Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Orton Taking Down The Animal!

So what has happened since the last post? Not a lot actually, but like usual, I’ll whip up something halfway decent for the masses to be part of. As I write this, I’m a week away from my Christmas break and I still haven’t done any Christmas shopping. I did accomplish one thing this season and that’s my Christmas card tradition. Thanks to those who either sent me a card this year or let me send them stuff. For some reason, I eat that stuff up when I send cards out each year. I guess it’s tradition. That and I have way too much time on my hands.

This 3-week drought without the Real World might be like a dagger in my heart. For the season that I couldn’t wait to end, now I’m stuck with wanting to see new episodes and in a hurry. Sure, this season sucks, but at least I’m curious to what goes down the rest of the way out now and a Tuesday night wouldn’t be complete with Real World. To top that off, Viva La Bam is done for the season as well, doh! I didn’t get to see the last episode, but MTV will run marathons forever since they never show videos. Thanks to my girl Susie, the new Bam shows won’t start up again until March. What will we do on Sunday nights at 10:00 now? The madness! And an update, last night I watched the new Bam. I had some of this typed up before that, so the last episode was a good one. They went to play mini golf, but it was done in an extreme way. Don Vito ended up beating Bam, which had him throwing a fit.

Snow is finally in my area and I can’t be happier with that. It’s not a bunch, but we got a few inches the other day and that’s quality. Hard to believe that we didn’t get any true snow until the middle of December in my area. As I’ve said before, I’m by far a winter person more so than I am a summer guy. Forget the hot stuff. You can take that and have it all you want, but give me my cold weather.

How about some Christmas shopping? I haven’t done a thing with this yet. I always do it late though. At least I know what I’m getting everyone on my list for the most part. From what I’m hearing about how crowded it is on the weekends, I’m better off not getting into that mess. But if it gives me something to write about in my Blog, then I’m all for it.

My parents keep asking me what I want for Christmas and I really have no clue. Of course every year I want as much Celtics stuff as possible, video games, clothes, and the like. I can’t think of anything real big that I want, but if you have some ideas, hit me up. Speaking of hitting up, you best check out Lobstah for the best message board out there. All kinds of talk goes down at

On the video game front, I’m in a dilemma. I’ll keep getting GameCube stuff since I’m a Nintendo loyalist through and through. But I’m always looking out to get other systems that I don’t have. I don’t see myself getting a PlayStation 2 unless the prices go down after Christmas. The next ones I see myself getting is a Sega Dreamcast which is dirt cheap now at around $20. I’ve never really played this system much. Do you guys recommend any games to get for it? Also I want a TurboGrafx16 real bad, mainly for Bonk, but also for the rarity part of it.

What went down at WWE Armageddon? Not a good Pay Per View at all and I’m usually a good supporter of their PPVs and give them the benefit of the doubt. Not for this one. I couldn’t wait to watch RAW on Monday after seeing this bad SmackDown show. SmackDown has guys on it I like, but their storylines aren’t as good if you ask me. I still wish I got SmackDown in my area. A very quick rundown of the PPV in a nutshell: RVD and Rey Mysterio keep their Tag Titles, Daniel Puder beats The Miz in a boxing match, The Basham Brothers beat Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas, Cena over Jesus (man beats Jesus!), Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie in a No Contest, Big Show beat Angle, Reigns, and Jindrak, Funaki is the new Cruiserweight Champion, while Bradshaw keeps the WWE Title. Out of these, the only good matches were the RVD match and the little guy fight. Neither of these was a blockbuster though, but I said “good”. The main event started out sooo slow, but it actually turned out not too shabby. Quick enough, now to the real show, RAW..

Huntsville, Alabama got RAW this week. I realize it’s a bigger city, but why can’t the Dub-V get a RAW ever? We could get some fans in Morgantown I’m sure. Or even Charleston, which is farther away for me. Bischoff returns and at the end of the show he makes a big announcement, one I like a whole lot. At the next PPV, New Year’s Revolution (January 9th) will be the return of the Elimination Chamber, sweet. The show starts off hot with Orton taking on Edge. Orton wins this one clean, but a nice opener for sure. Mick Foley shows up this week as well. I won’t lead into the rest of RAW, it was good, but I’ve said enough.

On a sidenote, due to problems Foley and Ric Flair have had in real life, it came to blows backstage. Not on camera, but Flair offered a handshake to Foley and Foley wouldn’t accept. Then Foley asked Flair to autograph his book for him. Foley has been blaming Flair for years during his WCW days of not giving him a push higher up on the card. Flair never thought Foley was much of a wrestler and in his book, he called him a glorified stuntman. In Foley’s book, he trashed Flair, so Flair got him back good in his latest one. I respect both of these guys, but what happened is that Flair actually punched Foley backstage. That’s just some great stuff. Both have awesome books. Then on the SmackDown side the other day, due to God himself getting demoted (Paul Heyman), Chavo Guerrero tries to get at Big Show. What? Chavo is a midget basically and Show is just huge. Idiot. Still, I’m eating up this Flair and Foley beef.

Hey JR, how’d you end RAW this week?

This is a done deal! Elimination Chamber! I cannot believe it! Oh wait a minute! Here we go and here we go, uh… And here we go again! Another fight has broken out! King, I can’t believe it! I’m in shock! The Elimination Chamber! It’s career suicide! Jericho coming out to get some retribution from earlier tonight. The Game, coming back out to fight. He’s a staple. Oh my! Ohhhhh my! Randy.. Randy Orton, the Legend Killer! Orton and Triple H will get back to the ring. But what about the Elimination Chamber, King! Orton in the Elimination Chamber! Who’s going to become the World Champion? And look at this.. In the Elimination Chamber with a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion! A Reverse Elbow, knocking down HHH. It has been an earth shattering announcement and we’re about to get an earth shattering RKO here! Oh! Batista in! Evolution’s animal! Oh my God! RKO! RKO! Orton taking down The Animal! Orton taking down The Animal! I cannot believe this! Everyone in the Elimination Chamber. 6 men, ladies and gentlemen will try to survive! Benoit.. Benoit, Edge, HHH, Jericho, Batista and by God Randy Orton deserves to be in it! My God the Elimination Chamber! That’s how the World Title is going to be decided!

Rapper: Dat Nigga Daz – Song: Dogg Catcha – Album: DPGC: U Know What I’m Throwin’ Up

Now drop to yo knees
And picture me diggity Daz flowin through the breeze
My style scretches from miles from miles, check my files
10 years in the game I been puttin it down
I loc with the finest
Y'all love the way that I'm rhymin and comin with precision
And you know I'll be grindin
Cause I'm a dogg house dogg pound chittey chow pow pow
Y'all know how we do it (you know we put it down)
Yea, they loving these hits for years
When the smoke clears Diggy Daz appears
I'm here for whatever never the less I got the remedy
to get the party pure energy before the next century
Swoopin down the block in a drop-top
I kept it coming with hit rocks and I don't stop
Movin the traffic in my zone it's havoc
I take caution going for miggy miles and miles
Flippin the wheels off the mother
Pump it up for the summer, I keeps it comin
I'm in the undercover scraping the back against the craw
And this is for my G's and my locs and doggz

[Soopafly chorus]
Dogg catcha, dogg catcha, dogg catcha
Dogg catcha, dogg catcha, dogg catcha
Dogg, dogg, dogg
Why must I be like that, why must I chase the cat, chase the cat


J.D. said...

Nick Cannon is HILARIOUS

josh said...

I'm broke nigga!! I'm broke!!

I love that scene. Good times.

Speaking of good times, look at Bird breaking out the super thug pic there at the end. Great lyrics there too. Dat Nigga Daz has his moments of greatness. At the end there where he's talking about chasing the cat reminds me of the poem by JT Money on the "Pimpin on Wax" CD.

As for video games, you need to join the Dark Side (DAHHHHHKNESSSS!!) and get yourself a PS2. As far as Dreamcast goes, the only games we ever had on that were NFL and NBA 2k... whatever. 2k1, maybe? Oh and some boxing game, but I forget what it was called. I thought it was a fairly solid system but just never caught on.

J.D. said...

Dreamcast were pretty nice as far as control and gameplay, but the fuckers get worn out. I know a dude that's already been through six since what, 2000?

Most game consoles are cheap made, but Dreamcast took it to a new extreme. That was one of its main faults.

One nice thing about it is that I think you can copy games without having to mod the console.

Anonymous said...

Jon from IRC... Bird the Tennis game i forget what its called for dreamcast is an addictively good game, anywhere you buy the system will know this game.

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