Saturday, May 20, 2006

I Am Ready To Kill Myself And Eat My Dog

2 years in this place huh? Hard to believe I've been rockin' it out for that long with the posts. So far I haven't been bored doing this, writing about the happenings that I go through, and whatever else goes down. Always fun getting the comments over that time and at least I know the crew is still reading my words of wisdom. It's not the same great words of wisdom that my barber gives, but one day I'll get to that level.

Today's title is a weird one, but we're going with it anyways. It's from a message or email that The_Freak got and it's about this dude complaining about medicine prices. It got me cracking up anyways. Here's what that one said:

Hello my friend,

I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here ( are bad.

Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..

My dog and I are still alive

Wednesday night, it was off to our first Pirates game of the year. A few weeks ago, me and Cork hit up a Rangers and Indians game in Cleveland for our first baseball game of the year. The scene for Wednesday? It was Cork, ManDingo, and myself. Cork won 4 free tickets off the radio for singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame on air. We couldn't find anyone to take the 4th, but we were on our way. This was easily the lowest attendance game I've been to in my life. Probably 6000 people were there. 14,000 some was the announced paid attendance, ouch. We had great seats though between the 3rd baseline and left field.

It was Ladies Night and that is one story I have for ya. In front of us about 5-6 rows was a group of probably 20 or so college aged chicks. I'm talking filthy dirty ones, and not in a good way either. Out of that big group, only one looked decent. The leader of the group was a girl that Cork dubbed as Scottie Pippen. She had the nose of Pippen is where Cork got that from. She was trashed and all manly looking, shaking her junk and being all kinds of obnoxious. After about 5 minutes of this, I can see why I can't stand drunks. They're entertaining for a bit unless you have to babysit them though I guess. The cops had to come tell the group to settle down and checked one chick for her ID. She said she didn't have it on her, but the copper stared them down all game. A good game to see though, the Bucs put up some runs.

The game is over and we walk to Cork's car. I'm in the back and ManDingo is in the passenger seat. Dingo gets ready to open the door and his body touches the car next to us. Nothing big right? Well, this stuck up chick rolls down her window and starts screaming and saying that Dingo hit her car with the door. He didn't. But she said she could seek revenge and bash her door onto Cork's. Go for it chick, you're the one driving the $40,000 SUV, mess that thing up. We just laughed in her face, a good time for all.

Waffle House time! On our way home, we hit up the Waffle House in Washington, PA. What an experience and easily the worst Waffle House I've been to in my life and none will top it in that aspect. How about this one, they ran out of waffle batter! I'm not joking either. We all got waffles with our meals, but Cork didn't get his due to that. He noticed my waffle was little and he said he bet they ran out and they did. We had a skanky older chick named Norma as our waitress who was on the cell phone half the time. So Norma tells Charlie the cook to go to the nearest Waffle House and get some batter, hah! Also, Dingo's sandwich he got (bacon/egg/cheese I think) was so bad he only took one bite of it and that was it. So that was our Pittsburgh trip in a nutshell, it was a good time and we're due for another one soon.

Real World was interesting this week. Once again, the show revolves around Anorexic Paula Walnuts. She went too far this week though. She was in the van and started going off on Johnny Bananas. He was calm and ignored her for a while. He told her not to go that route because she was going to lose the battle. After her saying everything she could, he finally steps up to finish her off. He brings up the anorexic talk, how she doesn't eat, her problems with her man, etc. Of course, she breaks down and cries like a little baby. Hilarious stuff since she brought the argument on herself. Paula got p0wned! Excellent TV.

American Idol finale this week and it should be quality. From what I've heard, my boy Posey is having a big Idol party for the festivities. I'm going with my boy Taylor to win this thing, although most people are fired up that Chris is gone. That still totally surprises me because I thought he was in for sure. I won't be mad either way with how this final ends up though. I like Taylor since he's a goofball and isn't afraid to make a fool of himself dancing around. And any guy is going to like Kat with her looks, the ghetto booty, and her busting out all over the place. Sign me up for that.

Sunday is also pay per view time for WWE. This week it's Judgment Day and that's a SmackDown show. Time for quick predictions. Melina over Jillian in what could be a decent chick's match. Benoit over Fit Finlay in what has potential to be a big time hard hitting technical bout. I'm going with Super Crazy to win the Cruiserweight Title from Helms. That looks to be a very nice match too. Angle over Mark Henry. Henry sucks, but Angle will show why he's one of the best in the world by making him look good. Undertaker and The Great Khali go to a No Contest. Bathroom break during this pathetic match. I have London and Kendrick overtaking MNM for the Tag Titles. Paul London is awesome, but the WWE won't ever let us know about that. Go watch his ROH matches to prove that. Lashley over Booker T in the King of the Ring Final. And the main event, JBL over Rey Jr for the World Heavyweight Title that Rey owns.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Time to revisit the birthdays. I'll go with Sunday, May 21st for this one. Mr. T starts things off by turning 54. And well... that's really about it for Sunday unfortunately. I wish I had more, but I got nothin'. The rest are bums.

2. I'm in a drawing for a chance to get tickets to the 2006 MLB All Star Game in Pittsburgh. Probably not much hopes of doing so, but I'm all over it if I can get a chance to get tickets for those 3 days to anything. I don't think you could put a price on that.

3. Right now I'm eating a box of Mike and Ike Berry Blast candies. Good stuff to be had for all.


Jessica said...

HEY!!!! THis is Jessica.....your site is cool....I wouldn't mind eating tha waffle 4 breakfast tho...well i g2g I LOVE YOU BYES!!


the_freak said...

That email is spam send to all CJ majors at my University.

I forget my login info.

Anonymous said...

"I gotta make these sammiches!" - Charlie the Waffle House cook

- ManDingo