Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sucking Cops

Summer is upon us and I'm in a good mood. You know how it goes up here, so let's jump straight into the latest post. Today's topic comes from help of the legendary DerekHood, one of my buddies for the past decade or so from #basketball. It was around 4:00 AM or so and we started talking about off the wall topics and one that came up was Tevin Campbell. Many may not remember this kid (not a kid anymore, but was then) in the early 90s with his R&B stuff. Well, we got to wondering where Big Tevin has been lately. Using the infamous Wikipedia, I got some answers and it was rough news to see. I'll post our section of the chat about this, it's interesting and weird at the same time:

DruDown894 (4:06:29 AM): April 2006, Tevin Campbell is planning his long awaited comeback CD, working with producers Scott Storch, The Underdogs, Krucial Keys, Bryan Michael Cox, Rodney Jerkins, Ryan Leslie and many more, his CD is due sometime this winter.

jgthekingofcrunk (4:06:48 AM): holy shit

jgthekingofcrunk (4:06:56 AM): and here's what I had to say ...

DruDown894 (4:06:56 AM): Campbell had long denied rumors that he was a homosexual but in 1999 was arrested after offering to perform a sexual favor on a male undercover police officer.

jgthekingofcrunk (4:07:02 AM):

jgthekingofcrunk (4:07:19 AM): eww ... shit I never heard that. Dammit. Why do I have to like the fags?

DruDown894 (4:07:45 AM): Reading through it now.

DruDown894 (4:09:02 AM): Nice writeup there. Good stuff. He probably is on here like we are doing that stuff.

DruDown894 (4:09:13 AM): That or sucking cops.

jgthekingofcrunk (4:09:20 AM): he and Right Said Fred are hanging out talking about what might've been

jgthekingofcrunk (4:09:23 AM): hah hah

jgthekingofcrunk (4:09:44 AM): "sucking cops" ... don't know I've ever heard those two words used consecutively. That's hilarious. That'd make an awesome band name

jgthekingofcrunk (4:10:01 AM): there's your next blog title.

DruDown894 (4:10:23 AM): I might have to roll with that.

That's a different opener to the Blog and it should get us started in the right direction. So what else is happening down here? It might be summer time for me and I'm pumped. There are only 5 days left for the kids, so I thought since I already got my year's worth of eligibility for my retirement, I can take those 5 days off and be a bum on here if I choose. I rarely take days off during the year, so I might as well take advantage of the situation.

I just got back from a little fishing trip that I normally go on a few times during this time of year. One thing I like is just to get away from my daily schedule and get some relax time in by watching TV and getting my read on. I finished the William Regal book which was excellent and now started the Eddie Guerrero book: Cheating Death, Stealing Life. Yes, I'm a wrestling freak, I can't help it, but these are good reads with some wild road stories. More wrestling news to come later of course.

You know one thing that bugs me? Those big goofy sunglasses that chicks wear. What's up with that mess? They think they look cool in that? I must be totally missing that fashion, but it's a cheap way for them to look like a dirty rich girl in my opinion. They trying to be Paris Hilton? Or maybe that's their overall goal there. Some rough chick needs to slap the taste out of their mouth for wearing those god awful things. I'd crack up good at that. That's my rant of the day for you all.

I was bored the other day and went to get my shop on. Imagine that. Yeah, I shop way too much for a dude, but nothing else to do with my money. You can't go wrong bargain shopping either. That's a weakness of mine. If I see stuff on major sale, I hop right on it like an idiot. But I did pretty good. I ended up getting 5 new pair of shorts, 5 or 6 new pairs of boxers, and a few pimpin' Abercrombie buff type polo shirts. On the boxer scene, I like getting a few of the weird or funny ones. If you want more info on that, hit me up. You know you like it. Well, unless you're the Tevin Campbell type, stay away, so I guess that means females only. Maybe this is my bad fashion sense like those dumb chicks who wear those Paris Hilton sunglasses.

It's time for a CD update. You know that I go in cycles with that, so here's a pretty good batch at once I got this week:

Cam'ron: Killa Season. The BET commercials for this one crack me up. They say it's one of the most controversial albums out there. I didn't feel that, but I really liked this CD as Cam has a style all to his own. His background beats and sounds are one of my favorites.

Gnarls Barkley: St. Elsewhere. This is a collabo between Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse. If you thought Cam had his own style, you haven't seen anything yet. I haven't listened to this one yet, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. I like some of Cee-Lo's stuff, but not sure I'm great at handling that style over an entire album. We'll see though.

The Isley Brothers: Baby Makin' Music. The pimps of all pimps. An awesome title for an album and that's exactly what their music is. These guys have been in the game more than double most of us have even been alive. Their first video of this album, Just Came Here To Chill, is quality. Ron "Mr. Biggs" Isley gets his swerve on big time, like nobody else. Of course they get R. Kelly in on a song like usual. Just awesome music. Guaranteed to have you beating the chicks away with a stick since so many will be hounding you. :)

Jagged Edge: Jagged Edge 2006. I don't get it. Why name a CD the same as you've named one before? But enough of that, these dudes have talent and you know it. Chicks will dig this one too, so it's fun for the whole family. More pimpin' music for those not familiar with these cats.

Rick Ross: We Are The South - 2.5 Hustlas. One of the better mixtapes I've heard in a while. Everyone knows Rick Ross for his song Hustlin'. He's from the MIA and looks like Trick Daddy, one of his boys. This one has 41 tracks of energy. Usually mixtapes get boring after a while, but he straight brings it all the way in this one. If you can find this one, check this bad boy out.

Yo Gotti: Back 2 Da Basics. I've had his stuff before, so was curious to his new joint. Lil Wayne, Bun-B (who is on everyone's rap CD), and Jazze Pha are part of this action. Wanting something that isn't mainstream as much? I think you'll like this. His stomping grounds are in Memphis.

Time for quick wrestling news? Judgment Day last Sunday? It wasn't bad. The first part of the show I thought was great. The Chris Benoit/Fit Finlay match was one of the best WWE matches I've seen in a long time. Just a totally awesome match with both giving 100%. Still, they get no credit. London and Kendrick took the Tag Titles away from MNM (who broke up) and an awesome match here. I wish people knew how good Paul London really was. His WWE work doesn't show his abilities like he's capable of. He's incredible, trust me. Kurt Angle is one of the best entertainers out there and no arguments about it, one of the top wrestlers too. A nice combo to have. King Booker! The Great Khali? This might be the biggest piece of trash ever to step foot in a wrestling ring. Rey kept his title by the way too. RAW you ask? It's setting up for ECW: One Night Stand. I still feel as if most fans watching RAW have no clue on what ECW was or even who some of their wrestlers are. It's a shame, but they're trying. RVD will be taking on Cena. The NY ECW crowd is going to eat Cena for breakfast and have him wanting to run out of the arena, guaranteed. Also, we have Dreamer and Funk taking on Foley and Edge. Benoit against Malenko is rumored and I'd love to see that technical festival. The end of RAW teased the DX stuff once again, as HHH came out to help HBK.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How about birthdays for Friday, May 26th? Sportscaster Brent Musburger is still kicking on-air at 67. Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac goes for 60. Actress Pam Grier hits 57. Philip Michael Thomas, better known as Tubbs from Miami Vice, turns 57 too, wow. Bobcat Goldthwait is 44. Lenny Kravitz celebrates his 42nd. R&B diva Lauryn Hill is only 31. Now that's a pretty good list I think.

2. Let's keep it rolling and go for Saturday, May 27th then. Two birthday mentions at the same time in the 3 Quick Thangs? Say it ain't so! Actor Lou Gossett, Jr is 70! I wouldn't have guessed that. Jeff Bagwell of the Astros will be 38 on that day, but it seems like he's 58. Another baseballer, Frank Thomas, is also 38. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes would've been 35. Former Heisman Trophy winner, Danny Wuerffel, flexes at 32 years old.

3. I just got done eating a bowl of Lucky Charms, one of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

Lauryn Hill is only 31? What was she, 7 when her first CD came out?

No American Idol chat? Sad.

- ManDingo

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the sunglasses scene. They go in the category with smokers, tall chicks (no offense to any tall girls, just not my thing), and non-sports fans.

Also, I'm in for a Pirates game, or somewhere else whenever anyone wants to go.

- Ozzie