Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Oh My God! Goodnight From Charlotte!

Here’s a different type of story for the pet lovers out there. My cat Yogi, who is now almost 16 years old has been missing for a week. It’s been known to wander around and leave for a few days, but it always comes back. I had some hope out, but it has never been gone for this long of a period. We thought it possibly just went away to the woods or something to die off or maybe something got it. While I was hanging up in my room online (imagine me being online) my Mom yells at me to come downstairs. When I go down there, a neighbor is standing at our door holding our cat. What? The story is that Yogi got underneath the neighbor’s house and got stuck. The neighbor heard the cat down there, so went to check on things. She had to bust down some piece to get the cat out of there. 7 days without water and food. That’s gangsta. Yogi came home and tore the food and water up like it was gold.

“No matter what happens, don’t flinch.”- Buddy Lee

Saturday night was a good time. As far as basketball goes, it is about as nice as it gets. 13 NBA games were on tap that night. Count em, 13. That’s 26 of the 30 NBA teams scheduled for one night of play. Boston wasn’t on that night though, but to be able to flip through 13 games is heaven for an NBA guy like myself. As I type this, Boston is now 7-9. One game we’ll look great and the next 3 we’ll fall apart. It’s to the point that our coach busts out this quote:

"This team is one execution away from being a very good basketball team."

Oh really? That’s pretty much admitting that your team isn’t that great, so he says a stupid line like that. Just keep it to yourself Doc. It even got to the point to where he benched our star player, Paul Pierce, for not running hard on a fast break. I like that mentality though. Maybe that’ll bring some fire to the team, but we still need a lot of pieces on this team other than Pierce carrying the crew on his shoulder each and every night.

Props go out to Cork for coming back from a shopping trip in Parkersburg and surprising me with a little gift. He loads up on a GameCube WaveBird, one of the greatest inventions evarrr, for only $15 and it was one of the platinum editions. If you’re clueless to what a WaveBird is, it’s a wireless controller that works even if you’re behind something. Now we have a few WaveBirds at the compound, so no more getting tangled up in cords. It’s definitely worth the buy if you’re a video game person.

Speaking of video games, we’ve been on a Nintendo 64 kick as of late. The wrestling games for this system are just out of the world. Even to this day, they stack up against the new wrestling games. The control on WWF No Mercy (gets my vote for best wrestling game of all time) and WrestleMania 2000 is top notch. Last night I won a nice eBay auction to where I ripped this dude off. Or so I think anyways. I loaded up on four N64 wrestling games, tax included, for only $12.84. You can’t beat that with a hickory stick. As part of the deal, I loaded up on ECW Hardcore Revolution, WWF War Zone, WCW/nWo Revenge, and WCW/nWo World Tour.

Big ups to The_Freak for providing me with this Triple H pic from of old:

RAW was last night and it was “ran” by Jericho. He jammed with his band Fozzy, which is always funny to witness. “Don’t you wish you were me!” Jericho can’t sing at all, but I think that’s what makes it entertaining. Vince struts out to say that due to the controversy with the World Title last week, he’s making the title vacant. It looks like Maven has turned full blown heel, which I hope adds an edge to him. Simon Dean, better known as Nova in his ECW days, debuted in the ring for the first time on RAW. He’s a pretty good wrestler, I just hope they use him right. While I’m hitting random RAW thoughts, Christian’s outfit that Jericho made him wear tonight was hilarious as he put him in a Captain Charisma costume. Benoit and Jericho teamed up against Triple H and Batista. Dissention with HHH and Batista? That’s what they have us thinking anyways. Benoit is cheered everywhere, but not tonight. He busted Flair on the outside and the Charlotte crowd booed him big time. Flair is literally God in Charlotte. HHH went on a chair swinging spree, as he busted everyone, and even accidentally got Batista. Interesting.

Our main event was, get this.. a chick’s match! What? How is that good for ratings? I will give them some credit though as it was a good match for chicks wrestling standards. It was Trish against Lita. How about Lita almost breaking her neck on a Suicide Dive to the outside? They showed replay after replay and it was brutal. Lita beats Trish for the Women’s Title. But what you really want to know is what JR said to this melee:

All or nothing with the Moonsault! The Moonsault! By God Lita did it! Lita did it King! I can’t believe the effort, the heart, that both women displayed! But Lita tonight was the better woman! Lita tonight is the new Women’s Champion! No matter what she had to go through, Lita would not be denied here tonight! It was physically intense! Lita overcame every odd! Lita is the new World’s.. the Women’s Champion! Oh my God! Goodnight from Charlotte!

What else is on tap for this week? Nothing at all that I can think of, sadly. Just counting down the days till I get to be a bum for a few weeks during Christmas time. In a few days, we’re getting our tree, so that should be good times once it’s put up. Maybe I’ll even put up a pic of the bad boy once we decorate it.

How about today when I went to go workout it was 71 degrees. On December 7th! The 7th is also the 48th birthday of the Basketball Jesus, also known as Larry Bird. Is it bad times when I see the date of December the 7th, I think of Bird’s birthday before I think of Pearl Harbor. The madness! What will go down in the next Blog? Real World chat, possible hype for Sunday’s WWE Armageddon, NBA news of course, hopefully some new CDs, and whatever else goes down here in the mean streets. One.


Susie said...

Cute pic of the little Buddy Lee doll. Would look nice with all my other Coca Cola stuff! How`s it going Bird? Hope all is well! Take care! Smooches!

josh said...

Good story with your cat. Awesome name, too. I was wondering if you named it after Yogi Stewart, but if you did that 16 years ago that'd be damned impressive.

I missed Lita's bump because I gave up after Salim Abdul-Rauf interrupted Fozzy. Jericho running things was pretty entertaining though.

And you think it's bad that you think of Bird's birthday before Pearl Harbor, well check this ... I didn't even remember it was Pearl Harbor stuff at all :) So at least you're one up on me there.

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