Sunday, November 21, 2004

Actin' All Sophisticated

A long weekend for me. Well, more than that actually. I’m officially on Thanksgiving Break, which means 9 straight days of being a superbum counting the weekends. I figure what better way to start this post than to tell about my weekend. Some things did go down, so I’ll have a good bit of ideas to talk about. Nothing major, but that’s Shinnston for ya. Yep, in the mean streets.

Friday after work I was in a coma, but decided against getting a nap since I have all week to sleep as much as I want. I hit up my old college’s basketball game with Cork, Mudcat, and my cousin Ozzie. There was a tournament going on there, so we got to see two games for the price of one. Not bad at all if you ask me, no matter what level it is, I’m interested if it’s basketball. A few of these teams were trash though. One team, local bums could’ve played for and done as well as these guys did. I know these teams are small college and all, but the talent level shouldn’t be that horrible. Fairmont looked good, but you can’t judge how their season will go when they’re playing the School of the Deaf and Blind.

After the games, we hit up Wendy’s on the way home. While at the counter, this dude and his chick ordered ahead of us. When it was my time to order, the worker chick whispers something to me about that dude. I didn’t understand what she said since it was low, so I asked again. She said it again, but I still couldn’t make it out. Then she said that she couldn’t say it loud since he was pretty much right beside us. Me and Cork got a nice laugh at it though as the chick was some dirty crackhead more than likely. Funny how random bums will come up to me and just start conversations. It happens more than you would think. I can talk as much as the next dude and try to be all friendly, but sometimes it’s weird, but at least it gives me something to talk about in here for the loyal fans.

I stayed up that night until 6:30, making it 24½ hours that I’d been awake. That’s no major accomplishment, but for some reason reaching the 24 hour deal is nice every now and then. I wake up on Saturday at 1:30, kind of mad that I didn’t sleep longer, but I jumped out of bed anyways to get the day started off. Nothing went down during the day. I watched basketball and then hit up church. Once I got done eating after church, I watched the end of the documentary DVD of The Rise & Fall Of ECW. Words can’t describe how good this DVD is and I haven’t even watched the matches DVD.

I borrowed The Girl Next Door DVD from Cork. I figured I’d hit that one up on Saturday night as well. You guys all know the chick in this movie. Cork puts a pic up of her everyday in his Blog it seems, so that’s his girl. She’s Elisha Cuthbert, 22 years old at the end of this month, and high quality. I never knew until a few days ago that she was the high school chick in Old School that The Godfather (one of my favorite movie characters) hooked up with. Cork was all over the trivia on that one. A great movie here though and you need to get the unrated version.

Once the movie was over, Cork stopped over to watch some NBA action. There’s just not enough hours in the day to watch NBA games. Once the night’s games were over, we were due for late night Denny’s action. We used to hit it up all the time, but I haven’t been in a while. It was packed though and we got there around 1:30 or so. I hit up the new “Fabulous Fruit Filled Pancakes” and chose cherry. These weren’t as good as I expected and this is coming from a guy who loves pancakes. They were sort of dry, even when I put syrup on it too. Not horrible, but I’ll go with my usual 2 pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream instead. Also, I get a half order of cheese sticks. Pancakes and cheese sticks. You can’t go wrong with that combo. Can’t beat that with a stick. A hickory stick to the goat if you will.

After Denny’s action, it’s off to Wal-Mart. It’s fun to see the characters you see at Wal-Mart at 2:30 in the morning. We hit up the video game section and then the DVDs. Cork decides to rent Ali G In Da House DVD and if you don’t know who Ali G is, you need to get with it. He has a show on HBO and is this English dude who plays a thugged out character and now he has a movie. Some hilarious stuff. Get this one even if you’ve never seen Ali G in action before. You’ll laugh through the entire movie. It seems like everyone and their brother likes horror movies, but I’m not into that one bit. Give me a comedy any day of the week instead.

While working out today, I started getting into legs again. After my leg workout was done, I was literally shaking. I never was a big fan of doing legs, but they’ll keep me going for basketball season this year. Squats, leg presses, calf raises, you know how we roll. Now I can really feel it burning. I’m walking up and down my stairs to my room and feel like I’m going to drop to the floor. It would’ve been interesting if I had played ball tonight.

I’ll end with some lyrics from the new Lil Jon CD. This one is the hook of a song that features Nate Dogg:

Rapper: Nate Dogg on Lil Jon’s CD – Song: Bitches Ain’t Shit – Album: Crunk Juice
Back in the days I used to like bitches
But I tell ya nowadays bitches ain’t shit
And if you wonder why I say this
I had a lot of women and bitches think they slick
Screwin’ around, fuckin’ around
Whenever I’m not around
Actin’ all sophisticated
Spending money that she didn’t make
That bitch is so bad that I could slap her
Actin’ like she’s Cleopatra
Ain’t no need to ask
She’s a slave to the money
And I’m the bastard


josh said...

A 24 hour shift, good job. I haven't done one of those in a couple weeks. I'm getting ancient over here, I have to have naps all the time. Actually, I do alright if I'm actually doing something but if I'm just sitting around I'll get all tired.

Terrible choice at the Denny's. I don't trust all that fancy crap, so I never get it.

You need to work some hip adduction and abduction into your leg routine.

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