Sunday, December 11, 2005

I See Dead People

Today's title is courtesy of my girl Lexie. When I can't think of a title to use, I just ask around and someone will always help out.

What’s new in the world? Things are going great here. Trees are up, lights are strung, and everyone seems to be in a pretty good mood unless you’re Scrooge. We even got the cold weather and snow, which I’m a fan of both. Yes, I’m one of these weirdos who likes winter better than summer.

That leads me into Friday. I heard all week how we were supposed to get snow for Thursday night and all the kids were pumped that we might get out of school. I know by now not to believe the hype (no pun on Public Enemy), but this time it sort of worked. I wake up on Friday and we have a 2-hour delay. I still have to be there at regular time, so I leave the house around 7:15. I get to school and me and another teacher are the only ones in the lot. He comes out of the building and says they cancelled while we were driving, doh! I get to go home though and get paid for it, but still had to wake up early.

On that day I came home around 9:00 after some morning shopping at Wal-Mart. Maybe the least amount of people I’ve seen there and I’ve been a lot late at night. Anyways, I come home and need a haircut. Remember the Wahl? Time to test that bad boy out. My Mom was nervous through the whole thing. I said I’m just shaving it, no big deal. Well, she messes the back up and I have to go back to the barber. It wasn’t messed up bad, but enough to get fixed. My Dad and barber got a kick out of it though. Back to the CT/Paul Wall cut for me, I’m digging it. I might get it touched up every 2 weeks or so though instead of doing it myself. I learned my lesson there.

I’m doing real good on the Christmas cards and hope to send them towards the end of the week. If you’re waiting on that, just be patient. I like to get them out closer towards the big day. But you’ll get them. Again, you have just a few days if you still want in on the action, so let me know for sure if you want one.

It seems like more and more people are hopping along the Blog craze. It’s been here a while, but now it’s getting mainstream. If you have a site and I haven’t plugged it before in here, just drop a line in my comments. MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, whatever. You know how we do. Or drop a line in my comments anyways. I need some cheap posts there to keep my week going, hah.

Another big selection of CDs this time around. What’d we get?

Blackalicious: The Craft. I’ve read some good reviews on these guys. They’re a Bay Area rapper and MC duo and they are compared to Eric B. and Rakim, legends of the craft, no pun intended. We’ll see how they match up.

Black Rob: The Black Rob Report. A very good album here. A ton of people on this joint. We have Akon, Petey Pablo, Craig Mack, Louis Farrakhan, Biggie, Ness, Chopper, and Babs. Some straight New York hip hop.

Lil Wayne: Squad Up 5. This is a crew of youngsters that Lil Wayne started. He’s not with them anymore, but helped get them started. I like this one actually, then again, I like most Lil Wayne stuff. Weezy F. Baby, don’t forget the Baby. Birdman Junior.

YoungBloodz: Ev’rybody Know Me. One of my favorites are these guys from Atlanta. Their songs always featured some great beats that stick in your head forever. A nice slew of artists on this: Young Buck, Lil Scrappy, Mannie Fresh, Jazze Pha, Too $hort, Daz Dillinger, and T-Boz out of nowhere. Xcuse Me Shawty with Lil Scrappy is good times.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I can’t be the only one who is annoyed by a zillion forwarded emails can I? 90% of the time I don’t even read them, oh well.

2. Monday’s birthdays: Tennis cutie Tracy Austin is 43 and still looks real good. Former NFL face painter John Randle is 38. Kirk Cameron is 35. Jennifer Connelly goes for 35 as well. We also have #basketball veteran Rahl and he’s 24. That about does it.

3. The winner of the first person to send me a Christmas card so far this year? None other than ManDingo! Thanks again buddy. My girl Susie also got one in early too.


Shannon B. said...

Glad to see something productive came of your day...I have recovered from the 2 and half hours in the cold..loading hogs..thanks for the entertainment

Jodi said...

Well glad you got some snow, we got a little too. Only about 2 1/2 or 3 in. but it was something it is all gone today though.

DirtyKash said...

I don't get it. What's the deal with that picture of the shopping cart with legs sticking out?

Bird33 said...

I'm not sure I get it either Kasher. Just a random pic I found and used it. No clue what that's all about and it has no meaning towards my Blog either.

DirtyKash said...

Ah okay. Gotta love random randomness. It's so random.

yvonne said...

hey whats up. its been a while since i have been on. i'm a was cold over here the 70s. i was freezing my @$$ was 37 last week or so...i was going crazy...never left the house

TigerDragonGrrl said...
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