Friday, November 19, 2004

Bow Down To Paul Heyman

It’s finally here! Not many reading this will care two cents about this, but I’ve been waiting for a great ECW DVD for quite some time. The WWE produced a 2-disc set called The Rise & Fall Of ECW. On one DVD, you get a 3-hour documentary about how ECW came to be, the high points, and the low points. They didn’t leave anything out and I haven’t even watched it all yet. Sure, I’ve seen basically everything on both of these DVDs before and have it on tape, but now it’s easier to find and the production is just awesome. You name it and they show it. You name a person involved directly with ECW and he was featured on these DVDs. I could write Blogs and Blogs about ECW stories that interest me, but I’ll save you the time. Needless to say, and I know I’m a weirdo for this, but parts of watching this brought a tear to my eye. That’s how deep some of the ECW stuff gets to me and other of their hardcore fans. Through all of that, Paul Heyman is God.

What’s new in the world of CDs lately? Wow, where do I begin? I got about 15 or so in the past week, so I guess I’ll write some of those down to fill some space for my generous readers:

Chingy: Powerballin’

Derek D: Ya’ll Ant Ready

The Diplomats: Diplomatic Immunity II

DJ Quik: Quik Is The Name

E.S.G.: All American Gangsta

Gang Starr: Hard To Earn

Ghetto D: Street Campain From A Young G’s Perspective

Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz: Crunk Juice

The O’Jays: Imagination

WWE: ThemeAddict – V6

Xzibit: Weapons Of Mass Destruction

I won’t touch on all of these, but I might as well offer up a small preview for anybody wanting to get some of these pieces of music greatness. On the Derek D and Ghetto D CD names, those aren’t spelled wrong by me with Ant and Campain. I guess they’re trying to ganstafy it, who knows. Who knew? DJ Quik is some 1991 Compton rap, so you can’t really go wrong with that. Gang Starr’s CD there is from way back in 1994. Lil Jon has too many people on this album to mention, but I love it. Who are some featured on the tracks? Ice Cube, E-40, T.I., Ludacris, Ursher, MJG, Eightball, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, R-Kelly, Lil Scrappy, Trillville, Pharrell, Ying Yang Twins, Bun B, Nas, Chris Rock, and others. Does a rapper make a CD by himself anymore? Wait, let me ask that another way. Does a rapper make one song by himself anymore without featuring people? Either way, this is a great one to pick up. The O’Jays? They’re old school pimp guys, so I figured I’d give it a try. Baby making music as Steve Harvey would call it. X to the Z brings it on his latest as well. His raps speak for themselves, but if you’re against President Bush, you’ll need to check out the first track of this CD as he lays into him with some serious aggression. I never got into the whole politic argument in my Blog this year. To me it was picking the bigger liar of the two as both are goons anyways, but that’s a story for another day.

I guess I have to say something about Real World in here as much as it hurts me to do so. Please end this season soon. Only a few things happened this week. Fake-titted Sarah cleans the house for 4 hours since everyone else leaves it as a dump. Landon and MJ stumble in drunk one night after Sarah cleans and they cause a riot. Sarah gets fired up at them, yet a few nights ago, Landon gets mad at Big Willie Style for keeping him up till 5:30 while partying with his gay buds. Landon didn’t say anything to Big Willie to let him know he was mad, so he was a punk about it and wondered why Willie didn’t do anything. Back to Landon and Sarah, after Landon cussed her, Willie busts out this great quote: “I don’t know what man tells a woman to fuck off. That’s just rude. Especially when she spent 4 hours scrubbing the scum off the bathroom.” The end of the show had a rumble (not physical, but you know) over how some of the crew are late to work and they want it changed.

I posted this in Lobstah, but I’ll post it here for those who didn’t see. While scanning the latest Real World news and notes at the Real World/Road Rules Blog (, I find some good things on one of the best seasons ever, Paris, as well as San Diego:

“Ace (Paris) revealed that he and Mallory (Paris) broke up when she began dating street musician David Blaine. And he confirmed that he and Cameran (San Diego) were also dating until when they broke up when Cameran met athlete Jeremy Bloom in Cancun. As Ace said on the radio show, "their lives are just like a Jerry Springer show." He also updates some of his castmembers: Leah is in Manhattan working on her parents restaurant. Christina is living in Las Vegas, still in an off-again, on-again romance with her fiance. Simon is going back and forth from LA and Dublin, even once living with Adam this past summer. And CT was recently in a rap video.”

CT in a rap video! Hah hah hah! I want a copy as soon as possible.

“And we have an update on the San Diego cast from Angel. Cameran has been dating someone by the name of Jeremy for the past 8 months. Brad again has a steady girlfriend and this may be "the one". Jamie is dating someone who works on Jackass. Frankie has been on the road with Dave. Randy is traveling. Robin is actually back together with Mike, her boyfriend who was sent to Iraq, that is now home. Robin broke up with Mike after he got shipped off to Iraq and hooked up with Mark (USA Tour 1) while on Battle of the Sexes 2. And no update on Charlie.”

Oh yeah, I’m on a 9-day break. That means I get to catch up a good bit on sleep that I always lack on. I’ll also get to be a bum, something I’m good at. What will go down this week? The same as usual I guess, except instead of waking up at 6:00 AM, I’ll be going to bed then. More video game time, NBA watching, movies, wrestling, hanging on here.. Oh, that’s my normal schedule anyways except now I don’t have to be with kiddies 8 hours a day or whatever it is. Not that I mind that, but being a bum is much better. Until next time, be back in a minute.


josh said...

You do know that Cam's dude is Jeremy Bloom, the Colorado tight end who got the big boot from the NCAA for receiving endorsements for being a big-time Olympic skier, right?

Enjoy that long break, you lucky shit.

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