Saturday, December 25, 2004

Big Pimpin, Spendin' G's

Greeting to all the Blog fans from near and far. I guess this will be our Christmas edition. Or better yet, the post-Christmas edition since as I’m writing this, Christmas is basically over. After the mad rush of shopping, things came to a close beginning on Friday, Christmas Eve. It’s tradition for our house to hold the annual Christmas party for our family and friends. We’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. There’s enough food to last a week, but everyone always makes too much. Between me and Cork, we drank two pitchers of tea. I was wizzing all night.

The day of Christmas. On Lobstah, there’s a thread started up of what everyone got. A lot reading this will see the exact same things, but I’ll write it on here as well to take up some space and your lack of a life since you’re reading this. I never really needed anything this year, but of course I had to give my parents some ideas. I gave Mom all kinds of ideas, but she kept asking. I didn’t need anything big, so I just went with a variety. You can’t go wrong getting me anything Celtics, so that’s always on the list without saying. Celtics things this year I got a Paul Pierce shirt, a hat, a t-shirt with banners of all their 16 championships, a long sleeve t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. On the hat topic outside of the Celtics hat I also got a Notre Dame one, a Notre Dame/Yankees combo (NY logo and underneath is Irish) for the Italians in the area, a Detroit Tigers hat since I like the logo and it’s gangsta-ish, and a Hank Aaron style 1974 Atlanta Braves hat, another logo and colors I’m big on. Video game wise I loaded up on Paper Mario for GameCube. It’s gotten nothing but great reviews and so far after a few hours of playing, I’m loving it. I was due for a new mouse, so I finally went optical and went wireless as well with a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer. It’s well worth it. I didn’t ask for any movies this year, but I got the And1 Volume 7 Mixtape DVD hosted by AO and featuring Jason Williams doing his high school thing in West Virginia.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t get a stock of blank CDs. We all know that I’m addicted to them anyways, so why not. 100 new ones for Christmas, I can handle that. Between making new stuff for myself and sending all kinds to my buddies (at least I’m generous), they won’t last too long. As I do every year, I got the latest WWE calendar. RVD, Flair, or HBK are nowhere to be found though, doh! At least Triple H is there. To go with the mouse, I got a gel mousepad so my wrists won’t keep mangling. Out of fairness to my favorite current basketball player, Antoine Walker, I got an Atlanta Hawks t-shirt.

I’m always talking about eating Chinese food as it rocks. I got a gift certificate and they also sent home a Chinese calendar to go with it. Not bad. Printer ink, UnderArmor, and a Yankees tie. My favorite gift of the day probably will have to be my Don Mattingly half-zip jersey type deal. I’m wrapping this gift thing up to move along to something else. Lastly, I got three different books. One is Let Me Tell You A Story by John Feinstein and Red Auerbach. Another is Me And My Dad by Paul O’Neill and Burton Rocks. The third is Italian Pride: 101 Reasons To Be Proud You’re Italian. I’ll write more on the books when I read them, but for now I’m finishing up on the And1 book. It’s awesome. I can barely put it down it’s so good, seriously.

Christmas night I went and hung with some cousins, at one of my aunt and uncle’s places. The usual here, but it was a good time of watching football, eating junk food, and just being an all around bum. While there I got to try the AbLounger or whatever that new creation is called. I really liked this one. There’s no strain at all on your back, which is awesome to me as my back is always hurting. It’s worth checking out and easy to do. You can even use it as a regular chair if you had to. Also there, my cousin Zack got me a present he wanted me to open in front of everyone. I figured he was up to something, but I wasn’t totally sure. I open the package up and it’s a huge coffee mug that is shaped as a big tittie and you drink out of the nipple. Everyone had a good time laughing at that and it’s pretty creative I have to admit. I don’t think I’ll be taking that one to work.

On Thursday night, I went to see Meet The Fockers with Cork. This one is definitely worth checking out. If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one even more I think anyways. Dustin Hoffman played his role perfectly. A few decent previews were before this movie, so hopefully the 2005 movie season will bring us some good happenings. And for whatever it’s worth, Cork is at the theater again watching this same movie. Either he liked it a lot (he did) or he just wanted to do some Big Pimpin (probably that too, but you can’t blame the guy), but it’s worthy of seeing.

Christmas also was the sight of several NBA games. You can’t go wrong with basketball at any day of the year. I’ll argue that one till the very end. The first game was the rematch of the rumble. Yep, that rumble. The Pacers hosted the Pistons. Security was tight and nothing hardcore went down. Jermaine O’Neal was reinstated to come back this game. I’m fine by that. O’Neal has always been a classy guy, gives a lot to charity, but had to bust heads when an idiot fan came after him on the floor. At least he wasn’t thug like Stephen Jackson (everyone talks so much about Artest in this, but Jackson did much more in my opinion) and Ron Artest by going into the stands. Indy lost this one at home. Rip and Billups were both in the 20+ point range. The same can be said for Reggie and O’Neal. It’s hard to believe that O’Neal is my age and he’s been in the year for 9 years. Pretty sick. Or that should make me feel old. One of the two. Then we had the marquee of Kobe hosting Shaq Daddy. Nothing happened at midcourt for tipoff. Kobe went over to give props to Shaq. Shaq gave him a little bump and didn’t look at him at all, giving him the cold shoulder. Interesting. Shaq also won today on the road as both road teams got the win. Shaq had 24 points and 11 boards. Kobe had a ricockulous 42 points and 6 assists. Wade had a wild 29 points and 10 boards. I know Kobe is a punk off the court, but I still respect the guy. Especially his on-court demeanor. Right now, I’d rather watch a Kobe game than LeBron personally. Both are just amazing though, but I still think Kobe is the man in that department. Stop him, you can’t.

Sunday night it’s time for an EDDFL gathering. Thirteen guys in our local fantasy NBA league and we set this date about a month ago to try to get most of the crew together. It’s tough getting everyone on the same schedule, but as I type this up, it seems like we should have a big part of the league showing up. There’s just a few who we’re not 100% sure on yet. Spank has been in 1st Place every single week of the year so far in the yearly standings. I’m holding tight in a 3-way tie for 4th, but I’ll drop this week since I’m struggling. Or as Kornheiser and Wilbon would say, “Strugg-uuuu-liiiinng!” Where’d that come from anyways? If any of the PTI fans know, fill me in. I still crack up at how they do it, I just don’t know the significance. Or as the great Herm Edwards would say, “We play to WIN the game!” We’re meeting up at Damon’s, a sports bar in our area. This is where we had our draft at the past few years. This should be a great time of trash talk for the guys on top, trade discussions, good eating, and whatever else we want to talk about.

Last week’s TV schedule for me wasn’t that great, especially early on. Last Monday we didn’t get a live RAW as we had the Best Of. We also haven’t had Real World in quite some time either. This week that all changes, so put on your seatbelt and hop along for the ride in the pimp wagon. This will be the last RAW of 2004, as it should be a good one, as we’re getting closer to New Year’s Revolution and the Elimination Chamber. Kane and HBK are both set to return soon. Will we see them as soon as this Monday? Nothing is announced yet, but they should be rested up after a little time off for Christmas. There is no offseason in wrestling.

What will I do for New Year’s? Probably absolutely nothing. I’m not a party guy, so I doubt I’ll be out and about for that madness. I’m better off staying here, being myself, battling in video games, and tuning into BET’s 2005 countdown. I’ll update you all on that if that’s what I decide to do. Until then, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! 364 more days until Santa Closs returns!


Susie said...

Once again great blog! I bet the Yankee`s tie is cute! Ha..I got a Derek Jeter poster, my bro said I should hang it on the ceiling above my bed.(the smart ass! :) ) Glad you had a great holiday. Chat to ya soon! Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

I would have LOVED to see the look on your face when you opened the coffee interestin' is the best word I can think of at the moment. Seems like you racked up on stuff this year!


Meggie said...

We should've known Tata would be commenting on the mug;) right jen?? Well, can you believe it though....I actually watched that basketball game with Kobe and Shaq! Awesome or what?? well, enough is enough, luv ya anyways.........lata

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