Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Yep, it’s go time again. We’re not pulling any stops here and we’ll see what we can figure out. I’m going random again with this one, or that’s the plan anyways. 2005 is almost here, so are you guys getting pumped? I’m just happy to get some time off from work. The work I don’t mind, but I definitely can handle not having to wake up at 6:00 every morning. Instead, I’m going to bed at that time. It’s always fun going back after break and being in a total coma for about a week straight from having your sleep schedule all kinds of whacked out.

Sunday night was the EDDFL hangout at Damon’s, a sports bar in the area. We have 13 guys in our league and 7 of the crew showed up. That’s more than half, so we were happy with that. It’s tough to get the entire crew together, but that’s not a bad start. Hopefully in a month or so, we’ll get together again. Who was there you ask? Cork and ManDingo are the only ones the non-locals will know. Outside of those studs, you get served up with Spank, Riley, TJ, Sidell, and myself. No trade talk went down on this trip, but it was still a good time. Unfortunately, Damon’s doesn’t have NBA League Pass (the greatest invention of all time), so we were relegated to watching junk on the screens. The food was good though. Spank spent $36 on food, he’s a machine. And it didn’t come close to filling him up.

As far as food goes, yesterday me and Cork figured we were due for a Chinese trip. The best thing about it is that it was free Chinese. I had the gift certificate, so I told Cork he didn’t have to pay either, just go along for the ride. I have about half of it left to spend, so I’ll be in business with that the next couple of times I go. Everytime I usually get the same stuff: General Tso’s Chicken (the second greatest invention of all time), cheese wontons, pork fried rice, lo mein noodles, pineapple chicken, and of course I top it off with a final plate of fruit as pineapples, peaches, and then some jello. Quality times.

Pretty much everyone and their brother is now setup with a GMail account. I have a ton of new invites if anyone is interested though for an easy to use email account with a ton of space. This beast features 1000 megs of email space, something that would take a lot to fill. Right now I have 117 emails in there and it’s only taking up 8% of my space. Hit me up if you’re interested with that. I have all of these invites with nobody to use them on since most people have an account already. You can either write a comment on here for me to get back with ya at (well, comment anyways, even if it’s not about that) or write me at Bird33@gmail.com. I have too many email accounts, but who cares.

I finished the And1 book the other day. It’s a nice piece, giving you the history of each of their main players. You find out a lot of stuff. I’ve been watching all of their stuff, have the DVDs, but there was just so much they don’t tell you from the mixtapes that you find out in this book. It’s worth the price and it goes for $$16.95 in the US and for the Canadian #basketball guys, it’s $23.95 up there. I’ve already began to read Let Me Tell You A Story with Red Auerbach, so whenever that’s finished in the next few weeks, I’ll give a little review possibly.

What’s new in the gaming world? Video games that is. Paper Mario is a very nice game. Laugh all you want about it being portrayed as a kiddie game, but it’s addicting and has a pretty good storyline that has you thinking good in this role player. Earlier today after I attempted to get all buff, I rolled to Spank’s house for some XBox action. I’ve never really played much of this system, but I’m blown away now. I’ll always be a Nintendo loyalist, but I really like this system from what I’ve seen so far. The triggers on the controller are in perfect spots. I don’t like the black, white, start, and back buttons, but you don’t use them much anyways. Madden 2005 is so smooth as well here. The field itself, it looks like the real thing compared to GameCube and PS2.

RAW was back last night and it was live. The Best Of wasn’t bad, but I’m worthy enough to get some live wrestling into my schedule again. A Monday without that wouldn’t be the same at all. This is a RAW before a Pay Per View, so we knew they had to bring it with their A-game. This Sunday is WWE New Year’s Revolution and it’s a RAW Pay Per View. Bischoff came out to say that all 6 members of the PPV’s main event, The Elimination Chamber, have to beat the clock tonight. Whoever gets the fastest win against their opponent on RAW, gets to enter the chamber last. The guys in that match are Triple H, Jericho, Benoit, Orton, Batista, and Edge. Jericho faced Christian and took him out in 10:47. Up next was Orton against Maven, in which Orton won in 6:14. Our third contestant had Edge beating Eugene, but not as quick as Orton won his match. Benoit busted up Viscera in 5:43, so he’s our current leader as you read this. Next up was Dave Batista who straight up roid freaked with a time of 3:02 on the manbeast Rhyno. That left us to the main event, with Triple H taking on nemesis Shelton Benjamin who has beaten him a few times before. There is dissention between Evolution members HHH and Batista. HHH was mad that Batista beat Rhyno so fast. HHH wins, but not fast enough, so Batisa wins the time challenge.

The story of the night came at the end. Bischoff kept hyping up a “special guest referee” for the Elimination Chamber. He finally arrives late in the show and it’s none other than Shawn Michaels. This will surely add to the PPV. I’d love to see HBK turn bad here, but I’ve been wishing that one for years. After a 2-week break from live JR, we get treated to this dose of knowledge to end the show:

No! The Pedigree! The Pedigree by The Game.. By The Game.. The Game is still in the Elimination Chamber! Batista will be the last man released to the Elimination Chamber! Shawn Michaels! Th..the..there he is! No one is going to like this decision! Not one man in the Elimination Chamber is going to like this at all! Triple H can’t believe it! Oh my God what an Elimination Chamber this is going to be! 6 men, only one man can survive! What a law and order! What a RAW! And what an Elimination Chamber! Oh My God! Oh My God! Shawn Michaels!

Real World was finally back tonight. It’s about time too. How does MTV think they can gain ratings if they just stop in midseason with a show and then get back to it 2 or 3 weeks later? This season is rough, I agree, but it’s not like they put anything in its slot that was new. They showed reruns of Pimp My Ride during most of the time they had it off. Anyways, what did this week feature?

Sarah and Vonda are getting fired up at MJ. Sarah and MJ had a debate on religion and The Passion of the Christ. Sarah is Jewish and she said the movie was portrayed wrong. MJ was being his laid back self and told Sarah he didn’t want to hear her or debate. Then Sarah gets worked up saying that MJ doesn’t know how to respect an intelligent chick. Later, Vonda is on the phone with her man. MJ says she’s always on there and he doesn’t get to use the phone much. He goes in to see if he can use it and keeps hanging around. Vonda is getting worked up and he asks again how long she’ll be on. She says about 10 minutes. To that MJ says in 10 minutes he’ll be back and ready to use the phone. She asks him if that was a threat and he says yes, then freaks out to her man, and breaks down crying. I’d hate to see if some of these weak girls got told how it was by some roid freak or something. Then in the interviews, Vonda acts all hard and gangsta about how he shouldn’t disrespect her. Then we see her bawling her eyes out to Vonda. Then they call him a sexist. For the girls reading this, what’s your take? Enough on that. I rant on that enough.

Big Willie Style has been going out every night and gets in really late. He was mangled one night and came home in a cab. He fell asleep in the cab all messed up and walked into the house without paying. A few minutes later, the cops come to get the money. Willie is still passed out, so Karamo pays it. Then the next morning they have to go cut weeds down for their work. Willie sleeps in for it and they joke that he wouldn’t have been able to cut grass anyways.

Next week Landon gets all crunked up drunk again as usual. He then gets all in Mel’s face and who knows what goes down next. Then MJ sees him put a knife in his back pocket and he starts to walk around. Hah! This is some good drama. Now we’re talking. Yet as always with previews, we’ll be let down. He probably went to cut a piece of cake or something. Either way, he needs put in the Crossface Chickenwing, Bob Backlund style, along with all of the girls on this show.


Susie said...

I have said it once already to you, the chicks on the Real world are nothing but drama queens! I, myself would rather be partying with (as you say) "Big Willie Style!" But that is just my opinion. Keep up the great Blogs!

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