Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hop In My Step

Yo yo yo and a ho ho ho! Yep, that's a lame opening, but you work with what you brought to the dance. I'm typing up some of this on Tuesday at work and as of right now, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. I'm a mess, but it'll get done, trust me. I'm glad I don't have a ton of people to buy for or I'd be in trouble. The world famous (or maybe not) Christmas cards are sent out and glad to know a lot of you already got yours this week. As the Boston Sports Guy would say, that puts a hop in my step.

First day of winter is today for whatever that is worth to you.

I'm not the biggest Subway freak, but I tore up a Cold Cut earlier. That's usually what I get and it's not bad at all. Less than $5 and you get loaded up. No tomatoes or black olives, but the rest is good times. On Hearty Italian bread, you get provolone cheese, lettuce, pickles, cucumbers, jalapenos, banana wax peppers, green peppers, onions, bologna, and Italian dressing. Yum.

It seems as if you guys enjoyed the words of wisdom from The_Freak in the last one. We may try that again one day soon with another one of my buddies, you never know what will pop up in here. He appreciated the comments and I did too. If you think you have something to add to a Blog of mine, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

The movie for tomorrow is Dukes of Hazzard. Last day for the kids and most people everywhere else have been on break for a good while. Yet, I digress. Anyways, it'll be a madhouse as the kids will be excited for their last day until 2006. I got a ton of candy for my kids and will hook them up huge with it for tomorrow. A movie every week and candy? As Christian would say, my kids know how I roll. They should enjoy both.

High school hoops is really kicking up in my area. I just got back from my guys beating Philip Barbour in OT. I'm telling you, for the locals, Mark Summerfield is the real deal for PB. One of the best jump shots I've seen on the high school level ever. He's smooth.

RAW this week was uneventful. I did like the tribute they gave to the troops overseas. But as far as the matches go, those were brutal and quick. An impressive thing is that they wrestled over there, outside, in 46 degree temperatures. It wasn't like they wore less clothing either, no shirts or if you're the chicks, you're still out there wearing next to nothing. It was nice to see Triple H and HBK matched up, but it wasn't much of a match given the circumstances. A Boot Camp Match and HBK wins cleanly. Not much else of substance worth talking about. Foley was Santa and Flair came out to beat on Coach. Next week though, Angle has a "shocking" message to deliver. Hmm.. Anyways, soon, I'm guessing the week after next is the Best Of show. Those are fun and all, but I like my live stuff. As far as Armageddon on Sunday, it wasn't anything outstanding. No matches blew you out of the water (no pun intended), but a few were good. The Hell In The Cell wasn't good at all though, mainly because Orton had to make up for Undertaker's lack of skill at his worn out stage.

I tell ya what, I've been going nuts on getting new CDs though. I need to calm down with that, but I'm an addict, I can't help it. I could be addicted to worse things than getting new CDs. So what'd I get this time?

Boyz N Da Hood: Straight Outta A-Town. A mixtape here from the crew. No review yet since I haven't heard anything on it, but will soon.

Canibus: Hip Hop For Sale. Known for his rap disses on LL Cool J and Eminem over the years, Canibus has some great lyrics. Only 11 songs on this one though, but what I like is that it's mostly him on the track alone instead of with 45 other people.

CB4 Soundtrack. Yep, one of the great movies that doesn't get a lot of respect. 1993 movie and the soundtrack is a nice one. 12 tracks with the first 9 being from actual rappers such as Ice Cube, Beastie Boys, MC Ren, Fu-Schnickens, Public Enemy, PM Dawn (remember that blast from the past?), and Blackstreet. The last 3 songs are what makes it though. You get the CB4 crew doing Sweat From My Balls, Straight Outta Locash, and their version of Rapper's Delight. Old school rap fans would really enjoy this.

DJ Ideal & Lil Flip: Da Bottom - Volume 6. It's crazy how quick these mixtapes get done. You'd be surprised for those not in the know how many of these are out there. Everyone has them, it's wild.

Little Brother: The Minstrel Show. This is from a recommendation of #basketball guy Don-G. Some conscious intellectual rap here and the reviews seem to be good for this group.

Ohmega Watts: The Find. I don't know anything about this guy, just going on a hunch from some internet reports. Another conscious rapper.

Ras Kass: Re-Up - The Compilation. A nice NY MC here. This one is from 2003. It features Memphis Bleek, Kurupt, Xzibit, and Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg alone is enough for me to want this one.

Talib Kweli: Right About Now - The Official Sucka Free Mix CD. This one is straight fire. Talib is awesome. My favorite song on this one is Ms. Hill, a song in dedication to Lauryn Hill. It's powerful. Fly That Knot is also a great one.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. December 22nd birthdays? Tennis star Billie Jean King goes for 62. Baseball great Steve Carlton hits 61. Diane Sawyer of news fame is 60. Another baseball stud, Steve Garvey is 57. That does it. No youngsters for Thursday.

2. I started shopping today. I hope to finish it up on Saturday. I'll be fine, don't worry.

3. I just finished off some beef ramen noodles. I put worcestershire sauce on it after I mix it up and drain the water off. I topped it off with a glass of white milk, 1%, although I much prefer Vitamin D, Fat Boy Milk.


Shannon B. said...

You are an adict...but hey its okay!! Well I am loading my kids up on chocolate brownies....yummy and some chocolate covered cherries...homemade I might add. Well I will see you at the IA

yvonne said...

hey! ya you are an addict. i think thats how you spell it...if not oh well. you are gonna have some wacko kids on can handle it. you are gonna enjoy your break just like i have been enjoying my break in dec. 7th. its been fun..haha. hope everything is going good over there and you are keeping warm cause i sure am trying to keep warm with the 70 degree weather. to ya soon

Kristen said...

Yall just getting outta school? Ouch. My youngest brother got out last Friday..jeez. Yes, I'm a Subway freak, but I usually only get a couple things, and stick with them. You made me hungry with all that though. I'm sure your boys will love Jessica Simpson, but I have no desire to watch that movie. NO ONE will ever be Daisy, and Bo Duke is STILL hot as Superman's daddy. Guess I have a thing for the older guys..haha. Well, I changed my site. Havent really done a bunch of blogs, but have done all kinds of other stuff on there. It's way better than MSN to me. It's
Figured everyone else gets a plug..:) Well, have fun as always, and finish up that shopping.

Anonymous said...

Chicken bacon ranch. It's way expensive, but it's worth the extra in my opinion. Best thing going at Subway. Although everything else is good too.

TigerDragonGrrl said...

You are too cute!