Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Oh My God! Triple H Kicked Out!

You want to know what I’m thinking right now? Actually I don’t either, but I’m due for a new post, so I’ll whip something together here in no time. The new year is starting off pretty good. Through three days of the week, I’ve only worked one day, so I’ve had some extra bum time. Tomorrow is my 26th birthday, so I’ll be getting old there. I didn’t ask for much or need anything, but my parents constantly ask me what I want, so I guess I had to pick out something. I just ordered a lot of stuff from Eastbay and want to have manicotti for my birthday dinner. I’m not too hard to please. I never did get around to ordering a pimp cup yet. I’m slacking bad on that one. Just for comedy’s sake, I’ve always wanted one of those to have around the house, even if I don’t drink. I’ll put some orange Gatorade or something in it.

I started back to work yesterday. I was used to going to bed at 6:00 or much after for most of my Christmas break. Yesterday I had to wake up at that time. Not fun times at all, especially after 4½ hours of sleep. The day was cake though. I got to play Shop teacher, like I know anything about that. At least I didn’t have to bust out any tools to cut my hands off. Basically they got to be bums and hang out. They wanted to watch Hardball, so I was cool with that. A real good movie for those who have never seen that one. I know what you’re thinking, Keanu Reeves being starred as a baseball coach? Doesn’t seem realistic, but trust me, it’s worth checking out. If you’re a wuss, you’ll cry during this movie more than likely too, but it’s good times. I’m always willing to check out a baseball movie anyways, especially one with little thugs in it from the ghetto. In random business, I see that Matrix Boy is 40, dang. Also, half of the class rumbled in Unreal Tournament as usual as this is better than porn to these kids it seems.

That same day at ManDingo High, there was a big time rumble. It’s been a while since I was near a good rumble at work. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see this one, but caught the tail end aftermath. I’ll set the tale of the tape on this one. We had one boy that was roughly 6’4”/180lbs and the guy in the other corner was 6’0”/220. I’m awful at guessing height and weight, so that will have to work for now, but these weren’t little kids fighting here. I got there as it was over and 220 had his shirt ripped off while 180 had his face busted up good. Funny to see a kid getting taken out with his shirt off. That’s just classic fighting there. Of course the kids watching it loved the scene. If I had stayed in the lunchroom for another 30 seconds, I would’ve been able to watch the madness. Yes, even teachers like to watch a good fight every now and then. I won’t ever grow up. One teacher even let them rumble he was into it so much apparently. That’s good stuff. If they’re going to get kicked out 10 days or whatever, they might as well get their money’s worth.

RAW this week was held in Long Island, New York. Most New York crowds are pretty hot, so this one was good. Could they compete with last week’s great RAW that had the Beat The Clock Night? This week started off big with Benoit taking on Batista. They’re really building up Batista and I hope it works out good. I hope this doesn’t get Benoit lost back in the shuffle though, but Batista pulls out an impressive win with the Batista Bomb. Edge and Jericho went at it next with Edge winning with help of the ropes on his pin. Kane also returned to get all up in Snitsky’s grill and setup their match for Sunday. Our main event was solid, but they may be doing it too much these days. Orton faced Triple H. Everyone in the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday faced another member in that match on RAW. We get a clean ending here with no run-ins, I can respect that. I’ll let JR tell it how it all went down:

What the hell is Edge doing? Edge is going for the Spear! Now Jericho! Jericho intercepted Edge! Edge was no doubt going to break Shawn Michaels in half! It is all out.. it’s chaos! And Jericho with that Suicide Plancha right over the top! Michaels is taking over! The referee is incapacitated. Michaels is the official now. That’s what it’s about. Shawn Michaels is the special referee on Sunday. That’s what it’s about Triple H, whether you like it or don’t like it. Uh oh.. Oh… Wait a minute! Wait! Wait! Wait a minute here! Orton is up! Orton is up! Oh! Orton with the RKO but was countered to no avail! The Game! It’s Pedigree time! It’s countered! The rollup! The rollup! Oh my God! Triple H kicked out! Oh! RKO! Orton got it! Orton got it! Orton wins the match! Orton beats The Game! Randy Orton did it by God! He beat The Game with the RKO! Just like Orton said he was going to do! I didn’t see any cheating, but the question is, will Randy Orton do it again this Sunday night? Or will it be one of the other five men who will put their heart and their soul on the line in the Elimination Chamber? One thing we know, by God for sure, we will crown a new World’s Heavyweight Champion this Sunday on Pay Per View!

Last week I announced it early. It now will be this Sunday for our next Pay Per View, WWE New Year’s Resolution. Outside of the main event Elimination Chamber (HHH vs Jericho vs Batista vs Orton vs Benoit vs Edge), we have Kane facing Snitsky, Trish locking heads with Lita, Benjamin defending the IC Title against Maven, Eugene and Regal putting their Tag Titles on the line against Christian and Tomko, and Jerry Lawler in the squared circle with Muhammad Hassan’s ring debut. I’ll give quick predictions on these six matches. I’m sure there could be another match or two added, but at the time I write this, that’s the card. In the main event, I’m taking Triple H to get his belt back. With the push Snitsky has received, it’s tough to pick him to lose here, but Kane returns for the win. This is a tough one to pick. I’ll take Trish to get her belt back from Lita as well. Benjamin and Maven I’m looking forward to (even if Maven is still green), but Benjamin wins here in an athletic match. The tag match, ugh, I’m tired of Eugene. I’d like to see Christian get a belt, but Tomko doesn’t deserve it either. I’ll go with Eugene and Regal to retain. Hussan will destroy Lawler. I have no clue what kind of wrestler Hassan will be.

A few new CDs since the last post. Nothing major, but I’m bored, so I’ll update that. I get three on this trip and am due to load up again soon in the next few days. First, we have the latest from the 504 Boyz. This is Master P’s crew and he’s with them a lot on these tracks. This is a 2002 CD and I’ve had their older one, Goodfellas, but never got around to this one. Goodfells as is famous for the song Wobble, Wobble featuring 504 of course along with P, Silkk The Shocker, C-Murder, and Mystikal. That’s a loaded up crew there for just one song. Their 2002 project is called Ballers and you’d more than likely know Tight Whips from this album. Up next I went with Busta Rhymes’ newest, although it’s not that new. I just didn’t have it before. I need to get some more Busta. This one was also from 2002 and is called It Ain’t Safe No More. This one is famous for Make It Clap (not one I was ever big on) and I Know What You Want featuring the hottest woman alive in Mariah Carey. My favorite on this CD is one called Call The Ambulance, so try to download that one. Last, I get a group made popular on BET UnCut, a.k.a. Porn Hour, called Federation. Cork and Derek will be the only guys reading this to have a clue on Federation more than likely. Derek, you know these guys with their song Donkey. Some quality chicks in that video. I didn’t expect a lot from these guys, but was surprised I even found their CD to download. They’re from Fairfield, California so they’re in the Bay Area. Some heavy hitters on this CD such as E-40, Dat Nigga Daz, and Twista.

Here’s a wild and crazy stat. One that I may not have ever done in my life. I’m on a 4-day streak without candy. I might have to get myself checked because that’s just not right. I figure one day I’ll go on this crazy binge and just go nuts on it. I know it won’t last too much longer, but 4 days for me is pretty mean indeed.

Here’s a picture that ManDingo sent me. I was cracking up good when I saw it, so I had to post it on here, especially since I’m a Pitino fan:

Real World last night. Let’s see. It can be summed up in one quick sentence. Landon is a drunken idiot. But it makes for good TV I guess. First off to open the show, Vonda is talking to Karamo about being black. She says she’s always told she acts white, but is black on the outside. I can see that with her. Then she says she can’t be oppressed like Karamo is to whites, but she says they have each other to talk to now. Nothing too exciting there. As JR would say and as Derek put in his last Blog, business is about to pick up. Landon gets home wasted after a night out with his boy MJ. He gets home and outside of the door Mel is there with her buddies from a bar that only she likes to go to get away from the rest of the house. Landon gets in Mel’s face and Mel’s buddies start telling him off. He then thinks he’s a tough guy as his roids kick in and he wants to whip them all by himself. These guys weren’t big, but they were weird looking tatted up dudes. I don’t think he wanted a piece of them to be honest. Then Landon goes in the kitchen and puts a knife in his back pocket. As he’s walking to the crew to cut them up into little pieces, Karamo takes him and walks him back. Then Landon gets a few more knives and starts playing around with them before putting them away. He’s Ninja Gaiden! Next week Mel gets some kind of rash that she doesn’t want to talk about because she says it’s gross and it shows the crew freaking out when they hear. Maybe she has herpes or something. Hard to tell with some of these dirties. Then they get news of where they’ll take their trip to.

You got some fighting, movie talk, music, wrestling, Real World, and a few random items in this edition. I hope that holds ya down for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Happy Early Birthday!!


Anonymous said...

It's already mignight over here in Germany, so Happy Birthday fella! Keep up that good work on blogspot.

cya @ Lobster & AIM

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Bird! Since I don`t see ya around very often..thought I would say it here!

DirtyKash said...

Funny Pitino picture.

Cork said...

Awesome Pitino pick, thats freakin hilarious. You guys should send that to BSG, I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it.

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