Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fatty Fat Fatty Cops

My mood today? Pumped up as usual. Sure, I'm tired, but that's how it goes. It's no fun being in a bad mood anyways is my motto. Nobody wants to hear a crybaby complainer. If so, they might get the pimp slap from someone, so be on the lookout for my henchmen to come get ya.

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? You know you want to get into the madness if you already haven't. Of course I haven't started shopping yet and that's not a good thing. I also haven't sent out my cards, so I hope that last week before Christmas, the mailmen don't slack. They make big bucks anyways, so you can't feel too sorry for them. I do have most of my cards written out though, so that part at least is going well.

I need to catch up on sleep sometime, but who knows when that'll happen. I never learn and am a total internet junkie. I know what kind of jokes I'll get in the comments, but I bring it all on myself. Tough to pull yourself away from some good internet fun. Not that there's much else going on in Shinnston, so what is a single guy supposed to do?

I hit up the first high school basketball game of the year for my old boys. I left with 2:00 to go and the score was 78-28 against South Harrison. Some AWFUL playing by these bums. The highlight, or lowlight rather, is a new cop we have in town that was on duty for the game. I'm not kidding, this guy goes 4 bills easily. We were all saying how he couldn't catch anyone on foot if he had to. He had to know the entire gym had their eyes on him. He was just waddling up and down the court. My town is a mess. Get some buff cops out there. Poor dude.

I forgot to mention. Or maybe I did before, not sure. The school I work at, their freshman boys basketball team got beat by the girls team. What’s up with that? I won’t be too sexist here, but chicks shouldn’t be able to out ball dudes, I don’t care. Not in a physical sport anyways.

RAW on Monday wasn't a bad show. We also have Armageddon this weekend and that's a SmackDown production. RAW had 5 qualifying matches to see who would be in the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Resolution in January. The winners of those matches? Angle used the gold medal to knock Flair out. Carlito rolled Benjamin up for a win. HHH came down to get Big Show qualified against HBK, so HBK advances. Masters messed Big Vis up. Kane took out HHH with the help of Big Show. Outside of Cena who is champ, we have Angle, Carlito, HBK, Masters, and Kane in the Elimination Chamber, one of the better gimmick matches out there. The show was in Boston and they even got some Larry Bird references in as well as a scene with a model of him inside the arena. Great stuff.

New CDs?

Ludacris: Disturbing Tha Peace. This one is loaded up with Luda's crew and it's feature song is Georgia. I've talked about that one before. Who all is on here? Field Mob, Jamie Foxx, Shawnna, Bobby Valentino, I-20, and a lot of other lesser known names of his camp. 17 tracks, pick it up.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. For the locals, you need to hit up a giovanni from Sunset on Tuesday nights. Or any night for that matter. $2.50? You might as well give it away at that price, these are delicious. Highly recommended.

2. Birthdays for Thursday? Miami Vice Don Johnson goes for 56. Baseballer Mo Vaughn is 38. That’s about all I can do for ya for any decent names, ouch. Sorry I couldn’t bring the goods, but not many quality celebrity birthdays today.

3. Today’s random website? Yep, the Guinness World Records. You’ll be on here for a while out of pure boredom:


Shannon B. said...

Internet FUN huh....hmmm...wonder what thats all about??? Maybe you will luck out with a snow day and get to sleep in:) Merry Christmas!

Brooke said...

ha! girls beat the boys! ha! why won't guys just give already? we women are superior to you. bow down to us. lol hope you get the sleep you need.
merry x mas

DirtyKash said...

Aaah ... good ol' Mo Vaughn. That dude could mash the heck out of a baseball.

yvonne said...

you need sleep!!! skip school and sleep, thats what i did. only kidding. i wish. you are an internet junkie and so am just say it with me...girls are better than take care up there and stay warm.