Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Nighttime, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever, So You Can Rest Better Medicine

What’s going on so far on my week off? Probably about the same thing that’d be going on if I was working. Well, the only exception is that I’m not waking up at 6:00, so I can handle that. Today I woke up at 2:30, so I got some much needed sleep. I got a whopping 11 hours sleep and I think I’ll thank the Nyquil to that one and that I have a little cold going.

Last night I got back to playing ball though and that was quality. I actually taped RAW and went to play ball. That has never ever happened. I watched the first half hour of RAW and then finished up watching wrestling today when I woke up. I was saying that since 1996 where I haven’t missed a single RAW, there’s only been about two times that I wasn’t at my house on a Monday night watching RAW live. That’s when my streak began I believe. I’ve always been a wrestling fan, but back in the 80’s and early 90’s it was mostly NWA (evolved into WCW) action that I was interested in the most. Of course wasn’t able to watch it live, I’d have it taped for those rare occasions. I know that’s sad to you guys reading, but watching RAW is probably my favorite thing to do. Celtics ball is right up there, but I get more than one game a week with the Celts, while RAW is only on once per week.

How’d ball go last night? For the locals, we played at the Baptist Church Lighthouse. The floor here is a carpet floor. I know that seems weird, but you can’t tell the difference in it once you play on it a few times. The only downfall to playing on the carpet is that you get major floorburns if you are diving all over the place Larry Bird style. We ran with three teams of 15, so that worked out pretty good. Winner stands and we play our games to 11, playing by 1’s and 2’s. My team was horrible, but it was still fun regardless. My team won 1 game all night, but then at the end, we switched stuff up after a few guys left and I got to win the last game at least. Besides me, on my team was Turtle (5’7”/160?), Sims (6’5”/190), Bishop (5’10”/215), and Matt Clark (6’0”/240). I’m not the world’s best guesser on height and weight, but that’ll have to do for our story today.

My shot was on tonight, so I was happy. I wasn’t on fire, but not bad for my first night back. Then again, I don’t shoot a lot the way it is. I’m probably too unselfish, but that’s how it goes. I just can’t stand playing with some gunners, especially when they’re not on that night. If they are dominating, I don’t mind if they throw up junk and make it. I was happy to make a few good passes (I like doing that better than scoring anyways) and was busting 3’s on a consistent basis. Hopefully we get back to playing on a regular basis.

For the BET fans, if you know of The Center that comes on at 3:00, you might recognize they have a new host. Her name is Julissa. Good times here if you’re into that, so peep that out.

I’d like to send out a big congrats to my boy Clark for getting engaged to his girl Carrie last night. He proposed to her on the New River Gorge lookout if you’re familiar with anything in West Virginia. All of my boys are getting married off, but I can’t even begin to imagine that concept of that right now. I couldn’t take care of myself on my own, let alone a wife to go with it. I guess I could if it came down to it, but that’s something I’m not going to worry about anytime soon. Kids too for that matter. I know little kids have kids nowadays if that makes sense, but I’m almost 26 and still couldn’t think of having a baby to take care of. Forget that mess. Too much drama either way and I like things as laid back as possible.

Tonight my Celtics do battle with the Pacers. Yep, that Pacers team where half the team is either mangled or suspended. Everyone and their brother has heard about the rumble between the Pacers and the Pistons fans the other night, so I won’t give too much reaction on that. It’ll be funny as we play a team of bums though, but with my luck, we’ll still get beat by that squad. Today is also the day that Ron Artest’s CD will be available. I can’t find it anywhere online yet, so this may be a tough one to download. I won’t give up though as we get everything else on here before it even comes out.

On the football front, nothing huge is going down. My Irish go on the road to take on one of the best teams in the nation in USC. That probably won’t be pretty at all, but stranger things have happened. We’re now sitting at 6-4 on the season. 7-4 would be nice, but 6-5 will still get us a bowl due to our name factor and that we can bring fans in from any part of the country. As far as my Bears go, we had won 3 straight until Peyton “Fantasy Football God” Manning lit us up to the tune of 41-10. We’re now 4-6, which is pretty good for this team and do battle on Thanksgiving against Bill Parcells’ Cowboys. Yep, that one is on national TV for the world to see, 4:15.

What’s up with Christmas trees being up already? I saw my first one in a house lit up on Saturday night and didn’t know what to think. I like Christmas as much as the next dude, but come on now. Don’t get too carried away with it this early. Doh!

The beginning of RAW this week was classic. They did a spoof on the Terrell Owens/Monday Night Football scene as well as the Pacers/Pistons brawl. To open the show up, Shelton Benjamin (a black dude playing the TO role) is in the locker room with Trish Stratus. They do everything basically exact until Shelton tells her that’s she’s the biggest slut ever. Then afterwards, Vince McMahon walks in and him and Trish give each other glances. Then Trish disrobes and jumps in Vince’s arms as Vince gives one of his classic looks. I was rolling good through that. Creative idea there. The main event was scheduled to be Triple H defending his belt against Benoit in a Cage Match. Batista laid out HHH though, so Benoit fought Edge instead. Edge lays a Spear on Benoit that knocks him through the cage door, giving Benoit the win. At the end, Batista runs to the ring and calls out HHH. They end up saying it was a hoax and that Batista and the doctors were paid off to make the beatdown on HHH look good. Orton comes out at the end after they reveal their plan and Orton says he’s the GM next week. He announces a Battle Royal next week for HHH’s title, sweet!

Hey JR, how’d the end of wrestling go this week? It’s much better when JR goes nuts at the end of the show after a match, but we don’t always get that. We end this week with an interview segment:

Triple H has to win a Battle Royal to keep his World Title next week! Can you believe this? HHH in a 20 or 25 or whatever it’s going to be, the whole roster coming for the World Title! HHH’s days, are they numbered?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like we missed a good RAW. I think ball is worth it though.

Anonymous said...

This is saint eyebeat, the creator of the little water color sketch of the Nyquil guy that you're hotlinking to from my page. It's pretty rude to use the picture without crediting me. It's even ruder to use it by hotlinking to my page and using up my band width. You are a naughty boy and will never be a saint.

Saint Eyebeat

That's Me said...

well.. it worked for you.. if you slept for 11 hours..OMG that would kill me~!Hope you're feelin better.. sucks to be sick. A lil surprised that you actually missed Raw ...but basketball is better for the heart rate than Trish anyway ;-)
Happy Turkey day to ya~!~

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