Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Nasty Nazr Mohammed

The title again has nothing to do with my post. It's just one of my fantasy basketball players. And based on Nas the rapper being called Nasty Nas, Cork calls Mohammed, Nasty Nazr. Or I guess that's where he gets it from. Either way, I like the ring of it.

Big news out of South Bend, Indiana today. As everyone knows, I’m a Notre Dame football fan. Their coach is Ty Willingham, who I’ve even had pics of in this very Blog. Well, he was their coach. Notre Dame fired him today and sent him to the curb. A lot of our fans are for this move, but I’m against it. Willingham is a standup guy and carried on the respect that he’s gotten from his teams in the past. It’s a different story at Notre Dame though, as they play for titles, not for a “great” or even “good” season. This in my opinion is the toughest sporting job in all of sports to coach on any level. Rumor has us going after Utah coach Urban Meyer, who was an assistant at Notre Dame for 4 years in the last 1990’s. I wish we could keep Ty, but that won’t happen. Who will coach us during the bowl game? More on this happening as it develops.

On the Christmas card update, I better start writing these now so I’ll have time to send. I have mad amount to write up. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it though. It’s just out of habit and tradition that I send to the #basketball crew, my buddies on here, and whoever else is interested. I think I’ll send them out during the second week of December, so if you want in on this madness, holla at me.

While reading ManDingo’s Blog (http://mandingo04.blogspot.com/), he was talking about how he’s tired that the Christmas season happens too early. I kind of agree with this one. Now that December is here, I guess it feels more so, but what gets me is people who have trees and lights up before Thanksgiving. It’s like Thanksgiving doesn’t even exist. I’m pumped for the season though as I’ve mentioned before. Now that December is here, I’ll stop complaining about that and just enjoy what goes down. Tis the season and all of that goodness.

For the people who have MTV2 in their area, you have to check out a thing Snoop has on there. It’s basically the making of his latest album, Rhythm and Gangsta: The Masterpiece. This will have you cracking up the entire time. The best part is where they show Snoop coaching one of his son’s football teams. One of his sons is named Snoopy, so that’s good stuff. Anyways, he gives them this big pep talk when they’re losing and it gets them fired up. Then he gives this interview about how he wants to coach USC one day. Now tell me that wouldn’t be golden. It’s just funny that he probably thinks he can do it too. “Get in where you fit in.”

And on a random note, as I’m typing this up, Georgia Tech is smacking around Michigan big time right now on ESPN. Not too many things can make me more happy than watching Michigan lose in any sport. Or is it happier? With a minute to go until halftime, Tech has 55 points, insane. The allegations and sanctions against Michigan in the past several years have really done them in. Make that 59 at halftime, to Michigan’s 32, hah!

Anybody still need a GMail account? I only have one invite left right now, so jump all over that if you’re interested. Most people have this already, but just in case you don’t, it’s obviously on a first come first serve basis. I’ll get more invites, but right now I’m down to one. It’s advertised as email that has unlimited space and it’s a nice setup. Basically it doesn’t, but it has 1000 megs of space for you to peep. If that’s not enough for you, something is wrong. Email me at Bird33@gmail.com for an invite or if you want in on the Christmas card list.

Hey That’s Me (http://coorsltchicwv.blogspot.com/), at least I got one girl to comment on my rant in the last Blog. And big props to you for not going crazy with the makeup. If you’re lost at what I’m talking about, check out my last post on my opinion on girls with makeup, those who smoke, and other happenings.

On the Jeopardy update, Big Ken got beat today finally. Most knew when he was going to lose, but today was the actual TV broadcast of it. Not bad. Dude won $2.5 mil or something insane.

Wrestling was pretty good this week as it wasn’t watered down too much with scrub matches. The opener was hot as it was the Battle Royal we’ve been waiting on. This one was scheduled to be Triple H against most of the RAW roster, but Vince struts out with roids oozing from his body to say that the winner will face Triple H at night’s end. The rumble winner had Edge and Benoit land on the floor at the same time. Due to that, Orton (who was GM of the night) issued a 3-Way Dance (ECW style) for the World Title. Back to that in a second. We then had a chicks match which doesn’t even deserve my time to talk about except for Victoria and Trish looking smokin’ as usual. A Legend’s Match! Flair facing off against Jerry “The King” Lawler. This one wasn’t bad actually as these guys have been there and done that over the years in wrestling. To use an often used theme, they’ve forgotten more about wrestling than most know. Flair has King tapping out afterwards, on King’s birthday at that. In a rematch clause, The Frenchies (La Resistance) get beat by Regal and Eugene who retain their Tag Titles. The 3-Way Dance didn’t end without controversy either. Orton busts Triple H with a chair and lays him out. Then as Benoit has Edge in the Crossface, Benoit is on his back getting counted for the pin while Edge is tap tap tapping out. Tap tap tap-a-roo as Happy Gilmore would say. I’ll just let Good Ol’ JR recap the finish:

Edge’s hand was raised! Edge is the new World Champion! Wait a minute.. Earl Hebner is awarding the Championship to Chris Benoit! Is Benoit the new World Heavyweight Champion? Edge, battered and bloodied! And wait a minute.. Mike Chioda says that Edge is the World Champion! Orton as the acting General Manager, trying to figure it out here. Oh, Triple H knows what happened. He just lost his World Title, he knows it! The question is ladies and gentlemen, the question is, who is the World Heavyweight Champion? We have seen history tonight! Who is the Champion? You’ll never forget November 29th, Monday Night RAW! We’ve seen history made, but who is the Champion?

Since I talked about Snoop earlier, I’ll end with a funny combo that’s on his latest CD, and has Justin Timberlake cussing.

Rapper: Snoop Dogg – Song: Signs – Album: Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece
[Verse - Snoop Dogg]
It's legit, you know it's a hit
When The Neptunes and the Doggy Dogg fin to spit
You know he's in - tune with the season
Come here baby, tell me why you leaving?
Tell me if it's weed that you needing
You wanna breathe? I got the best weed minus seeds
Ain't nobody tripping VIP they can't get in
If something go wrong then you know we get to Cripping

[Chorus - Justin Timberlake]
I'm not sure what I see
You better don't fuck wit me!
Are you telling me this is a sign?
She's looking in my eyes, now I see no other guys
Are you telling me this is a sign?

[Snoop Dogg]
Don't think about it, boy leave her alone
(Oh ohhh!! yeah!) Nigga you ain't no G!
She likes my tone, my cologne and the way I roll, you ain't no G!

[Verse - Snoop Dogg]
Now you stepping wit a G, from Los Angeles
Where helicopters got cameras, just to get a glimpse of our Chucks
And our Khakis and our bouncer cars
You wit you friend right? (yeah)
She ain't trying to bring over no men right? (no)
Shiieet, she ain't gotta be in the distance
She could get high all in an instant


That's Me said...

hey.. let me clear one thing up now.. don't wanna sound like a "tomboy" or anything. I own a makeup bag and I wear a lil... but I agree with too much being TOO MUCH~!
Love those titles.. takes me forever to think of one that isn't anything close to being as original as yours :)Good stuff & as I said before.. great time consuming entertainment.. Thx once again! Oh yea.. although I know you aren't a Mountie fan.. just wanted to add.. Let's GOOOO Mountaineers~!~(prob gonna get our a$$es kicked)

josh said...

Timberlake is gangsta. He keeps it real. ARRRF!!! Wu-Tang!

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