Monday, June 27, 2005

Money In The Bank

Here is one we will have in common. Monopoly. I can’t name too many people out there who aren’t at least somewhat of a fan of the game. If you’ve never played online, now is your chance and it’s good times as you could guess. Fire up and go from there. You can sign in as a guest or get a login name. Everything is easy to setup and you can play anywhere from 2 people at a table on up. You know you want to play. You’re not doing anything else online other than looking at porn. Let me know how it is if you’ve never tried it here before.

I’m not in the majority, but I’m ready for some snow. It could snow all year long for all I care. Today it was 93 and I was out there mowing grass. Definitely not fun at all. I know some people reading this, it gets a lot hotter than 93 in your area. I don’t know how you do it. A perfect year round temperature for me would be somewhere around 55. The really cold stuff doesn’t bother me either. I’d rather it be 40 than how it is today. Forget that mess.

A couple of new CDs on the list to make mention of. The first is Boyz N Da Hood with their self titled album. This is Puff’s boys from the ATL and this is a nice listen. They come across pretty hard. The second is Cassidy with I’m A Hustla. Not a bad album here and it is more gangsta than the first one he put out. That’s all on the CD front this time, sorry.

I saw a few movies these past few days. Cork was nice enough to bring over Anchorman for me to check out. Everyone else has seen this one except for me. It was worth the wait and I thought it was hilarious. Nick Cannon style. Anyways, Ferrell did his thing and you also get Kelly Bundy looking great too. Some good cameos in here such as Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. The supporting cast was a nice fit as well. The other movie I watched was a disgrace. My favorite all time movie is The Sandlot. So I was dumb and finally gave in to renting The Sandlot 2. Doh! Not a good choice. It’s not totally horrible, but don’t waste your money on it either. It’s pretty much the exact same storyline, except this one is set in the year 1972 instead of 1962. They even use a lot of the same lines. The kids can’t act like the old school version either. Get the first one any day over this mess.

I just got done watching WWE Vengeance, so I’ll give my thoughts on that bad boy. The show started out hot with Carlito remaining IC Champion over Benjamin. Both of these guys can go. Benjamin has star written all over him if only he could talk a bit, which he can’t yet. Our next match had Victoria slapping around Hemme. Please get Hemme out of the ring. Great, you were in Playboy, but you can’t wrestler one bit. The crowd booed this match because it was a waste of time, even if Victoria was looking awesome as usual. Wow, Edge got beat by Kane. I never expected that one at all. Edge accidentally busted Snitsky with Money in the Bank to let Kane pull it around for the Chokeslam win. In wrestling terms, this next match is what we like to call a clinic. It’s an overused word probably in wrestling, but these guys got it done. I’m talking about HBK and Angle. HBK ends up winning, putting their series at 1 win a piece. Hmm.. SummerSlam for the tie breaker? That’s a long time away though. In my opinion at the moment, Angle is the best in the company.

Next we got Lilian call Big Vis to the ring. She proposes to him and then we hear the music of The Godfather. Vis is left in a jam and has to pick between Lilian and the hoes. Vis says there is only one thing he has to say, “All aboard the HOOOOO Train!” Hah, that’s classic and then he leaves with The Godfather. Next up was the WWE Title Match in which Cena ends up keeping that gold. Very nice match here as they all three worked well together. The main event had Batista staying on as World Champion in the Hell in a Cell. This was a blood fest as expected and better than what I thought. It’s not one you’ll want to watch over and over again, but they did decent with this. A quality show indeed. I can’t really think of any big holes that I’d bash this one on. Nice job WWE. As I end this, try to get a hold of a copy to see the Angle vs. HBK match. It’s that good.

Yes, I know. Susie especially, you’re wondering on my thoughts from MTV Sunday Stew. I have it taped due to the wrestling show, so I’ll get around to that sometime this week. Well, I taped Bam and Milonakis, the shows I’m mainly interested in. I’m sure they both delivered. Until next time, here’s where we end this beast, so onto the 3 thoughts of wisdom..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. 182 days till Christmas if I counted right, which I probably didn’t.

2. The wrestler Edge is a goof, but sometimes he cracks me up like in this quote. Sorry if you’re lost on the wrestling action.“Everybody knows me as Money in the Bank. Now they know me as Money in the Sack.”- Edge

3. 1 day away till my favorite day of the year.. the NBA Draft!

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Susie said...

I did a little channel surfing last nite. Watched the game, (yay!) and the Sunday Night Stew! As always..luved Bam! He could just sit there and do nothing, and I still would luv him! :) Welp, gotta go to work, chat to ya later!