Monday, May 02, 2005

Beyond Balderdash

I’m sitting here on an off day to start the week, which gives me a 3-day weekend. I can always handle that. Only about a month left until I get to be a bum all summer, which is never a bad thing. Hard to believe that May is here though, things are going by fast. What things I’m not quite sure of, but you know how it goes.

For those waiting on the WWE Backlash results, I’ll get to that, don’t worry. I know most of the people reading this aren’t big wrestling fans, so I don’t want to start out with that this time and bore everyone off right from the start. Saturday night I hit up the movies with Cork and Spank. We went to see XXX 2 and I thought it’d be really packed. Hardly anyone was there, which was strange. My impression of the movie? I liked it a lot. I also liked the first one, but a lot of other people seemed not to. Just like the first one though, they had too many parts that were unbelievable in a bad way. The last 15 minutes of this one was way overdone. Diving off buildings and catching yourself onto a helicopter, side by side with a helicopter and a subway going 160 miles an hour as a fight scene happens, and driving on a subway rail in a car on the rims. Other than that, it’s worth the price to see it. Maybe I’m just biased because I’m a big Ice Cube fan though, who knows. Who knew?

A few new CDs on the list in the past few days. Just two to talk about here. I haven’t listened to either yet, so I won’t have much of a review. The first is Outlaw 4 Life by the Outlawz. For those who are wondering if this is the same Outlawz that were boys with 2Pac, these are the same dudes. From the reviews I’ve read online, this CD is supposed to deliver all the goods. We’ll see. The second one I loaded up with is Z-Ro’s latest, Let The Truth Be Told. The other Z-Ro CDs I have are all good, so I have big expectations for this one. Hard to tell.

Friday night after battling with Cork in MVP Baseball 2005, we figured we were due for a weekend Denny’s trip. Abby called up and was bored so Cork told her and Whitney to come along with us for the excitement known as Denny’s. Now this was about 12:30 or so. That is crazy early for me and Cork to hit up Denny’s, but we weren’t doing anything else. It was a packed house in there for sure. We had to actually wait before being seated. Usually we go around 2:00 or 3:00 when the drunks and dirty strippers are there, but even then, it’s not too crowded ever. I get my usual combo of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and then some cheesesticks. Fear that for some late night food. The night is just starting for me and Cork at that time of night anyways, so the girls wanted to know if we were in for some Balderdash action. This might be the best board game out there, so of course I was down for this. The girls went to Wal-Mart to pick it up and then we ended up at Abby’s to battle. I had the game won, but Cork came from right under me and stole it to win, doh! For anyone reading out there who has Balderdash in the local area, call me up at any time and I’ll probably be game for that. It’s been tradition the past few Christmas seasons with my family to battle in that one. I ended up getting home that night around 5:00 and went to bed at 6:30. The next night, I went to bed at 7:45 in the morning, fear. You can’t hang.

Sunday was Pay Per View night. Yep, WWE Backlash. I was very impressed with this one. Not too many down moments all PPV I didn’t think. The main event didn’t deliver thought in my opinion. It was just a bunch of nad shots and beating on the refs. Batista ended up keeping his title, so I missed picking that one right. Hogan and HBK win easily and it’s insane how over Hogan is. He could do ANYTHING and the crowd would go ballistic. You get cold chills watching how he has the fans eating out of his hand. I always thought for a while that Stone Cold was just as big of a draw as Hogan, but there’s no way at all, no disrespect to Austin. This match alone was worth the $35 price to get this show, Hogan and HBK worked the crowd that good. Kane beat Big Vis in a match that didn’t last long at least. Vis is funny though and I hope they keep pushing him on TV. Afterwards, after Trish got fired up at him for not winning, he bear hugs her and shakes her all around and they carry her out on a stretcher, hah. To keep the violence on chicks deal going, Chris Masters comes out and offers $3000 to anyone who can get out of his Masterlock hold. A buff chick from OVW is planted and she comes in. He messes this chick up bad. He was slinging her around big time. It was so wrong that it was funny if that makes sense. Needless to say, this segment had Cork, Spank, and myself laughing in tears. In the Last Man Standing Match, possibly the match of the night, Edge takes out Benoit. No blood in this one though, weird. Usually Benoit slices his head too deep every week. Maybe he got tired of doing that. We love how Benoit goes into a seizure after a big move is done to him. Probbly the best seller for moves in all of wrestling if you ask me. Tag Team Turmoil was dumb and Hurricane and Rosey end up with the belts. Give Hurricane a new character and let him do his old moves from WCW as they were vicious. Benjamin and Jericho opened up the show. This was a nice match as well and I hope this feud continues. Benjamin keeps his title. My record on predicting this PPV was 3-2. I wrote about the Tag Team Turmoil in the last Blog, but forgot to predict, doh!

I’m really considering getting XM Radio, but can’t make up my mind. If anyone that hasn’t already weighed in on Lobstah has some advice for me on this, hit me up with a comment. Great sports radio, all of the baseball games in play-by-play, uncensored rap stations, and a ton of other things. I’d be all over that.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. The slurve is the nastiest pitch on MVP Baseball 2005.

2. I know she’s not crazy hot and doesn’t really have a body, but something about Joss Stone does it for me. Maybe it’s the accent.

3. May 2nd and I haven’t been to a baseball game yet this year. I’m slacking.

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Susie said...

XM Radio...Rules!...My bro has it. All kinds of crazy stations going on there. One of our favs, is The Boneyard...(we are meatal heads!) to ya soon!