Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ed Bloggess

We got with a creative title for today's Blog. If you read closely, that's close to my last name, but not quite. I was talking to my boy Clark on the phone as he made his traditional call to wish me a Happy Birthday on Friday. While on the phone, his wife Carey thought of something off the top of her head while talking about my Blog. Since my last name is Boggess, she wanted the title to be "Ed Bloggess" instead, as it sounds the same. That's good stuff and I immediately told her she'd be in the opening paragraph of this thing and get some big credit for that.

Also, the comment board blew up in the last post. I must've did something right, so that's appreciated. Maybe I'm weird, but I love reading the comments you guys put in there, whether they're good or bad. I know a lot of you guys read and just lurk around and that's totally fine, but drop a comment off every now and then. Yeah, I'm giving myself a cheap plug. I gotta get people in here somehow.

So the birthday is over and done and thanks for all the wishes out there. For those who are lost, I turned 27 on Friday. Being that it's close to Christmas, I never ask for much as far as presents go. My boy Spank loaded me up with a sweet Notre Dame fitted hat and some blank CDs. Like I need more blank CDs to keep my addiction going. My parents got me a 2006 Sports Almanac (one of the must gifts that I ask for every year) so I can be a weirdo and study sports stats, a fitted Celts hat, a cookie cake (yum) and a nice safe to put my valuables in that Dad was big on getting me. A massage gift certificate coming soon too, not bad.

Since I bored you on that, it's movie time. First, at work this past week we watched Rebound with Martin Lawrence. Some funny stuff here and a good movie that all ages can enjoy. I'm a big Martin fan anyways, plus basketball is involved, so I was curious. My kids were all over it too at school. Then over the weekend at home, Cork let me borrow Ong-Bak. This is an awesome martial arts movie. It's not in English, so you have to watch subtitles, but don't let that stop you from getting it. Some unbelievable moves in this one and great fighting scenes. I recommend it.

Saturday night we roll to Denny's. Me, Cork, and Spank. Cork buys for me since he says it's my birthday and I don't like him blowing his money on me. What a guy though, so much appreciated. Nothing out of the ordinary went down there though, but always a good time to get out of the house. I load up on the Buffalo Chicken and a side of rice. Not many characters this week though, but we did sit by Bowers and his roomie and I saw a lot of kids I've had in class before for whatever that's worth. We did get the blonde waitress that was stacked, so you can't really go wrong with that. Most of the girls there are filthy though, but it can't hurt to look is my theory.

Time for wrestling. TNA Impact this week was really good and it's picking up. The internet fan boys are saying that this past week's 6-Man Tag was the best ever on Impact. I may have to agree. Generation Next (Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, & Roderick Strong) beat AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Chris Sabin. Very good. If you read this before Monday night, watch the replay at midnight on Spike TV. This match is on about the half hour mark. The Samoa Joe and Daniels feud is heating up as well. Joe is the man, simply put. The end had them hyping up the return of Sting and he'll be at the PPV on the 15th. As I'm typing this, the WWE has New Year's Revolution tonight. The main thing is the Elimination Chamber. I'm pumped for this one no matter how it ends up. I also hope that HHH can at least make the Big Show match watchable. Flair and Edge is interesting too.

New CDs this time around? Cork sent me two over and what'd we get? The first is a mixtape from Clipse. It is called We Got It 4 Cheap - Volume 1. Clipse tears the house down at a live show. Still the best I've seen in person as far as live material goes. The second CD we believe isn't a full release, but we got it anyways. It's the latest from Dr. Dre and it's called Detox. I'm a huge Dre guy, so I'm always into anything with him in it. My favorite of all time.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I burnt the roof of my mouth on Chinese food last night and got a blister. Not cool, but the food rocked.

2. Birthdays for January 9th? Here we go.. Bart Starr, former QB legend of the Packers is 72. Is he still alive? Sportscaster Dick Enberg goes for 71. He might be dead? Muggsy Bogues is 41. That about does it.

3. I just flipped a 1982 dime. It ended up TAILS!


DirtyKash said...

Uh, Bird? You wrote "Muggsy Bouges" instead of "Muggsy Bogues".

Kristen said...

Glad you had a good bday. Nothing wrong with plugs..comments are great, and you're always awesome at leaving them. :) The short guy is that old? Dang. All I really know about him was he was in Space Jam. Didn't know Bart Starr was still alive either. Hmm. Well, have fun up there. Later.

DirtyKash said...

Just for the record, the blog has been edited and my previous comment has been rendered obsolete. I look foolish. :-(

yvonne said...

well hey i like the blog, its all good. STACKER!?!? um ya... well, take care up there. glad you had a good birthday. sorry bout the chinese though. glad to hear your better now. KASH i don't think you are foolish!!

Shannon B. said...

Hey...happy belated Birthday!!! and on another note...i really like the second pic...but hey you know that I would...gotta love the booty!!