Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bummin' Around

What is going on since the last time we talked? Or as our buddy Joe Schmo would say, “What is goinnnnngggg onnnnnnnn?” The first season of that show was great. You missed out if you didn’t get in on that action. I last wrote to you on Thursday, so this one will be our weekend chat basically. Too much excitement on the weekends in West Virginia! Well, maybe not, but I’ll do my best to give you a few stories in here to hold onto.

Being a sub, I see all kinds of things on a daily basis. That’s one thing I like about the whole sub deal. I get something different every single day. Friday I had an interesting one, but I really liked it. I got a Special Ed job (many of my jobs are that as a lot of people won’t even accept those jobs) at a middle school. Normally when I have Special Ed kids, they’re just on a lower level, but you can reason with them. Nothing is usually wrong with them, they just can’t grasp certain subjects as fast as others, for example they could be slower in Math. I know I’m slower in Math till this day, heh. Every now and then, in those classes, you’ll get the handicapped kids or something to that nature. That day I had this kid who could basically do nothing, it was rough to see, but he was a good kid. Anyways, he was a 6th Grader who wore diapers. Luckily, he had a chick with him who changed his diapers, so I didn’t have to do that one. You’d be surprised how often you see that out there. I only had like 5 kids all day too, plus I got to shoot a lot of ball and get paid for it, so you can’t go wrong with that one bit. Not that you wanted to know that, but with this Blog, I go the extra mile for my readers. What else would I have to talk about anyways?

I’ve been going a little crazy this past week with CDs. I know that I normally do anyways, but maybe even more so this week. Since the last time I wrote, I got a few more CDs. Most of which I haven’t heard of before, but I’ll try it out. Why not huh? The first two as well as E.S.G. and Lil Head are Texas rappers. E-40 I’ve talked about a bunch before is from the Bay Area and T.I. and the Ying Yang Twins are from the ATL if you were wondering. What’d I get this time?

6 Shot: The Actual Meaning

Boss Hogg Outlawz: Boyz N Blue

E-40: Mr. Flamboyant (E’s first album, from 1990. It only features 6 tracks, but has a great old school feel to it.)

E.S.G.: All American Gangsta

Lil Head: Tha 4’3” Giant (How could I not get a CD name that had that title? That has me cracking up good everytime I see it.)

T.I.: Featuring T.I.P. – Double CD

Ying Yang Twins: Me & My Brother (Another CD they have is called My Brother & Me, but these are two different albums.)

Yesterday was a good day for me in the sports world. In the afternoon, I got to watch Notre Dame beat Tennessee at Rocky Top in front of 100,000+ fans. Tennessee was ranked 9th in the country, so that’s always nice. We’re currently 6-3, with Pittsburgh in South Bend and then ending the season at USC. What’s new with the Celtics? They finally got a win! After starting out a rough 0-2, we beat up on the Knicks last night at Madison Square Garden. Two road wins for my sports teams on Saturday. I’ll take that and run to the bank with it. Up this week for the Celtics? Only two games, as we battle the Blazers on Wednesday and then the mighty Bobcats on Friday, both in Boston.

For November 7th, it was pretty warm out there today. I went to shoot some ball with Spank. We need to start playing regularly again, but it’s tough to get it organized in my town. For not playing in a while, one of my longest streaks ever, I didn’t lose much at all from my shooting and dribbling. I was down S to nothing in H-O-R-S-E and came back to win and also won a game of old school 21 easily. He got me good in one-on-one though as I’ve never been a good one-on-one player, taking me two games to none by scores of 7-5 and 7-4. Still, it was nice to get some runs in and I’ve been ready to start playing on a regular basis.

For what it’s worth, we now have 48 days until Christmas. A lot of people start shopping crazy early, but I never do mine until super late anyways. It’s not like I have a ton of people to buy for, so it works out pretty good. It’s still funny to see Christmas decorations in the stores and people jamming to the music. It’ll get hardcore once Thanksgiving is over, as people will be busting heads to buy the latest toy for their kids. What is the toy of the year this season? I’m pumped for Christmas time to get here though, as that’s always good times.

After Week 1 of EDDFL, I should be sitting in the higher part of the first half. I shouldn’t finish below 6th as of a guess right now, but we’ll really know more tomorrow. Richard Jefferson went crazy one night putting up a 20/20. I have no clue where he got 20+ rebounds from, but I’ll take it. Walker has been putting up the numbers in Atlanta, while Stevie Franchise and Maggette hold their own. I need more production from Big Al Jefferson at rookie, but he’s slowly getting more playing time. Willie Green, give me production. You didn’t do bad, but I want more.

See you guys later on in the week.


J.D. said...

What's with the Cam Neely pic? I'm totally lost on blogs today.

Bird33 said...

No significance by the Neely pic at all Dingo. I like throwing in random things for no apparent reason. Just for fun I guess. :)

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