Monday, May 31, 2004

Home In Time For RAW

We made it back from the Pirates game and it was a good trip. We left the house and headed to Bridgeport so I could rent a few movies for Tuesday and Wednesday at work. I got The Incredible Hulk and Brother Bear. I'll be at my old middle school, so I had to pick movies that wouldn't have crazy cussing and such in it. I know the kids watch the bad stuff anyways, but I couldn't get by with bringing in something crazy. High schools I could, but we'll go to the tamer side of things with the two I picked here. I hear Brother Bear if good, and even if it's a cartoon movie, I still like that type of thing.

At the game, on our entire ride it was pouring down the rain. We thought for sure around 3:30 that the game would be cancelled, but the game started right on time at 4:35. For being to Pittsburgh a million times, we drove 11 miles north of the city somehow. We still can't figure out where we screwed up at, but at one point me and Cork were riding along seeing towns we had no clue of and was in the middle of nowhere. We roll there and instead of riding the ferry across the river, we roll to a parking lot straight up in the ghetto and pay only $5 and walk across the Clemente Bridge to get to PNC Park. We take our seats in Section 133 (about 4 rows up from the homer wall) in what were awesome seats. At only $14, it's well worth it. I like outfield seats a lot because you get to hear the drunks cuss the leftfielder all game long and it's a great view. I feel bad for Jason Bay (who the homecrowd kept getting on for being lazy in today's game and rightfully so), John Mabry, and So Taguchi (played LF when Mabry was moved to 1B later in the game). Bay at one point was lazy and Jack Wilson (SS) actually beat him to deep leftfield for a ball. At that point, it was on for the crowd. Bay got it the rest of the day, until they finally had to move him to center, Craig Wilson (this year's Giles in terms of crowd favorite in Pittsburgh) Mabry they were dogging for being old, saying he should retire, he deserves to be in AA ball, etc.. Taguchi they were yelling wasabi, sushi, and stupid stuff like that at him. Like he understood much of it. Only 14,000 were announced as paying, and it was much less than that at the actual game I'd imagine.

$1 dogs though. Me and Cork both ate 4 at the game. I also ate 2 double cheeseburgers from McD's (yeah, that's low) before the game in Bridgeport around 1:30 or so. Every Monday during the year it's $1 dog days. Can't go wrong with that deal. And me and Cork also did our good deeds of the day. What's that? We helped out the homeless. We gave this one dude on the way to the game some money. He just rolled up to us and asked for help. I don't do that a bunch, but it feels nice at times, even though we have no clue what he's going to use that money for. Then on the way back to our car after the game, this one dude was standing on part of the bridge and was jamming with a trumpet to Tequila. I had to give him money for that since the song was in an important scene in the greatest movie ever, The Sandlot.

Also, I'm jealous at real cities' radio stations. They get some real good rap and R&B stations, while down in my rinky dink town, we can't pick up a single one. Me and Cork were definitely all over that.

We also saw TONS of license plates from all over.. Check out this killer list.. West Virginia of course, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Washington State, ALASKA, Ontario, Indiana.. And I'm sure I missed a couple in there. That was impressive to me there and always fun for a road trip. We saw this many just going to The Burgh. But that's Memorial Day Weekend for ya.

Got to watch RAW, but I'll post on that at another time if I can. Time to watch the end of the Lakers game and wait for bed here in a bit.. Have fun everybody.

Ham Porter: Hey, Smalls, you wanna s'more?
Smalls: I haven't had anything.
Ham Porter: No, do you wanna s'more!
Smalls: How can I have some more of nothing?
Ham Porter: You're killing me Smalls!

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