Sunday, May 04, 2008

"I Like Turtles!"

We are back to do some business around here. It's been over a week, but that's how things go at times. I haven't heard anyone get on my case yet, so my throat hasn't been slashed for not getting in a post. After some good response from last week's wedding festivities, we're now going to hit up some randomness. For a preview, this time around you'll get doses of girls wearing glitter, horrible fashion ideas, softball times, a new season of Real World, guitar jamming, Mario Kart Wii, energy drinks, a boy who likes turtles, some wise advice from DerekHood and The_Freak, as well as many other things. Step up and get ready!

I'll start out with a few things that I must be out of the loop on, but they each bug me till no end. What's up with chicks wearing glitter? This made me think while watching Idol the other night. Some of those chicks had their faces mangled with glitter. What's that all about? Seriously now. I don't want to be all over some chick and then get glitter on me that will take months to get off, it takes forever to get rid of. Not only that, but it makes them look trashy and goes in the same line with girls throwing 10 pounds of makeup on to cover up how awful they really look, yet end up looking worse with that.

The second deals with, I'm not even sure what the fashion is called. It's usually with anorexic looking chicks, but it's catching on to halfway normal girls too. I was watching Idol and Real World on Wednesday with Manda and had to get to the bottom of this from a chick perspective. Take a skinny chick and put some pants on her. No biggie, right? Well, what if that girl takes those pants and cranks them up past her abs. Now that is downright horrible. It's not like these girls are 400 pounds and are trying to hide their rolls. Yet, they have these pants that button up halfway up their body and to me it looks hideous. If you have a cute little body like that, don't ruin it with those high water pants as Dad would call them. Maybe someone else can explain it to me. Manda somewhat agreed with me, but says a lot of people are wearing them like that.

I very rarely get into the energy drink craze. They're not good for you to begin with and I've yet to have one that didn't taste like dirt. I was on my way home from work the other day and feeling in a coma and wanted to try something different. I figured why not pick up an energy drink. I've probably had just a few ever and with Jas always hyping them up, I figured I was bored enough to give another a try. This time I ended up getting a grape Amp. I paid $2.11 for that piece of garbage. 16 ounces and I probably was able to drink 6 of that, it was that terrible. Maybe I just haven't tried the right ones, but I'm done with those things for a long time. Try to sell me on another one that I may actually like and I could be down.

Mario's Fishbowl returns! Well, somewhat. Our softball team this year isn't Mario's Fishbowl anymore. We're sponsored by people who gave us more money, so we jumped shipped and switched over. That means new gear. This year we're Dyno Nobel, a weird name, but we'll make it work. We're rocking orange tees with navy blue letters and I'm #33 as usual. Our hats are Detroit Tigers with blue bills and blue and white tops, they're pimp. Then finish it out with some knee high Under Armour socks old school style and Adidas cleats. Even if we lose games this year, we'll still be the best looking on the field, gotta do that. To go along with our gear, we bring yet another year of having the hottest chicks in the league on our team for whatever that's worth to the fans. The other teams say that and we do too, so I guess it's true and I've yet to see a close argument to the case. How bad can that be in a co-ed league is what I always say to look at some dirties. At least they don't wear high water pants past their abs.

Now as far as our first game went on Friday night, it's time to break that down. We come into the year as the highest ranked returning team from last season, so that's a plus. We did battle against VFW, but as was the same as last year, we start this year out very slow. We got spanked to the tune of 17-2. Yes, you read that right, it was that bad. I'm not sure why we didn't bring our usual game. I thought I played well enough, but was bummed I didn't get much action playing center field. I like doing that more than anything, which is to do up the fielding skills big time and run down some nice catches. I felt our problem was that our bats didn't hit much out of the infield. I was happy with my game though, but I'd rather get a win. Also, our fielding needs to be improved as well since we're usually real good in that aspect. It happens. We're off next Friday, but the week after we do a doubleheader, so I'll keep the reports coming.

Anyone jumped on the Real World: Hollywood season yet? We are three episodes in. The switch to this season is that each episode is an hour long. We also seem to have more characters than usual on here, which makes for good TV. It seems that half of these are putting on a show just to end up with a Hollywood job when this is all said and done. For the first time in what seems like forever, we don't have a gay dude on the show, imagine that. Now, I don't mind that every now and then, but to have one on every single season, no. Switch it up some. If that sounds rude, so be it, but just my stance. It goes with straight or gay couples, I'm cool with whatever their choice is as long as I don't have to see them all over each other in public. I've also been saying for years, if they can have all of these backgrounds on the show, why haven't they tried some worthless redneck from the middle of nowhere or some gangsta from the mean streets somewhere? You can't tell me you wouldn't watch just to see that drama go down. Or another, throw in someone a bunch older to see how they'd handle the youngster happenings.

One more Real World paragraph coming up, deal with it. The cast this year? We have Joey, the steroid freak stereotypical guido who just goes on rampages and is a mess. After him, it's Kimberly from South Carolina. I dig the hick accent and she's fairly cute. Manda calls her the goody goody girl on the outside, but is really a "closet ho". Good call. Dave is the athletic dude and he's after Kimberly. He's just out to have some fun it appears. Looks wise on the girls, I'm probably liking Sarah the most so far. She's 21 and has already graduated college. She has a dude back home, but has the hots with Will the Thrill. We know that's about to happen. Speaking of Will, he's from Detroit and is a DJ that supposedly is a ladies man. He seems like a down to earth guy with no emotional issues thus far. Brianna is a trip. She's a Philly stripper who Joey is going after. She's a former coke head and also was addicted to meth. She has criminal charges too, interesting. Manda says this chick looks like a tranny, I agree, she's not too great to look at in my mind. Last, is the "character" of the show and that's Greg. He was voted by the fans to be on and his online name in the search is "PretyBoy". He says he's The Chosen One and people don't get his humor yet as he calls everyone peasants and girls as his associates. That's a quick analysis, so you better get to watching on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM EST. If not, watch it on, you know you want to.

Not much happens in my town, so last Friday our boy Nolan came in to hang from Dayton. We sat on his porch in scenic downtown Shinnston and watched the town's action go down. There wasn't much of course, but you know. Outside of that, I got to listen to Nolan and Spank jam it out on their guitars, I was impressed. I know nothing about guitars, but I seemed to think it was good anyways, hah. The excitement was seeing the cops pull over this guy for a good 45 minutes. We never did find out what was up, but it was something to see.

A video game that just about everyone would enjoy is now in my hands. Yep, Mario Kart Wii. This game is excellent. If you liked all of the older versions, you are in for a treat with this. The online stuff with this game is just ridiculous enough and worth the purchase. So many options and there's always something going on. As far as the gameplay and controls, it's solid and as smooth as ever. The thing I like is that you have various ways to drive on this game. It comes with the Wii Wheel, which is an interesting concept, but I don't care much for. Most people have seemed to start out using this. I don't mind it, but I prefer the Wii Classic controller. You can also use the Wiimote with the nunchuk. And on a side note, Spank and I were ate up on Saturday night by playing 7 hours straight without stopping, that's how good it is.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This one comes courtesy to us from none other than The_Freak. It's a quick video, but I don't know how many times I've watched it in a row. The boy likes turtles, we know that much and I'm busting up over it:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try some birthdays for Tuesday, May 6th to see what's going on. We start off with rocker Bob Seger who turns 63. Actor George Clooney, 47. NHL goalie Martin Brodeur suits up for his 36th and I have no idea if he's still even playing hockey since I know nothing about it, but I'll say yes? I'm not even concerned about hockey enough to look that one up. You believe that's all we have that's noteworthy on that date? That'd pathetic and probably not worth the writeup. With that, I'll throw in a fun fact since the birthdays were bad: Anyone under the age of 21 who takes out household trash containing even a single empty alcohol beverage container can be charged with illegal possession of alcohol in Missouri. There ya go.

2. I've talked about it before, but to the wrestling fans, I finally finished JR Benson's Extremely Strange book. This is definitely one of the best wrestling books I've read and I've read a crazy amount of them. The stories and tales in this one are so over the top that it keeps you interested, plus Benson has been around and knows the business inside and out. It's money well spent, trust me on this, you won't be disappointed.

3. I'm ending this post with two great chat lines I had recently with my boys The_Freak and DerekHood. I figured they were good enough to share:

The_Freak (9:51:41 PM): If there's a rice shortage and Chinese restaurants start going out of business I'll cry like a baby.

DerekHood says: I am a heterosexual single 26 year-old man and I am sitting at home on Friday night chatting online with another dude about salsa verde and bell peppers. Fuck me sideways.

Good times right there, see you all very soon!

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