Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Real World: Get Out Frankie

Doh! After watching Real World this week as usual, Frankie is still in the house and will be featured in next week's episode. You have to be kidding me. She's passed Cam on my Real World chicks I'm not fond of at all. Cam did good this week for once, but Frankie is out of control. Her 12 year old sister has more sense than her. And not one blow up this week between cast members? I was hoping Brad or Big Rand would do their thang, but no dice. So now after Frankie cried all episode, the storyline now comes next week to see if she stays or not. Looks like she may go home for a bit, but who knows. I know there are spoilers out there, but I don't want any, so hush on that one. Or as Brad would tell Cam, "Shooooosh!"

Then we FINALLY get a storyline for Jamie. Mmm.. Good stuff.. Anyways, she's 20 and has never had a conversation with her Mom evar. You have to be kidding me right? Kidding me twice in the same blog? It can't be. But here's the deal. Her Mom is Korean and only speaks Korean. For some reason, Jamie can't speak much Korean. Go figure. What a messed up group of people in this house.

Basically Frankie and Jamie were the only ones who got a storyline this week, which was rough. No stories of Big Rand porning it up with a chick or Brad getting all liquored up and going crazy on everyone. None of Robin getting all up like a drama queen? We need some drama to go down next week and none dealing with Frankie because that's just a mess.

Now.. as I got that off my shoulder, I better stop before Frankie starts to get me fired up even more. I can't help it if I'm hooked too much into this show. Mostly everyone reading this Blog are big Real World fans, so join the crowd. The Lakers are up 6 right now on KG in the 3rd Quarter. I say it's ovah, but hopefully I'm way wrong as usual. Yanks are up 10-2 after an early rain delay, so that's nice to see. Unfortunately, the Red Sox turned into a video game tonight with a score of 12-2 on the A's. That's 11 more runs than Curt Schilling usually needs to win a game.

For "work" tomorrow, I get to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious and Head Of State with my kids. That should be a good day's pay there for me. Subbing high school rules. They're really paying me for this stuff? I'll take it, of course. Almost time to be a bum for the summer too, which can mean a few things. It's pro baseball games, NBA Draft, a trip to Atlanta in July probably, sleeping in, and getting buffer than usual. Should be interesting.

New ping pong table coming in 1 week, sweet! We're ready to do battle out here in the mean streets.

Until next time, as Don Vito would say, "Jkkjllkjjk jjii ojkjlj ljrkjklre!!"


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