Tuesday, November 16, 2004

R.I.P. Ol' Dirty Dirt Dawg

My name is Ed and yes, I have a problem. I feel like I need to go to a prevention group or something. Why for you ask? I buy way too many clothes. Guys aren’t supposed to be like that. I hit up Gabriel Brothers (Gabes for the locals) with Cork and that was a mistake. Gabes is a bargain store where you can load up on stuff for crazy cheap. A weakness of mine is bargain shopping. If something is on big sale, I’m all over it. I was able to load up on some pimpin clothes though, so all is good. I just have to get rid of some of the clothes I have here now. You can’t go wrong getting a pair of $60 P. Miller sweats for $10. I don’t even like Hollister stuff, but I got a few of their buff shirts for $2. That’s like less than a cheeseburger. I also loaded up on a lot of long sleeve Old Skool shirts and some weird boxers.

How’d the predictions go for WWE Survivor Series? Nothing to brag about, but I kept my head above the water. I went 4-3 on this one. My wins were the Benjamin/Christian match, Team Guerrero, and Bradshaw. The losses were the Spike Dudley (I had Kidman), Trish (Lita), and Team Orton (Team HHH). It wasn’t a bad Pay Per View, but it wasn’t awesome either. Best match on the show? By far it was Benjamin and Christian. These guys put on a show. JR kept screaming during this match (imagine that) of how Benjamin is going to be something special one of these days. The Cruiserweight Title Match was nice, but not as long as I wanted. It did give a good start to the show though.

“I’ve invented a lotion that protects you from the sun’s rays. Brilliant!”

Basketball has finally started in our town, so that’s good news to hear. It’s well overdue too. I haven’t been able to play the past two nights though due to wrestling. Yeah, I know, I can tape it, but it’s not the same for me. I can’t miss my wrestling, that’d be a crime. Every other night of the week I’d be good to go on. I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses through the year.

I was teaching some 7th Grade today and something kind of shocked me, but it shouldn’t I guess. The kiddies were talking about how old their parents were and I heard a few numbers, with a few saying 31 or 32. Dang, that’s rough. In January I’ll be 26. I was saying the other day that I’m now closer to age 30 than I am 20. No way do I want kids, let alone some that are like 13 or so. That’s a scary thought. You ready for that Susie? :-) Then again, I don’t feel that age. I always say that I’ll consider myself old when I’m no longer one of the fastest guys on the basketball court or can’t keep up with the young pups out there. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow. Sure, a lot of guys are more athletic than me as far as being able to jump out of the gym, and I’m not saying I’m great, but I think I can hold my own in a team setting and that’s without no injuries (knock on wood). I just don’t get how all of my buddies can play in low top shoes or not wrap their ankles. I’d be done if I did that.

A movie recommendation of none other than ManDingo I hit up on Saturday night. I rented A Perfect Score. Cork and Spank were over to take part of the festivities. I was interested in this one for one reason basically. It has NBA basketball star (is he a star or not, who knows) Darius Miles in it trying to act. He didn’t do a bad job at all, but his role was pretty easy. The theme has this group of kids trying to steal answers to the SATs so they can get into the colleges of their choice. A few decent chicks in this one too, so that’s worth it if you’re interested. No nude stuff though, but we can’t win all the time. I’ll be off for all of next week. Do you guys recommend anything else that is fairly new that I might not have seen? I’m not into the whole horror movie scene, so cross those out. I’m big into comedy, sports, and chick flick movies. Yeah, I admit I like chick flick movies. Sue me. Am I weird that I want to watch the SpongeBob movie? You can’t go wrong with cartoon movies.

I almost forgot all about putting Good Ol’ JR in here. Since I already talked some about wrestling, I won’t bore you too much. But I do of course have to put in JR’s words of wisdom that ended RAW last night:

Snitsky just kicked Maven right in the face! Oh! The Pedigree! Snitsky did the damage! The referee is going to count it! I’ll be damned! I’ll be double damned! The luckiest man in Indianapolis, Indiana is the World Heavyweight Champion! Let me tell you this, Orton barely, I mean Triple H barely escaped tonight. What is in store next week for Triple H and his World Title defense next week in Buffalo? And just who is going to be the General Manager next week on RAW? It’ll be a red hot night in Buffalo! Triple H’s days are numbered! His days are numbered!

I can’t compete with Cork and Derek’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard previews, but I will leave a space in my place here to give tribute. Only 35 years old and one of the most original and unique rappers has passed away. Here’s a guy who didn’t try to copy anybody’s style and was quite the character. He probably wasn’t all the way there in the head, but his raps were good, so we liked the dude. Too bad we’ll never get to have a full blown Wu Tang reunion CD. Maybe the passing of ODB will let the remaining members band together and put out something in his honor.

I will end with part one of my favorite ODB songs, one in which Cork isn’t big on at all. He also had Snoop helping him out on this adventure.

Rapper: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Song: MC Conditioner

MC Conditioner, you could never say this boy's a amateur... {4X}

Yeah, yeah
Wu-Tang Clan
Big Snoop D O double G
Somethin’ for the 2000

Your mama name Peter, papa name Cita
Fuck that nigga, when it come to the heater
Be the elevator, pussy eaaaaaater
Too desperator, got shot, a hibernator
Hit a nigga later, he got to vacate 'em
Old Dirty corporata, splash, I'm up on the punanny flash
Bad gas, Macintosh, the light is red
Pee in the bed, I'm frustrated
For 29 years, no educated
High caded, cuz you kept it checkmated
What a waste, I'm up in yo' face like what
All you niggas I'm puttin you in your place


Susie said...

Can`t go wrong with "weird boxers!" To answer your question....."No I am not ready for that!" Take care!

That's Me said...

OMG.. gotta love "Gabes" yeah.. real good for some off the wall stuff you won't find any where else & you can't beat the prices. Love it~!~ especially if you have the time..To change the subject on ya.. The Bachelor Finale is tonight...If ya miss out due to some really important NBA action or somethin ...I'll update ya later. My rose is on Tonya... we'll see.
love your posts & away messages.. great free entertainment~!~

josh said...

That picture of Mariah should be outlawed or something. Like Sir Mix-a-Lot I'm hooked and I can't stop starin.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. the Bachelor finale wasn't last night, it's next Wednesday.


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