was in the house and Cody Loughery of Grafton, both playing for West Liberty. Southern started and had a pretty big game of 17 points, 15 of those off of 3 pointers. This game was intense towards the end though. First, with about 10:00 to go, Fairmont was up by 17 and on cruise control. Then it got all rowdy and West Lib eventually WON the game. Fairmont choked something awful. A few other thoughts to mention from the game:

Fairmont has this dude who wears a full t-shirt under his jersey and it’s about 4 times too big for him. The arms literally go down to near his wrist and it’s crazy baggy. Due to that, we called him Sleeves all night, he was a sight. I guess he thought he was thuggin’ and buggin’ since the Feaster Center was filled with some gangsta thugs. Also, a few delays in the game. One was a big Gatorade cooler tipped over onto the court. Ice and Gatorade was all over the place and it took a while to clean up. Then the shotclock stopped working, so the PA guy actually had to let us know how close they were to the buzzer. That’s straight old school there. I got my money’s worth on the last few minutes of the game though, as a lot of bows were being thrown, technicals, and it got mean. That and it got me out of the house on a Saturday night, not bad. A quick thing I almost forgot about. Grafton brought along a HUGE crew of little kids who had to sit above us. They didn’t do anything all night but run up and down the aisle a zillion times. Then, they’d chase all of the players that were in the gym to get their autographs. Funny to see kids getting autographs of Division-2 guys who they don’t even know. To top that off, they even got autographs from cheerleaders and the event staff, no lie. Mudcat was even asked for an autograph. And does it get any better for the locals than seeing T-Smooth Travis Sinclair sign autographs?

College Hill 2 started this week on BET and they didn’t mess around with the first episode. If you’re into some huge drama and haven’t seen this show before, you are seriously missing out. These thugs get it done. We don’t get any stupid storylines of how Big Willie Style is going to find his next gay lover or how Sarah has about as much self confidence as my right pinky. I’d run through characters, but that’d take a while. This one dude runs around the house naked and tells everyone how big his cack is. That and he’s drinking as much as he can. Then we get this dude and girl who dated not long ago, but they didn’t know they’d be on the show together and there’s already some conflict. Mix that in with a few goody goody girls and you can’t go wrong. What a mixture we have here. We even have a thug who listens to whitey music, go figure.

I was at work the other day at the transitional middle school for the county. This is where the regular schools send the supposedly crazy bad kids since they can’t handle them. I get along good with this crew though. At least they weren’t nuts around me and it made for a smaller class. Anyways, in the afternoon, they watched Summer’s End. I’ve never seen this one before, but it’s an awesome movie. It stars James Earl Jones who is living in a whitey town and faces all kinds of racism. Then a local 12-year old whitey boy starts to hang and respect him. Nobody else in the town does, but it builds from there. I won’t spoil anything, but check this one out if you get a chance. It was a made-for-TV movie, but I’m sure it’s out there since the teachers I was there for had a copy of the DVD.

Then the next day, I worked at another middle school. Special Ed again and I literally had one kid for probably 75% of the day. Tough day there huh? He basically hung out on the computer. I got to play some ball that day too and get paid for it, so I’ll take that. It also didn’t hurt things that I worked with an aide in the class who was a total MILF. I’m bad at guessing ages, but I’ll roll with the early 40’s range. This chick plays tennis 3 times a week and had me impressed.

Saturday it was haircut time and that always means it’s usually classic stories from the world’s greatest barber. Well, not in the haircutting sense, but in the storytelling sense and getting your money’s worth. He drops the f-bomb more than gangsta rappers would and he doesn’t care who hears him which is the great part. “Motherfuckin’ goofy fuckin’ bastards!” was one thing he screamed as he got off the phone with one of his customers. That was a few minutes after I had sat down, which I knew it’d end up being a good day. We got to talking about WVU basketball and I asked if he’d been to a game at The Coliseum lately. He said he never has. “No point in driving down there in that fuckin’ crowd when I can sit on my couch at home and watch. And if I went to a game where it was easy to get a ticket, that’d mean they would be playing fuckin’ junk teams. Fuck that!” It’s worth the time just to go in there and hangout. Thumbs up from me.

I’ll end with some wrestling news and predictions. First, in a bit of bad news for me, one of my favorite wrestlers, Rob Van Dam will be out of commission for 6 months or so an ACL injury that requires surgery. Maybe he ripped it out of socket doing his splits between chairs. Who knows. Who knew? Anyways, today is Royal Rumble day, so let’s get our quick predictions out of the way:

Triple H (World Champion) vs.Randy Orton. World Title Match. I’m taking the champ to retain in this one so it could set him up to defend at WrestleMania. I just don’t think Orton is ready to hold the belt going into Mania.

HBK vs. Edge. I’m taking Edge here since he’s paid his dues and it really doesn’t do a lot for HBK if he wins this one. Win or lose, HBK is still going to be over with the fans. Edge, who I’m not big on, would be better off winning this match for storyline purposes.

John Bradshaw Layfield (WWE Champion) vs. Big Show vs. Kurt Angle. Triple Threat WWE Title Match. Since it seems Vinnie Mac is all over JBL’s nads, I’ll take JBL to retain in this one so he goes into the next PPV as champ since it’s a SmackDown-only deal. Rumor has it that he may face Big Show at that one in a Barbed Wire Match. Hmm.. These two have no experience in that type of match.

Undertaker vs. Heidenreich. Casket Match. This match I hope just doesn’t even happen. It’s worthless. Heidenreich doesn’t deserve a push right now and Taker has been in too many of these types of matches. I don’t care one bit about this match. I’ll pick Taker though, but it’s going to be bad. Worse than bad.

Royal Rumble. Oh yeah! This is what I’m talking about and what makes it the best Pay Per View of the year. Hopefully we get an element of surprise, but I doubt it. Either way, this match always delivers. I’ll go with Batista here and see if they go the route of Triple H facing Batista at Mania, although they may do a 3-Way Dance with Orton involved. Or what?

Since I got the cussing barber tirade in, I might as well end up with some mean rap. Talk to you guys soon.

Group – Geto Boys – Song: Real Nigga Shit – Album: The Foundation

It's on, ring the alarm
Got a full metal jacket and the P7 I'm clutchin in my palm
When the first shot ring out, the last man standin’
be the last man they bring out, ain't nobody starin’
Niggaz is gettin somewhere they know the gunner ain't for play
He got some niggaz in the parkin’ lot sparkin’ off the AK
So rat-tat-tat, tat 'til yo' ass hit the motherfuckin’ flo'
What that FaceMob lookin’ like ho?
You want drama, I'ma send it at you full speed pussy
The last of this motherfuckin’ species, push me
When it's on end your life, fuck who wrong you was right
You the nigga center stage, better go and get a stripe
Cause tonight, you fucked with big dogs but they bite
Now I'm at you with a vengeance nigga, go and grab the mic
I don't threaten motherfuckers in the booth, I'm the truth
I was out there in the hood, nigga where the fuck was you?

[Chorus 2X: Scarface]
I'm quick to introduce niggaz to real nigga shit
I don't bullshit with niggaz, I kill niggaz quick
Face the motherfuckin’ facts, you a rapper I'm a killer
I'm respected in these streets cause I'm a real-ass nigga


Anonymous said...

Its me Walz...just dont have a Username. "Sleeves" thats some name, wish I would have thought of it!

Anonymous said...

It's Walz...I just dont have a username. "Sleeves" some name there, wish I would have thought up that myself!

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