Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dirty Strippers

Week 1 into my summer and it’s been nice to sleep in all day. I’m good at that. Friday night, or I guess you could say Saturday morning, I roll to bed at 9:30. On Saturday night, Sunday morning, I go a little earlier at 7:30. Why I did this I have no idea. You better fear that though. The way I look at it, I’d be doing the same exact thing at 9:30 in the morning as I would be at any other time, so same deal.

Wow, where do I start in this post? I’ll have to cram a lot of interesting topics into one post here, but I’ll try to keep you awake through it all. I think you’ll like these stories. First I’ll start off with a few of my buddies who wrote me some messages while I was up on Friday night till 9:30. These cracked me up, thanks guys. Always good to get some of my buddies in the Blog. This is from my boy Blahah and my girl Susie:

Blahah: you gone to bed yet???
Me: Nope, I'm still up. :-)
Blahah: hahaha thats crazy man

Susie: You can`t still be up?
Me: Yep, I'm a machine.
Susie: OMG
Susie: you are not for real
Susie: lol
Me: I'm being totally for real.
Susie: wow

On Sunday morning, me and Cork went to Denny’s at 3:30 and stayed till around 5:00. We weren’t even hungry. An hour before we left, I tore up three PB&J sandwiches, mmm.. Quick and easy. But I figured I’d go for the ride since the Denny’s trips are usually worth hitting up. Surprisingly, there were a decent amount of people there for that time of night. Cork told me a great story from a hot waitress of ours though. She was telling him the other night how her and her man broke up. Anyways, one day not long ago she let him borrow $100. Nothing crazy, especially when he’s always paid it back before. Well, word got around to her what he was spending that money on and I thought it was pretty crazy. The dude was going to a strip club. That there isn’t anything out of the ordinary. He ends up paying $160 for him to eat out a stripper. What?? I can’t make up this stuff, seriously. Strippers are dirty mane, but that’s his business. At least if you’re going to spend that much money, have her do something to do you. Cork was laughing and saying that the strippers couldn’t pay him to do that to them. The whole dirty stripper concept comes into play here for sure. I doubt it’d be a problem if it was a regular chick, but that’s just a little different to me, and not a lot I find weird in the whole porn department as you know. Yep, that’s the type of stories you get here in this very space. Anyways, the chick with an hour to work made a crazy $160 in tips. One thing hurt me bad though, she’s a smoker. Then again, every single chick at Denny’s smokes, so that’s bad times.

So we’re rolling through town around 5:30 and we went to check out the flea market. I haven’t been for years, but we were curious if people were out or not by that time. Of course they were, these people are hardcore. Cork decides to drive around and ask random people if they’re selling Nintendo games. I didn’t think we’d find that stuff, but he proved me wrong. Nobody was really set up at that time, but people told us to come back in an hour and we’d be good to go. So we went home and played some San Andreas (more depressing news on this in a second) for that time period and went back to the mean streets of Meadowbrook for the flea market. We ended up getting 7 games at $3 a piece, sweet. They are: Trojan, Air Fortress, Sky Shark, Firehawk, Blaster Master, Ikari Warriors, and Super Mario 2. We already had Mario 2, not sure why Cork got that one. They had a lot of rare games there, which was good to see. This lady also told us that a dude in Morgantown is 30 games away from having every single Nintendo game ever, that’s impressive.

Late Friday night I started to go into a daze. How so? I’ve been playing a ton of San Andreas as you all know and the game is unbelievable. Well, I accidentally erased my save file, doh! I couldn’t believe I hit the wrong buttons at first, so I just kind of sat there for a few minutes staring into the screen. That tore my heart and now I have to start all the way over again and work that magic. That’s the morning I stayed up till 9:30, most of that time trying to piece back my San Andreas dynasty. People who don’t play video games have no idea how mad I got at this, but I guess I’ll survive.

One thing I might not survive on would be Saturday night’s Mike Tyson fight. I know
most boxing fans have turned their back on Iron Mike, but I’m a huge fan regardless. I didn’t get the Pay Per View though since it was $45 and I have two wrestling PPVs to get this month as well at $35 a piece. I got updates on IRC in #boxing and while watching ESPNEWS. Tyson got 2 points taken off during part of the match for a headbutt, ouch. Then in the 6th Round, it all came crashing down. At the end of that round, Tyson quits. What?? Yep, quit. His corner throws in the towel. After the fight, the press conferences were strange and tough for me to watch. Tyson said he no longer has it in himself to box anymore and will do missionary work instead. I know he hasn’t been himself over the past few years, but I’ve always been biased with anything Tyson and I couldn’t hold the fact that he’s done. A very classy move by the media in attendance as they ended up the press conference by giving him a standing ovation. I’m not sure if he’s the best heavyweight ever, but in his prime, he was definitely the most dominating and brought about excitement. There’s a DVD out that spans over 14 DVDs and has every fight of his career on it. It goes for $150, which I think isn’t bad at all personally, even at that price. So now, Iron Mike is supposedly done at 50-6. Boxing is like wrestling, nobody ever retires, but thanks Mike for letting me grow up with some awesome fights. I didn’t miss many from around 1988 and on. But the people at the flea market, geez. There were literally people going through the garbage to find things, that’s how bad off some of these people are. Guess I threw that in randomly, but you’ll have that.

I’m going to stop this one right now. I actually have quite a few other topics to discuss in the next Blog if possible. What would those be? Hillbilly Horseshoes action, Friday night’s Hardcore Homecoming at the ECW Arena, tonight’s WWE ECW One Night Stand, new CDs I’ve gotten, and I’m sure I’ll figure out something else for sure.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. For the guys, or some girls if you swing that way, you need to check out Buffie The Body’s website. You might not know her, but she’s in Tony Yayo’s new video and has a body that doesn’t stop. If you’re interested, check her out at: Click on Guests and you’ll be in business.

2. Another weekend night of watching nonstop episodes of MTV Next, quality stuff.

3. Crispy, a.k.a. Andy Milonakis is going to get his own show on Sunday Stew on MTV starting on June 26th at 10:30. That should be hilarious. Also, new episodes of Bam start them too, nice.


Susie said...

That stripper story~~~just NASTY! Always luv your blog, is so entertaining! So you stayed up til 9:30?!~~ Like I told ya.."you are my hero!" :-) Take to ya soon!

Jodi said...

ugh disgusting about your buddy and the stripper. that sucks about erasing your game. good luck on getting it all done over again.

Cork said...

Woah Woah Woah wasn't me and the stripper. Don't get it twisted. It was the waitress at Denny's' ex-boyfriend. Not I. Shit, bitches be payin me to do that to them :)

kathy said...

yea yea yea Cork, "Big Daddy Pimp" :=)~~~funny stuff there !

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