Thursday, November 11, 2004

Triple H Almost Beheaded!

I won’t go in any certain direction here. I’ll jump over the place and hopefully it ends up somewhere halfway decent. I do have Thursday off though for Veteran’s Day. Did we always get this one off back in the day? Oh well. It gives me a chance to sleep in, which never gets old. What will I do all day? Probably absolutely nothing. I did load up on some old school Nintendo games last night in Fairmont. What’d I get?

California Games: This one is pretty bad. 1987 style here and I’m not big on it at all. It does feature a few neat games for a few minutes in Hacky Sack and BMX riding. The replay value isn’t that great, but oh well. The price? $2.99.

Low G Man: I like this one a lot, but it’s tough. Basically it’s similar to Metroid, except you’re not in a cave. Your dude, Low G Man, has crazy hops. He can get up there all over the board. Also, he has this little spear or something that you can bust people’s heads up with, as well as guns and little vehicles he rides in. Sound confusing? It is, but it’s not a bad game. 1990 for this one and the price was also $2.99.

Ninja Gaiden: A true classic here. You can’t go wrong with the Ninja Gaiden series. So good that they even make Ninja Gaiden games for the newer systems today. The price for this one was a bit more, but you already know what you’re getting with on this one. Price? $4.99. 1989 here and made by the makers of the greatest video game in the history of video games, Tecmo (gracing us with Tecmo Bowl).

RoadBlasters: 1989 here. If you know Spy Hunter, you’ll know this one. Not as smooth as Spy Hunter, but features the same concept. You have a certain amount of gas for each stage and if you run out, obviously you’re done. You can wreck as many times as you want, but it’s going to hurt you. Your car also has a gun. I only paid 99 cents for this bad boy, so I ripped the people off big time, hah.

Also at Fairmont, we went to hit up some Pizza Hut. A neat story went down though. A group of 6 or 8 people were sitting next to us. This dude moves his arm over and his drink goes all over this hot chick. Between me, Spank, and Cork, we thought the dude got fired up and knocked the drink over on purpose. Still, me and Spank just kind of sat there and took it in. Cork couldn’t keep it in though. He busts out laughing right in front of these people’s faces. It was great stuff. Spank kept asking Cork if it was really that funny, but Cork kept rolling. The people didn’t get mad though, as they laughed too. But yeah, that’s my story.

I’m done with The Bachelor I believe. I haven’t watched it for two or three weeks. It’s just not sparking my interest. Watching it from the beginning this season, I was pumped up to see every second. Then the NBA gets here and that about sums it up. NBA rules all, so Bachelor Boy can take a seat. The drama was good for a while, but it got to be repetitive.

Real World though I won’t miss, even if this season is brutal. Last night I wasn’t big on it again, but that’s how it goes. Basically we have Landon hooking up with this dirty chick and this gets Vonda all mad. Vonda goes back to her man who cheated on her not long ago, but now he’s the greatest guy in the world again after she cussed him like a dog for hours. That gets me every time. He’ll probably do it again since she came back crying like a little baby. Chicks must like it when the guy cheats. Go figure. Not that I know anything about relationships, but if a chick cheats on me, that’s it I’d think. Maybe I’ll be different if it happens to me personally, but who knows.

A little wrestling report you want? Don’t you worry, I’ll let JR tell us what went down too, but a quick recap of RAW without boring you too much. It started out with Bischoff telling Triple H the stipulations for the RAW main event at Survivor Series. In the 8 Man Tag Match, the winning team will be able to control RAW for a month. Each dude will supposedly get a week. You mean to tell me that either Maven or Snitsky will have control for a week? Feel the ratings. Speaking of Snitsky, he’s a bum, but he cracks me up with the baby killer gimmick. He’s in the ring with Lita and brings out a fake baby. To add emphasis, he actually punts the baby into the crowd. Me and Cork were rolling at that one. Only in wrestling. Orton beat Batista clean in this one too. Our main event was Edge taking on Chris Benoit. It ends in a No Contest as the ring is nothing but chaos. You know that was bound to happen before a Pay Per View anyways. I eat the rumbles up though, as it gets JR screaming good. Such as the end of this week’s show:

Oh no! Here we go again! Here we go again! Good God Almighty! This is nothing but a bar room brawl! Randy Orton tattooing the World Champion! Randy Orton with thunderous right hands! Triple H almost beheaded! Orton’s team has regrouped and they’re kicking their ass big time! Randy Orton’s team has completely regrouped here King! Triple H and his team are trying to return to the ring, but to no avail. You’re talking about Orton’s team being on the same page. There’s no doubt about it. No doubt about it! Can the same be said.. Oh My God! About Triple H’s team? Ladies and gentlemen, no matter what happens at Survivor Series during the big Elimination Tag Match, beginning next Monday night, RAW will drastically change for the next month! Oh My God! This has been chaotic! What a night! Good night everybody!

A quick note on EDDFL. I finished in 5th in Week 1 out of 13 members. Not awesome, but with no rookie stats, I’ll take that to start the year off. Hopefully I can build on that and go from there. The rundown of Week 1? 1st Place: Spank, 2nd Place: Balky, 3rd Place: TJ, 4th Place: Sidell, 5th Place: Me, 6th Place: Fortdogg, 7th Place: Flee Diddy, 8th Place: Mudcat, 9th Place: Dean, 10th Place: Cork, 11th Place: ManDingo, 12th Place: Posey, 13th Place: Riley.

Some new Blog action to mention. My girl Meggie has one up finally. You’ve seen her comment on mine every now and then or even give me topics for my own Blog. Check out some of her action and drop her some comments to get it started along at:

Anybody else out there wanting to start a Blog? I never have much to talk about, so I’ll hype it up in here if ya feel me. That leads me into some Dru Down, so I’ll end with that for today’s words of the wise:

Rapper: Dru Down – Song: Can You Feel Me? – Album: Can You Feel Me?

OK, I'm deep down and dirty
You heard me before
But I'm a kick this shit like I be kickin' in some front doors.
Now po-po or 5-0 straight on that real
Always been real
Fifteen blocks down tha street from that feel.
But still see niggas have got it wrong
That po-po is 5-0 and that is my hoe.
Come and see me some time
Bust a rim and bust a rhyme
After that I fucked that rimmy
Bust a rhyme and get a dime.
And lets smoke, choke, until the break of dusk
Fuck that bitch Dawn
And put that penny in my palm.
Understand this, I rolls deep in tha five
I've been down with tha five
I gets dirty in tha five.
And do a hoo ride
That is tha question
Devils be guessin'
Don't question, stressin'.
Livin' in tha ghetto, hello, you betta hear me
And if ya don't you betta really try to feel me...

Can you feel me?
I said I'm doin' what I gotta do, stayin' true to tha crew.
Can you feel me?
I said I'm deep down and dirty, I grew up hella early.
Can you feel me?
I said I fantasize about tha dreams, havin' big fancy thingzah.
Can you feel me?
I can still remember when I stole my first diamond ring.


That's Me said...

well now... since NBA is on.. thought I figured you would be missin out on The Bachelor... so here is a lil update for ya....
After visiting the hometowns this week & meeting the friends of the women... he cuts Cindy.. yea that's right... Cindy, the dingy blonde that I didn't figure would make it this far. So.. now it is down to Tonya from Texas( my fav) & Mary( the rejected one from a previous Bachelor).. so who's it gonna be?? I'll let ya know if you miss out.

That's Me said...

well... I posted this once, but since I am new to Blog I think I screwed it up so here it is again... once twice.. who knows?? but anyway... I figured since NBA was on now you would forget about The Bachelor, so I thought I would give you a lil update: after visiting the women in their hometowns & meeting their friends it all comes down to Cindy not getting a rose. ya remember Cindy.... the dingy free loving bleached blonde ( I think anyway) from Cali.Yeah well , she's not too emotional on her departure. But that leaves Tonya from Texas ( my fav) & Mary ( the rejected one from a previous bachelor) .. I mean cmon now, how many times can you fall in love with a stranger anyway.. but now you know . I will keep you informed on the finale which is on next week, as well as "The Women Tell All" ( ya know where we get the real dirty on everyone). So you didn't really miss much.

Bird33 said...

Not who I thought it was. Who is That's Me? Reveal yourself. Thanks for updating me on the missed shows though. Hopefully I can catch the finale. Celtics play early that night, so I should be in decent shape to see it.

J.D. said...

Road Blasters is one of the better old Nintendo games out there. Here's my top five in case anyone wondered..

1. ExciteBike - Build your own course! That was revelutionary at the time.
2. Arch Rivals - The only game in video game history that I know of where someone can get pantsed.
3. Double Dribble - Worth it just for the title screen when the computer generated voice says "Double Dribble" and then the arena filling up with fans before the game.
4. American Gladiators - What else can you say? They need to bring this show back on TV too.
5. Contra - I'm huge on the original version.

josh said...

Bird asking people to reveal themselves ... you dirty old man.

Anyway, ManDingo has inspired me with his list. I'm glad somebody else loved American Gladiators. I never bought it, but probably spent enough on renting it to have purchased two copies. I loved that shit. My cousin and I would rent that and play for hours on end.

Would that game make my Top 5 NES games evar? Let's see...

1. Tecmo Super Bowl- Better than the original because it has all the teams. I'd be interested to know how many hours I have spent playing this game in my life. It has to be at least a solid year's worth.

2. RBI Baseball- All 3 of 'em. The best baseball games around at the time. Major League Baseball had a better stat engine, but the gameplay on RBI was the greatest of its time.

3. Ah hell... this is too hard. But Little League Baseball, Double Dribble, Excitebike, Rampage, Baseball Simulator 1.000, American Gladiators, and Track and Field II all deserve mention. Man, I miss the NES days.

J.D. said...

My favorite part of RBI baseball was when you hit a fly ball and the noise that it made. I can't begin to describe it online but you all know what Im talking about.

Cork said...

RBI is THE best baseball game evar!!

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