Monday, May 24, 2004

Viva La WildBoyz!

Yep, last night was two of my favorite shows out there right now. Viva La Bam and WildBoyz. Although I like Pimp My Ride a good deal too, and I watch Punk'd just because it's on before WildBoyz, the main focus of my MTV Sunday Stew lineup is definitely Bam and WildBoyz. Last night was the 2nd part to the Mardi Gras trip for Bam and they finally got there and spent 4 days. Tony Hawk went along with the crew and it was a madhouse. They spent over 60 hours driving there (they sidetracked to go to some skatepark in what looked like a redneck area) in the mobile home and it was a riot. They got stopped by the cops on the way there because Glomb was sticking his head out the window with his cowboy hat. Also some strip poker going on, which in the process, some dude stole Rake's chicks. But my favorite part of the show is Don Vito of course. He makes the show and then some. It's the best when they put up subtitles for him since we don't have a clue what he's saying..

Then it was WildBoyz time. Not only do you get the freaky animals, you get the freaks Steve-O and Party Boy. I could watch a show of just them laughing and I'd be hooked. What did they do last night? Steve-O rode a camel and did a backflip off it, Steve-O puked from one of Party Boy's farts (and I thought I had a weak stomach), having scorpions sting them in the mouth, mean centipedes sting them, getting purposely bitten by snakes, and getting crocodiles all fired up..

Last night I rolled to bed at 1:30. My original goal was 11:30, but that didn't exactly happen. So now I'm in a coma, but it's my fault. Woke up at 6:00, so that doesn't give me much sleep, but oh well. I have it made this week at a high school I'm at, plus RAW is tonight, so that'll easy my tired feelings. I "taught" Spanish today and it was simple. I had one class with 4 kids in it. Tomorrow I basically only have one class of Forestry, which I'll be taking my kids outside to play ball or whatever, while in the morning I get paid to watch an assembly. Not a bad deal at all I must say.

And I'll end with a verse from Freeway's, Turn Out Your Lights, featuring Kanye West:

Freeeee! Put the burners to ya crew
Give me a reason, not to squeeze on ya gang
Man the hammers go bang to bang
In wit a bang, bang Blueprint 2
Before you, slide through to deliver ya gang the thangs
Switch lanes to get Paid in Full
Look it's the rich (?) of transporters
Donvan McNabb of mixtapes, look hey
Follow the kid's orders in other words do what the kid say
We got it locked from the Bay back to Philly
Where niggas pack millies like every single day
We don't play, we all about our change and
Money exchangin, if you bout your pay
Then every single day, bring the lla to ya city
Act up, bring the K's to ya city
Then shots exchangin, every single day


josh said...

I had to tape the Stew last night because I was flipping back and forth betweeen the Cubs/Cards and Wolves/Lakers. I am probably going to have to tape RAW tonight too because I have a softball game I think i'm playing in at 8:30. On top of that, we're going to have to tape the season finale of the Inferno too (probably in Beth's room) since I think they're coming along. So that's a whole lot of TV action I'll have to get caught up on, something like 4½ hours.

I knew Steve-O gagged at everything, but off a fart? Come on. Unless Party Boy shit his drawls right in Steve O's face, that's just inexcusable. But I guess you can't really call him a pussy since he does a lot wilder shit than any of us would ever think of doing.

Anyway I think it's time to roll on back over to the Palace of Prattle and get an update on.

Anonymous said...

Steve-O makes himself puke. its all for show.

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