Saturday, December 17, 2005

Guido Fist Pumping Since '81

Allow me to bring to you our first guest commentary. This will give a little change to the style that I go with, so maybe it'll freshen things up. As I've said a few weeks ago, I'd try to get some of my buddies to post a little bit every so often to change things up. At the end of this section, I'll have a writeup from me as well on what I've been going through. The usual stuff, except we get an added bonus..

Let me introduce you all to a guy who contributes a lot to this space and that's The_Freak. He also picked the title today as well and without further ado, I bring to you.. The_Freak Show!

Allow myself to introduce....myself, for those of you who don't know. My name is The_Freak, because I am a genetic freak of nature. I reside in the mean streets of Ferndale, MD. I'm 24 and I go to the University of Delaware. Props to my boy Bird Double Tre for allowing me the opportunity to speak out on a few topics, a few random things and the like.

One thing I hate, is when dames feel the need to tell you every 3 seconds how they have a boyfriend. I quote a Positive K when I say "What's your man got to do with me?"

Another thing, is just how lame boxing is. I think we need these four simple things to improve the sport. 1) All fighters must be 300 pounds as a minimum, 2) Instead of a pre-fight weigh-in, there's a hotdog eating contest, 3) Fighters will have to wear oven mitts, instead of gloves, 4) Fighters must eat 1 pound of raw cookie dough between each round.

My boy Berman is a Yankee ticket holder. I just found out today that the Yankees terminated his account because he was selling them, for face value, on Stub Hub. That's fucking bullshit.

Another thing that pisses me off, is school, especially finals week. You bust your ass for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, and over the course of one morning (and here they change the room, date, time that you're used to), can blow the first 15 weeks of hard work. Fucking bullshit.

The national championship game is coming up, and I'm pulling for Texas in this one. Sure, Reggie Bush is this great HB, but I'm tired of the hype. Another team I'm tired of, his the Colts. Peyton Manning looks like a fucking fool each week, yet somehow the team finds a way to win. I hope they DO go 16-0, and then choke their asses off in the Super Bowl.

Now, on the food topic, Sour Cream and Onion Pringles are money, as are Fritos, some cheese sticks, and nachos. If you're not down with any of those foods, you're probably not the kind of person I want to be around.

I was looking at graduate schools, because I plan on actually graduating one of these years. My school is a good, I don't know, $730 a credit, yet grad school, granted it's down in Texas, is about half that.

Also, I think it's fucking bullshit that the Sopranos doesn't start for another few months.

That's all I have to say for now,


Entertaining stuff there I thought, I liked the touch. Now he has that Positive K song stuck in my head all day. Great video with that one too by the way. Let us know what you think in the comments for sure.

The movie we watched this week at school was Fantastic 4. I've seen it before in the theaters and wrote about that on here at the time. My kids loved this one and I thought it was a good one too. I didn't have much else going on during the day, didn't have any papers to grade, or anything else, so I watched the movie 3 times, fear.

I didn't get much sleep all week, but still didn't get a nap. I'll be getting some big sleep this weekend hopefully. Also, it's early Saturday morning as I write this. I'm sending out the Christmas cards today, so you'll get them in time for the big day, don't worry.

A few new CDs this time around:

The Notorious B.I.G.: Duets - The Final Chapter. 22 tracks on this one and it is beats and raps along with some of Biggie's unreleased joints. Way too many to name on this CD, but we will anyways. You get Puff, Eminem, Obie Trice, Twista, Bone Thugs, The Game, Faith Evans, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Freeway, Snoop, Luda, Bobby Valentino, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Mary J, Nelly, Jagged Edge, T.I., Slim Thug, Scarface, Akon, R. Kelly, Charlie Wilson, Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Mobb Deep, Missy Elliot, Bob Marley, Clipse, and Korn. I've just messed around by listening to a little, but it sounds decent and I'm not one of these guys who thinks Biggie is one of the all time greats. Good, but didn't have a long enough career in my opinion to be a legend. Super producer Scott Storch on this thing too.

Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable. Yep, that Jamie Foxx. This is big time pimpin' R&B and he's talented believe it or not. You know you want to get this one just out of curiosity. Take my word.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Saturday birthdays? 86 Mets legend Bobby Ojeda is 48. Milla Jovovich is 30. I don't even know who Milla is, but I think they're famous? You kidding me? These are garbage. Check for yourself:

2. One week till Christmas Eve, quality times indeed.

3. Why does printer ink have to be so expensive?


yvonne said...

hey. i enjoyed the blog. it was different but only in a good way. your awesome "Freak" hope you find a grad school. there ain't nothing wrong with TEXAS!! lol. its warm here. hope your Christmas is good...mine will be, gonna have some mexican food. always good..take care up there and stay warm.

TigerDragonGrrl said...

Birdmeister. Interesting approach. Later, babe!

DirtyKash said...

Good touch by letting Freak have his own space.

The_Freak said...

I especially enjoyed the guest commentary. Brilliant idea!

Give the man who thought that up a raise.