Friday, December 03, 2004

Loyal To The Game

The big thing these past few weeks have been roids. Something I’m always interested in, but never got the point of doing them. Sure, you’re a big pimp and stud for a few years, but afterwards, when you get off the supply, you turn into an out of shape bum with possible health problems. I’ve even seen a lot of this just in my town with the old school lifters. The guys in my area who were big roiders in the late 80’s and early 90’s and who no longer workout are a mess. You’d be surprised how fast the buff “legends” back in the day when I was a kid have went downhill. Maybe it was worth it for them, who knows. But now they definitely don’t look like what they used to. I’d like to look like they did back in the day too, but not if it comes down to that risk.

ABC just ran their 20/20 special on the scandal. Victor Conti, BALCO President (supplier made famous with Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, etc) finally comes out to say his piece. He’s been quiet about it for a while, but revealed all. They had a nice segment on Olympic sprinter Marion Jones (who still denies doing illegal stuff), but Conti straight up tells us what exact type of drugs she used, how and where she injected it into her, yet Jones still is in the dark. The thing that got me cracking up good was this stimulant cream that a lot of the baseball guys would put on. Bonds and Gary Sheffield (Yanks dude for those lost) say they had no idea what the cream even was. As ManDingo was telling me a few minutes ago and we were laughing at this, he joked to what they actually thought it was. We know they both knew what that stuff was, but the excuses keep building up.

How about a Real World update? This past Tuesday was actually a good show. I haven’t said that much at all this season. The main point of this episode dealt with Landon hooking up with one of his co-workers through their arena football team they have their job through. A rule the company had was that there could be no relations between workers. They didn’t get crazy, just went out and were all over each other a few times. It shouldn’t have been a big deal, but one of the older chick bosses had a meeting and told them they crossed the line. The girl didn’t seem phased by it and wanted to take a chance and see where it ended up. Landon was a goof and ended it though as he wussed out. Doh! She looked real good too. Now Landon will cry next week for us probably. Also during this episode, they had an Easter Seals Walk and sponsored this 5 year old chick with cerebral palsy. Vonda was freaked out before it happened that she couldn’t be around a kid with a problem like this. After she whined and everyone made her do it, she did fine. Girls and their drama. For shame. It was for a good cause though, so that was nice to see.

What’s new in the world of CDs? I’ll run down a few of the ones I got the past couple of days:

Nas: Street’s Disciple (Double CD). Nas was due for a new one. I’ll go on my Nas and Jay-Z rant here. Jay-Z gets all of this hype for being a so-called legend. I’ll give him his due and say that’s he’s good, but he never was one of my favorites. Yet the guy they always compare him to is Nas, since they’ve had beef over the years. No comparison to me anyways personally, but that’s just my thoughts. As far as lyrical content goes, Nas is one of the best out there when it comes to that. Nas just doesn’t get the respect that he’s due. Maybe part of that is that Jay-Z is more commercial? Not a ton of people on this CD, which is something I like about Nas. There are some though, such as Ludacris, Doug E. Fresh, and Busta Rhymes. My favorite track is #3 off of Disc 2, U.B.R., the Unauthorized Biography of Rakim. Old school rap fans will appreciate any Rakim action and it’s a nice tribute Nas gives. Nas is awesome live as well if you get a chance to check that out.

2Pac: Loyal To The Game. 2Pac has been “dead” now since 1996, yet he still has tons and tons of CDs released. How come nobody else is like this? Did he just record tracks and tracks of stuff for no reason, to save them for when he died? Very weird indeed, but if you’re a 2Pac fan, you’ll like this CD. You know what you’re getting with his stuff. A lot of cameos on this one such as Nate Dogg (it ain’t a hit unless Nate Dogg spit), Jadakiss, 50, Lloyd Banks, Obie Trice, Ron Isley, Young Buck, and Sleepy Brown.

Yung Wun: The Dirtiest Thirstiest. Catchy CD name here and if you don’t know Yung Wun, he’s an Atlanta guy. You’ve more than likely heard his first single from this album, Tear It Up, featuring DMX, David Banner, and Lil Flip. Also, you may have heard his latest release, Walk It, Talk It, also with David Banner. This is some mean rap here if you like that kind of thing. It’s recommended.

At the moment I’m sitting here all sore. I was bored yesterday during my workout, so I figured I’d go a little crazy with my leg workout. After doing sets of squats and weighted calf raises, I wanted to end with some lunges. Instead of using the bar as I’d normally do, I went with dumbbells and made my strides bigger than normal. By the time I was done with my lunges section, I almost dropped to the floor I was shaking and hurting so bad. Try it out if you want to get crazy sore. Waking out of bed this morning with that wasn’t fun either. I could see if I wasn’t working my legs before this, because I have been, but just tweaking the workout a bit out of boredom helped me a lot. Still burning bad, but I guess that lets me know I got a good one in. And why do I type about that? Again, it must be boredom. That and I like to switch things up for everybody reading.

Da da da, da da da! That’s the SportsCenter theme. Hard to put that into text, but you get what I’m after there. That’ll lead me into my current favorite SportsCenter anchor, Scott Van Pelt. He’s getting close to Charlie Steiner, Keith Olbermann, and Rich Eisen level for me. I liked all of those guys a lot. He’s not there yet, but I think he’s on his way. Some of the rest of the cast can get boring at times, but Van Pelt is the one I like best out of the crew there now.

“If them pigs try to get at you, park it like it’s hot, park it like it’s hot, park it like it’s hot.”

A hard day of “work” today at a high school rival of my old place. It was movie day, so I asked my kids what they wanted to watch. A lot of them said School Of Rock, something I’ve seen before, but I figured roll with it again. This is a funny one if you’ve never seen it yet or are into Jack Black stuff. You can’t beat getting paid to watch movies though. I can handle that anytime they want to let me get away with that one. I have it rough let me tell ya.

With the back mangled, it’s time for a hot bath to see if that’ll fix anything. Being single has its advantages, but a disadvantage is that I don’t have anyone to rub my hurt back down on a regular basis, heh. Cork’s theory is that we need to hire a midget up here in my room to do basic things like put a new video game in when we want to switch games, get us Gatorade out of the fridge, check NBA stats for us, give us massages, or whatever else. Maybe he’s onto something. Until then, I’m on my own and have to jump in the tub. Late.


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